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May 05, 2022

Indian Pickles - Taste The Unforgettable Delicacy!

Indian Pickles are a unique recipe that also represents the delicacy of North India and South India. There is a separate set of favorite people who love pickles. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari Indian pickles are the most popular and extremely preferred taste.  Indian pickles are loved and the deliciousness is adored even by people belonging to different parts of the world.

Spectacular taste is when you have a plate full of warm rice mixed with your favorite pickle with sprinkles of ghee consistency. Oh wait, feel like having them right away? Order a reputable taste of healthy Indian pickles online now. Before that, have a few minutes to read this guide to know more about the wide range of pickles in India. 

Indian Pickles

Pickles have been a special food for a long back, everyone used to store pickles in a ceramic pot, but now we all can store them in refrigerators for a long time, these are preserved foods and last for almost 6 months to one year. The tangy and sour combined flavor is what makes pickles mouth-watering. They can be a side dish or a main course or maybe a complementing dish. There are two types of pickles, one is a Vegetable pickle and the other is a non-vegetable pickle. Vegetable pickles are mango pickles, lemon pickles, chili pickles, amla pickles, garlic pickles, carrot pickles, cauliflower pickles, and many more. Non-vegetable pickles are prawns’ pickles, chicken pickles, and mutton pickles. All these pickles can be enjoyed with rice or with roti, paratha, dosa, etc.

Vegans and weight watchers happily eat with no kind of hesitation, not only do they all of us enjoy the treasurable taste of pickles. Here we mentioned some vegetable pickles that you should try at least once in your lifetime.

South Indian Pickles Online:

Yummy & fruity Amla pickle:

Tasty Tangy amla pickle enhances and tickle the taste buds for sure, this strongest tasty flavor completes a satisfactory meal

Exotic Ginger pickle:

Ginger pickle is truly an instant pickle and feels amazing in every sense. Salt and seasoning with lemon perfectly can make the Ginger pickle so addictive 

Distinct Drumstick pickle:

Drumstick pickle is a unusual pickle and is a must try South Indian Pickle with different taste, when spiced up as it should be, this pickle surely going to repeat the cravings

Tasty Tangy Mango Pickle:Mango pickle needs no introduction, this South Indian Pickle is made with raw mangoes. Along with its unforgettable delicacy, it serves a lot of healthy benefits. There are dry mango pickles, wet mango pickles, and hot mango pickles.

Sour and bitter Lemon Pickle: Nimbu pickle is a mix of sweet, tanginess, sour and bitter and all these together make the taste of it even more special. This is widely added and served in North Indian Pickles. 

Spicy Chilli Pickle:Mirchi Pickle is a spicy touch to your lunch or dinner, it has a unique long-lasting flavor. It may be prepared from red or green chilies. Hence there are two types of pickles: red chili pickles and green chili pickles. Chilli pickles can be a great add-on to a hot rice bowl.

Tenderly Green Tamarind Pickle: This raw tamarind is a winter-friendly pickle, a healthy treat of tangy taste is an enjoyable meal with a lot of benefits.

North Indian Pickles Online:

Traditional Karonda pickle:

Karonda pickle is sour and sweet pickle, it is popular in North India. This amazing pickle serves vitamin C and iron. This pickle is a traditional pickle for North Indians which has a yummy taste with medicinal value too.

Tender Tenti pickle:

Tenti pickle can be used a minimum a year. It locks its goodness for a really long period of time. This is a widely tasted pickle all over the northern part. Explore the taste of tenti especially in the summer.

Crunchy Carrot pickle:

Carrot pickle is never a bad idea, and those who love a dash of sweet and spice mix, gajar is the best source. Freshness of this pickle beats the taste of any rich item in the cuisine 

Delicious Kerda Pickle:

Spicy and exhilarating tasty Kerda pickle is a delicious recipe sure to enrich the meal with its flavor hints, good to go with warm rice and pure ghee

Mix Pickle:A mix pickle is a combo of one or more vegetables such as mango, lemon, chili, carrot, edible seeds, spices, and other condiments, along with the usual pickle ingredients. This is a healthy serving loaded with ample goodness of vitamins and minerals of vegetables.

Carrot and Cauliflower pickles:Gobi Gajar Pickle is one of the tasty pickles mixed with chilies and some may add tangy lemon juices. This is a typical pickle in parts of north India. This is a must-try pickle as it's an excellent combination of sweet, sour, and nutty flavor \

Earthy Flavored Garlic Pickle:Garlic Pickle has a very unique flavor, unlike other pickles garlic pickle is most chosen to accompany breakfast recipes. Garlic pickle contributes various health benefits by the way.

Sharp and distinctive Tomato Pickle:Vitamin enriched tomato pickle is a yummy addition to any Indian cuisine, goes well with breakfast like roti, paranthas, dosa, and idly, Rice is not at all an exception.

No more mundane meals, make a delectable recipe by adding tangy, and spicy pickles. Taste buds don’t compromise on pickles and so give a tightly undeniable aroma of Indian pickles, by grabbing high-quality homemade pickles online, now that no matter where you are our modernity brings your favorite Indian pickles online, serve them to your taste buds every time you feel like.

Indian Pickles FAQs:

1. How long can we store pickles?

Pickles must be stored carefully to use for a longer time, seal it properly, refrigerate it after use, and they last up to 6 months to 1 year.

2. Can we eat pickles daily?

Eating pickles daily is not major harm to the body, but have it in moderate levels

3. What goes well with pickles to eat?

Rice, sandwich, breakfast recipes, dal recipes, curd rice, and egg salads

4. Are there any benefits of pickles?

Pickles have probiotic which helps improve gut health, combat ailments, high in antioxidants, iron, and vitamins

5. What is the best time to eat pickles?

Pickles for lunch is more suggested than having them at night

6. What are the main ingredients of pickles?

Vegetables or non-vegetables, vinegar, spices, sugar, salt, edible oil, water, firming agents like alum, pickling lime, and calcium chloride

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