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Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram- Ingredients, Composition, Properties, Benefits, Usage, Tips

January 28, 2021 7 min read

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram - The Secret of Thick & Long Hair:

Dust, pollutants, dirt and use of chemicals, hair dye or hair colour, these are some of the key factors that often lead to weak hair, excess hair fall and pattern baldness. So, what is the solution? Hair oil has played a pivotal role since ages in the hair care regime of men and women. Hair oil massage is still relevant in modern days and you may also resort to this traditional hair treatment. Neelibringadi Keram is one of the popular hair oil treatments from Kerala. Famous brands like Kerala Ayurveda have come up with this herbal formulation. The herbs used in the oil play a vital role in enhancing the strength and shine of your hair.

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram may be used by both men and women. Available at a pocket friendly price, this hair oil can be applied on all types of hair. You can get this hair oil in a 200ml pack. This hair oil does not have any added fragrance or colour. According to the brand, the oil is also paraben free. This oil is prepared following the ancient Ayurvedic text of Sahasrayogam.

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram


Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram is prepared with the goodness of nature. The key ingredients in this 100% organic hair oil are-

Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil

This is the base oil used in the preparation of Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram. Pure coconut oil lowers the protein loss and hence in turn may prevent brittle and dry hair. Out of all the hair oils, coconut oil is considered to be the best in enabling better hair growth. It also acts as a coolant and hence keeps the mind calm.

Indigofera Tinctoria:

Indigofera Tinctoria

Neelibringadi Keram gets its name from the word Neeli, meaning Indigo. This is one of the key components of this hair oil. Indigo plant helps to balance Kapha and Vata dosha. In traditional medicine, indigo is used to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. This herbal component also works as a natural colorant. Indigo may work as a laxative. It can be used in toxicity, spleen disorders, gout and bloating. Indigo may even heal wounds and relieve itching. Some other properties of indigo are, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic and expectorant.

False Daisy:


Liver ailments, skin disorders or hair fall, bhringraj has a positive impact on the overall health of the user. Also termed as Bhringraj, this herb has both anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties. It may help you get a flawless skin, strong teeth, bones and eyes. You may also use bhringraj to improve the hair health and quality too. Massaging the scalp and hair with warm oil infused with bhringraj may be one of the best ways to nourish hair. This miraculous herb belongs to the sunflower family and enables fast hair growth. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin D and E, calcium, iron and magnesium. Bhringraj oil is dense and hence it penetrates deep into the scalp and treats hair dryness. It may also offer you relief from itchiness and dryness that is caused due to excessive dandruff.

Winter Cherry:

Winter Cherry

Amongst the hundreds of health issues that can be addressed with regular use of winter cherry, it is a traditional remedy for dandruff and spot baldness. This medicinal plant extracts have been used in shampoos and hair oils to improve blood circulation in the scalp and strengthen the hair. Winter Cherry may even stimulate melanin that is responsible for hair pigmentation. If this was not enough, regular use of Winter Cherry may even prevent excessive hair loss. This powerful beauty agent is also used in skin care for its super healing abilities. Termed as Ashwagandha, this plant is a source to young, happy and healthy life. You may found Winter Cherry / Indian Ginseng effective in fever, joint pain or constipation as well.

Indian Gooseberry:

Indian Gooseberry

Popularly called amla, this sour fruit helps to balance all the three doshas. Rich in Vitamin C, Amlaki acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing agent. Traditional hair experts prescribe amla extracts for eye issues, grey hair and respiratory problems. Amla is a powerful hair potent that may even prevent parasitic growth on the hair scalp, like lice infections. Indian Gooseberry is a well established solution in Ayurvedic medicine for hair loss, premature greying of hair and hair fall. It works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb, reducing the oxidative stress on hair.


Each 100ml of Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram contains

  • Indigo- 100gm
  • Licorice- 4.17gm
  • Bhringraj- 100gm
  • Lead Ore- 4.17gm
  • Cow Milk- 200ml
  • Coconut Oil- 200ml
  • Rosary Pea- 4.17gm
  • Coconut Palm- 100ml
  • Winter Cherry- 100gm
  • Indian Gooseberry- 100gm

The oil is not known to contain any mineral oil.


Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram has a soothing effect on the hair scalp. Due to this, regular massage with Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram hence induces sound sleep.

Anti-fungal- This hair oil has deep rooted positive effects on the hair follicles and the hair scalp. Daily application of this hair oil treats bacterial infections and hence prevents itchiness on the scalp.

