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May 02, 2021

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash - Build Your Body Defense Mechanism:

Chyawanprash is a time tested Ayurvedic supplement. If you want to add more amounts of vitamins to your diet then Chyawanprash may be an easy solution. A magnificent brew of exotic herbs, this organic supplement stimulates natural killer cells. Chyawanprash is a sweet paste that you may refer to as an Indian form of jam. It comes with a rich dark colour due to the existence of multiple herbs in it.

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is available in a 500gm pack. The taste of Chyawanprash is bit sweet.

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash


Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is made with loads of herbs that include-



Ghee or Ghrita is a form of clarified butter. Since hundreds of years, our ancestors used to have a spoonful of ghee before every meal. Rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and healthy fats, this food product is known to boost the immune system. Ghee is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and may be useful in health issues like arthritis, burns and swelling. It can combat obesity. The high concentrations of mono saturated Omega 3s may support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. This calorie dense food may also boost the digestive system.



This natural sweetener is considered as a magic potent in various health issues like cough and cold. This sweet and thick golden nectar contains antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. Honey may also promote eye health. It may lower bad LDL cholesterol and improve good cholesterol levels. Topical application of honey may also help in repairing wounds and treating skin burns.



Sugarcane just does not cool you down during the scorching hot summers but also has multiple benefits to the body. This sweet flavoured juice may also improve digestive power and offer you relief from stress. Sugarcane contains different types of antioxidants like poly phenolic compounds and flavonoids that help to lower the oxidative stress. This instant energy booster is diuretic in nature. It may help to prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Indian Gooseberry:


Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the superfoods acclaimed by Ayurveda. This small and bright yellow green berry is rich in Vitamin C. It may help to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and regulate the bowel movements. Amla also contains Vitamin A which is considered to treat eye disorders. This sour fruit also has anti-bacterial properties that may help in eye issues like conjunctivitis. The phytonutrients and antioxidants in Indian gooseberry may also fight free radicals.


Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is enriched with the goodness of 38 herbs. Each 100gm of the Chyawanprash contains

  • Ghee- 2.4gm
  • Patala- 0.1gm
  • Kudzu- 0.3gm
  • Honey- 6.4gm
  • Jeevak- 0.1gm
  • Rishibak- 0.1gm
  • Ice Plant- 0.1gm
  • Shalparni- 0.1gm
  • Shyonaka- 0.1gm
  • Nut Grass- 0.1gm
  • Blue Wiss- 0.1gm
  • Punarnava- 0.1gm
  • Agarwood- 0.1gm
  • Cardamom- 0.4gm
  • Cinnamon- 0.36gm
  • Indian Bael- 0.1gm
  • Beechwood- 0.1gm
  • German Iris- 0.1gm
  • Prishniparni- 0.1gm
  • Myrobalan- 0.17gm
  • Malabar Nut- 0.1gm
  • Bay Leaves- 0.36gm
  • Vegetable Oil- 5.0ml
  • Jangli Moong- 0.1gm
  • Long Pepper- 0.75gm
  • Matsyandika- 73.6gm
  • Puncture Vine- 0.1gm
  • Dried Rhizome- 0.1gm
  • Blue Water Lily- 0.1gm
  • Himalayan Lily- 0.03gm
  • Indian Nightshade- 0.1gm
  • Gale of the Wind- 0.03gm
  • Sage Glory Bower- 0.1gm
  • Ceylon Ironwood- 0.03gm
  • Spiked Ginger Lily- 0.2gm
  • Indian Gooseberry- 5.16gm
  • Common Grapevine- 0.8gm
  • Indian Sandalwood- 0.03gm
  • Cork Swallow Wort- 0.03gm
  • Intermediate Habenaria- 0.1gm
  • Yellow Berried Nightshade- 0.1gm
  • Indian Thorny Bamboo- 0.03gm
  • Heart Leaved Moonseed- 0.15gm


Organic India Organic Chyawanprash acts as a rejuvenator.

