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August 30, 2021

Things you should know about Kama Ayurveda bringadi intensive hair treatment oil.

Both men and women have been complaining about hair thinning, which eventually leads to hair loss due to our hectic and fast-paced lives. Ayurveda is an ancient discipline that focuses on the use of plants to treat a wide range of problems. The best thing is that it has no negative side effects and addresses the underlying cause of any problem. Hair thinning on the crown and hair loss can be efficiently handled using certain herbs that provide long-term benefits and may even reverse the problem completely.   

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil 

kama ayurvedha Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

The Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive hair treatment oil Uses a natural conditioner that nourishes and cools the scalp while promoting luscious hair development. Bringadi's hair oil is a deep-conditioning therapy that prevents hair loss, dandruff, and premature greying. This traditional Ayurvedic hair treatment oil formula contains medicinal herbs distilled into pure Sesame oil and milk, which is the key to Indians' rich, glossy hair. This hair oil's primary constituents for hair growth include Indigo, Bhringraj, and Gooseberry. Liquorice, which is antifungal, and Balloon Vine, which is antibacterial, helps to prevent scalp infections. The hair oil's earthy smell provides a relaxing, meditative effect that calms frayed nerves and improves mood. Thus, nourishing, powerful, and earthy oil works best when massaged into the hair and scalp.

What are the ingredients contained in bringadi intensive hair treatment oil?



Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is an Ayurvedic elixir for skin and hair utilised in several Ayurvedic beauty treatments. Its natural toning and antibacterial properties prevent acne and spots while also giving the skin a healthy glow. It also heals dandruff, strengthens hair, encourages hair development, and cleans impurities from the scalp and reduces irritation. Amla's nutrients permeate the hair follicles, making them smoother, shinier, and more voluminous. It softens and smoothes the hair cuticle, making it less prone to breakage, and it is a natural hair and scalp conditioner.

Seeds of sesame:

Seesame Seeds

It is utilised in body treatments and massages, and it is an excellent medicine for migraines and insomnia and anxiety relief. It also helps with hair development, reduces wrinkles, is a natural moisturiser, and prevents premature greying, hair loss, and lice.



Eclipta Alba is also known as Bhringraj. It encourages hair development, prevents greying and baldness, and darkens the hair naturally. It also keeps the hair healthy and shiny. 


Indigo for Hair

 It is used to give hair a natural hue. It also detangles the hair, making it thicker, more manageable, and lustrous in texture.

Balloons vine: 

Baloon Vine

It promotes healthy hair growth by keeping the scalp healthy. It also prevents hair loss by combating dandruff and other hair-loss-causing disorders.

What are the benefits of Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil?

Through their exceptional blend of various elements, Kama Ayurveda hair oil has boosted hair growth. Can you believe it? Without further delay, have a look at these Kama Ayurveda Bringadi hair treatment oil benefits. 

Treats dandruff and dry scalp: 

To treat dandruff, warm Bhringraj oil and apply it to the hair. When compared to other oils, Bhringraj oil is thick and has a greater specific gravity. As a result, it can alleviate dryness by penetrating deep into the scalp. It also helps to alleviate the itching and greasy residue that dandruff causes.

Relieves baldness: 

A regular massage with Bhringraj oil improves blood circulation. The oils strengthen the hair follicles and prevent baldness when they reach the root of the hair. And these minerals in the oil aid to promote hair development.

Encourages hair growth:

Did you know that rubbing your hair with Bringadi intensive hair oil will help to improve blood flow to your head? The oil is known to stimulate vasodilation, which is when blood vessels enlarge, allowing more blood to flow to the hair roots. This method encourages hair growth.

Prevents hair fall:

Bhringraj oil has a relaxing smell and is a natural remedy for hair loss. Massage Bhringraj oil into your scalp and hair to calm your mind and prevent stress-related hair loss. Hair nutrition deficiency is another cause of hair loss. Bhringraj oil is high in nutrients, which supply all of the required nourishment to the hair and scalp, preventing hair loss.

Prevents hair from greying:

Black dye is made from Bhringraj plants, which is used to colour hair. Bhringraj oil can be used to prevent hair greying when coupled with Indigo, Balloon Vine, and Amla. Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment is a product that combines the two.