Anti-dandruff- Gone are the days when you used to get embarrassed due to the white flakes of dandruff on your hair and attire. Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram eliminates occurrence of dandruff and keeps it clean. Due to its coconut palm oil base, this hair tonic also acts as a moisturiser. Due to this your hair looks healthy and free from dryness.


Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram may have lot of positive effects on the user. You may apply this hair oil to resolve lot of scalp related health issues. Let us checkout some of the key benefits of this hair oil.

Male Baldness- Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram is considered especially helpful in treating male baldness. This oil can naturally strengthen the hair shaft and promote hair growth. Hair breakage and split ends are some of the main causes for male baldness. Regular use of this hair oil may treat these hair problems and may be able to prevent male baldness.

Premature Greying of Hair- Also, due to the presence of indigo, the grey hair gets covered and gets a better look. The hair oil penetrates into the hair tissues and protects the hair pigmentation. The combination of Winter Cherry, Ashwagandha, Amla and Bhringraj works as an intensive hair treatment and helps to prevent premature greying of hair.

Improve Hair Growth- Looking for thick and lustrous black hair? Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram deeply nourishes the hair and hence makes it long and strong. Gentle massage with the hair oil improves blood circulation in the hair scalp and hence leads to faster hair growth. This process is termed as vasodilation in which the blood vessels widen and hence improves blood flow to the hair roots.

For Chemically Treated Hair- Even if your hair has turned rough and lost its shine due to blow drying and colouring, Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram may be of great assistance. The oil is also considered effective to get thick hair and is hence prescribed for people with thin and weak hair.

For Stress Relief- Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram calms your mind. Regular application of the oil may work as a natural therapy for hair fall. It also may keep you stress free.

Direction to Use:

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram may be used by everyone. However you may consult a hair expert to know the exact usage for your hair type.

Step 1- The hair oil should only be applied externally

Step 2- Apply the hair oil over the hair scalp and through the hair roots

Step 3- Use this hair oil before bath

Step 4- Gently massage the hair oil to improve blood circulation

Step 5- You may then wash your hair with a mild shampoo

  • You should use 5-10ml of the hair oil each day
  • Leave on the hair oil for at least

30 minutes before washing it off

  • Anyone who is allergic to milk may avoid using this hair oil
  • For effective and best results, you should have a holistic approach while using this hair oil. Maintain a balanced diet to improve your ultimate hair health


Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram stays fresh and usable for long if the below tips are followed.

  • Store at a cool and dry place
  • Close the lid after every use
  • Do not expose to extreme heat

You should also keep away the hair oil from children to avoid any mishap

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram FAQs:

1. What is the shelf life of Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram?

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram comes with a long shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

2. What is Neelibringadi Keram?

Neelibringadi Keram is a famous Ayurvedic hair oil. It is known to improve hair growth and may assist in reducing baldness and hair loss.

3. Is Neelibringadi oil good for hair?

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram is considered 100% organic. It is not known to contain chemicals and artificial colours. This herbally rich hair oil may improve hair quality, shine and smoothness.

4. Who can use Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram?

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram can be used by men and women of all ages. The oil is appropriate for dry hair, oily hair and also for combination hair.

5. What is the main composition of Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram?

Indigo, coconut oil, Indian Gooseberry, bhringraj and cow milk are some of the primary ingredients of this hair oil. According to Kerala Ayurveda, the oil is 100% vegetarian and also GMO free.

6. What are the properties of Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram?

Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram is anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic and anti-bacterial in nature.

7. How to use Neelibringadi Keram?

You should gently massage the Neelibringadi Keram into the hair; ensure that the entire scalp gets covered. Leave on for 30 minutes so that the oil nourishment seeps deep into the hair follicles. Cleanse the hair post-treatment with a mild shampoo, normal or lukewarm water.

8. Is Neelibringadi Keram cooling?

Yes. Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram or oil acts as a coolant and hence soothes the hair scalp. It may help to normalise the Pitta imbalance which is considered of the main reasons for excess hair loss. Due to its cooling properties, regular massage with this hair oil may also keep you stress relieved and induce better sleep.

9. Can I use Neelibringadi Keram daily?

You may use Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram daily. However, you should consult a hair expert to know the best dose as per your hair type. Some users even apply this hair oil 2-3 times a week.

10. How long should I use Neelibringadi Keram?

You may use Kerala Ayurveda Neelibringadi Keram on regular basis for best results. It should be continued for at least for 4-6 months to witness the positive results.

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