Immuno modulator- It is also known for its immunity-boosting properties. Daily use of the supplement may keep the vital organs healthy.

The supplement is also enriched in calcium. This regular consumption of this organic food product may boost bone health.

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash also contains antioxidants. Due to this, it is good to improve vigor, and vitality and delay the aging process.

Another important content of Chyawanprash is Vitamin C.

Anti-allergic- The supplement is also anti-microbial in nature.

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, this superfood may help to reduce muscle ache.

Health Benefits:

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is plant-based in nature. It may be useful in combating viruses and saving you from multiple health issues.

Boost Immunity- This premium branded Chyawanprash is considered one of the best traditional supplements to enhance the natural defense system of the body. Regular use of Organic India Organic Chyawanprash may increase the count of white blood cells that helps to fight infections.

Respiratory Issues- For ages, Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is known to work as a respiratory tonic. It may help to treat cough and cold. The presence of Vitamin C and antioxidants in the supplement may be also helpful in chronic breathing issues like asthma.

Heart Issues- The supplement is also considered good for cardiovascular health. It may also help to lower cholesterol levels.

Skin Disorders- It is known to flush out toxins and purify the blood. Due to this, regular use of Chyawanprash may improve skin complexion.

Stomach Ailments- Suffering from indigestion? Chyawanprash may help to balance the level of stomach acids. It also smoothers bowel movements and helps people suffering from constipation.

Mental Issues- Organic India Organic Chyawanprash may also offer nutrition to the brain cells and boost memory. It works as a brain tonic and helps to improve the cognitive health of the user.

Direction to Use:

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash may be taken by people of all ages and gender. The generic dose of the supplement may vary based on the physical fitness of the user. The generic dose of the Chyawanprash is-

  • Adults may have 2–3 teaspoons of the supplement per day
  • Children may have 1-2 teaspoons of the Chyawanprash per day
  • The supplement can be taken twice a day

The best part of having Chyawanprash is, that you can have it raw as a spread-over toast and crackers. It can be also mixed with warm milk or fruit juice. Taking it with milk is known to have a stronger effect on the body's immunity.  You may even mix it with honey to improve the taste.


Organic India Organic Chyawanprash stays fresh and edible for long if the following tips are followed.

  • Store at a cool and dry place
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Keep stored in an airtight container
  • Do not refrigerate this food supplement

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash FAQs:

1. Which is the best Chyawanprash?

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is one of the best Chyawanprash. It is preservative free and hence may promote overall health without having any adverse effects.

2. What is the right time to eat Chyawanprash?

You may be taken after breakfast and after dinner. It is ideally taken with honey and warm milk.

3. What is the shelf life of Organic India Organic Chyawanprash?

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash comes with a long shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture.

4. What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash is a comprehensive health supplement made with almost 50 medicinal herbs. Since decades Chyawanprash has been used to boost immunity and ensure overall health of the user.

5. Can we drink water after eating Chyawanprash?

Yes. Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is usually taken with water or milk. It may be also used as a spread over bread.

6. Does Chyawanprash cause weight gain?

No. Organic India Organic Chyawanprash in turn helps to regulate weight. Someone with low weight may gain weight with use of Chyawanprash and someone suffering from obesity may be able to reduce weight with the use of Chyawanprash.

7. Can I eat Chyawanprash in summer?

Yes. Organic India Organic Chyawanprash can be taken in all seasons. Taking this herbal jam paste may keep cough and cold at bay during winters and offer strong immunity during monsoons and summers.

8. How long does it take to get results with chyawanprash?

Organic India Organic Chyawanprash may be taken on regular basis. To get effective results you should at least take the supplement for a month.

9. Is Chyawanprash good for iron deficiency?

Yes. Made with 38 exotic herbs, Chyawanprash may be useful in countering iron deficiency.

10. Is Chyawanprash multivitamin?

Yes. Chyawanprash is rich in vitamins, calcium, minerals, iron, carotene and Vitamin B complex.

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