It gives hair a glossy sheen:

A traditional Ayurvedic remedy with strong herbs like Bhringraj and Amla distilled into pure Sesame oil is the key to Indians' luscious, lustrous hair. Bringandi oil is the name given to this preparation. Bringadi oil is high in nutrients that promote deep conditioning and enhance the natural shine of hair.

Health benefits of using Kama Bringadi hair oil

Bhringraj is the only essential ingredient that shockingly assists our health in many ways regarding health advantages. Let us have a look at the Kama Ayurveda Bringadi intensive hair oil benefits.

  • Folliculitis is prevented by taking this oil (Inflammation of hair follicles)
  • Prevents the onset of alopecia (Hair Loss)
  • It guards you against dermatitis (Dandruff)
  • There is no skin infection.
  • This oil evens out high Fever.
  • Prevents psoriasis on the scalp

Properties of Kama Bringadi hair oil 

Coconut Oil: 

Coconut oil's ability is well known, and its high penetration into the hair roots provides a solid touch to your hair as well as optimum sustenance. Coconut oil contained in Bringadi offers numerous advantages, including protecting against heat damage and healing damaged and broken hair. It also helps prevent hair loss and promotes healthy hair development and a healthy scalp when used regularly. This oil improves the appearance of hair by retaining moisture and imparting a lovely, healthy sheen. 

Mulethi, (Licorice Powder):

This hydrating ingredient works in tandem with sesame and milk to moisturise the scalp. It is a great ingredient in this hair oil.


Rosemary, like other herbs, helps to promote hair development. Rosemary stimulates hair follicles and strengthens hair from the base, resulting in longer, shinier hair. The rosemary also slows premature hair loss and greying. 


Lavender has strong odour and antimicrobial characteristics, making it ideal for cleansing the scalp. Lavender encourages hair development without the negative side effects that other topical hair growth solutions have. It keeps hair from falling out, hydrates the scalp, and regulates sebum production. It makes hair fuller and thicker when used daily. Along with its various hair and scalp advantages, lavender contained in Bringadi has also been shown to alleviate stress, a common cause of hair loss. The aroma of lavender oil is also distinct and pleasant.

How to use Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil?

Gently massage into hair, making sure to cover the entire scalp. If you leave the treatment on for 20 minutes, it acts as a natural conditioner. After the treatment, wash your hair with a moderate shampoo and warm water. Avoid coming into touch with your eyes. If contact occurs, rinse completely with clean water right away. You will notice rapid results of smooth, silky hair with a pleasant aroma after a few moments. After a few weeks of using this hair oil, you will notice an improvement in hair fall and dandruff, as well as decreased irritation and lice attacks. If desired, it can also be left overnight.     


Take the required quantity of Bringadi intensive hair treatment oil according to your hair density and gently massage oil into hair, be sure to cover the entire scalp. If you leave the treatment on for 30 minutes, it acts as a natural conditioner. Cleanse with a moderate shampoo and warm/normal water after the treatment. When warming Bringadi oil, utilise the indirect warming method. Place the needed amount in a jar and place it in warm water to warm before applying to hair. 

Wrapping it up

Bhringraj is one of the major elements, and it gives all of the nourishment and benefits to the hair. Eclipta Alba, commonly known as Bhringraj, promotes hair growth, inhibits greying and baldness, and darkens hair. It also gives the hair a lustrous sheen. Amla, Indigo, and Balloon Vines, among other hair-friendly Ayurvedic herbs in the oil, add to the oil's benefits and use for hair problems.

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil FAQs:

1.Does it give the hair a shine?

Yes, without any further assistance, you will be awarded glossier hair without the need for styling, as well as a more straightforward approach to hair management. Bringadi Hair Oil from Kama Ayurveda will satisfy your requirements.

2.Will Kama Ayurveda hair oil keep your hair colour consistent?

Oil can create a slight brown tint when applied in general because of the Indigo component in the oil, which can help prevent premature greying. Individuals who are experiencing premature greying can also benefit from using it 2-3 times per week.

3.Is it necessary to use a conditioner after purchasing this hair oil?

This is the product's main feature. There are fewer opportunities for you to utilise conditioner after massaging your scalp with hair oil. The Kama Ayurveda hair oil works in the same way as the conditioner.

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