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April 02, 2022

Choose Oziva Plant-Based Health Drink For A Perky Lifestyle!!

Sometimes no matter how much food we cautiously take, our body needs some extra help to deeply change its functions and to improve the quality of life in every aspect. Every one of us enjoys good skin, active life, healthy hair, and happy living. To fetch these must-haves, we need to extend our miles and go for some particular spending.  Be it for glowing skin, strong hair, or overall general wellness we must take care in a way, even if our daily regular diet doesn't supply adequate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, these must-haves should replace to achieve what you wished for some time now. Such and such are known as additional supplements. Having supplements is never a wrong idea it's important to fulfill the body's needs. However, it's much more important to choose the best supplements. Don't you think herbal health drinks are a solution? 

When it comes to choosing purely herbal supplements, Oziva stands at the top of the line. Oziva Health Drinks and supplements are super foods for the body in every way possible. 

Why Oziva?

Oziva Natural Health drinks are completely herbal supplements and drinks with no added sugar, no preservatives, no colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, and no added chemicals. Purely Plant-Based proteins drinks are designed with an Ayurvedic diet and values to ensure having a safe super food for the body to increase its immunity and metabolism to help you protect from various health concerns and also to protect from external aggression or ailments.

Oziva Health Drinks

Oziva is a natural plant-based energy health Drink provider, it offers the best health drinks for weight loss, weight management, glowing skin, immunity, hair growth, and much more. Oziva products are specially made for both men and women. Their health drinks for women include everyday fitness supplements, PCOS, Menopause, vaginal health, and bone health. Oziva products for men include supplements for weight loss and lean muscles. Other than these oziva natural supplements are specially formulated to support hair, skin, and general wellness

Benefits of Oziva Health Drink:

  • General Wellness:

After the covid outbreak, the ailment made all of us know the importance of plant-based food, supplements, herbs, and spices. Every ingredient of nature has the power to heal the human body’s health conditions, Oziva drinks are purely made of these living nature herbs which have the potential to heal any kind of problem eventually and of course prevent and protect from them by boosting the body’s immune system and increasing the metabolism in a way to combat outsiders.

  • Healthy Hair:

No matter how we prepare our minds to face hair problems, they are never going to make you strong enough to deal with them. Hair is everyone's favorite, and so to maintain it, Oziva herbal drinks push your hair cells to a great extent with its carefully picked herbs as ingredients. Such amalgamation can help improve tridosha in the body which in turn supports healthy hair growth.

  • Glowing Skin:

Remember, it doesn't matter how far you are going to invest in your skincare, ultimately glowing skin is possible only when you are healthy from the inside. For fruitful results in the form of radiance, you need to give your body versatile drinks that are exclusively made for skin health. Oziva drinks have herbs that heal all skin problems and provide vitamins that are truly nurturing and nourishing.

Here Are Some of The Oziva Products That You Have To Give A Must-Try:

Oziva plant-based her balance for PCOS:

Oziva plant-based her balance for PCOS

Many oziva herbal supplements are specially made for women's health, one of such is the oziva plant-based on her balance for PCOS. It contains all the essentials a woman needs to maintain a healthy reproductive system. Multivitamins, nutrients, and proteins are Enriched in this oziva product which helps in balancing and managing the menstrual cycle, good digestion,  reduces cramps, acne, weakness, hormonal imbalance, enhances skin and hair health,, and also improves the metabolism. Herbs used in this Oziva plant-based her balance for PCOS are ChasteBerry, Red Raspberry, Inositol & Chromium, Ashoka, Gokuru, Shatavari, other blends and extracts that target the causes of women's hormonal imbalance and that's how it helps to balance PCOS. Give a must-try if you are a woman with PCOS, get yours now.

Directions of Use:Mix two spoons of Powder in 100 to 150 ml of water and drink it in the morning for best results 

OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women(Chocolate, Vanilla almond, Cafe mocha, Mango): 

OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women

Specially made Protein powder for women, to lead a healthier and stronger life all her way. It helps build fit muscles, not lean, not fat. Balances hormones and metabolism, with the vibrancy of natural ingredients and spices such as Cinnamon, Flax, Guduchi, Shatavari, green tea, tulsi, curcumin, pure or clean Whey Protein, and other herbal blends. Along with these added vitamins like A, B, D & C, and essential minerals help women get immense strength and nourishment. This super energetic herbal goodness comes in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla almond, cafe mocha, and mango, grab your favorite from these flavors and enjoy having the safe and pure ayurvedic extracts.

Directions of Use:Use two scoops of powder insufficient water and enjoy the flavor every morning

OZiva Plant Based Biotin:

OZiva Plant Based Biotin

Our body needs Biotin to nourish our hair and skin. For those who think you lack Biotin in your body, there is no better way to channel up than preferring Oziva Plant-based Biotin. It Enhances immunity, Improves Metabolism, introduces active life, stabilizes stamina, reveals glowing skin, strong hair, as a whole provides a clean and healthy lifestyle. This product is purely made from fresh natural Sesbania Agati leaves, amla, bamboo shoot, Vitamin C, and Pomegranate also without any added solvents and chemicals. A healthy way to bring change into the lifestyle is by using this herbal powder consistently for 3 to 6 months you will be able to witness the overall enhancements of the body in and out.

Directions of Use:Mix two spoons of herbal powder in water and drink it daily preferably at night.

OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder:

OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder

Another whole real food with pure 21 kinds of nutrients and plant-based food as ingredients, which helps in building collagen in the body, Collagen needs no introduction. We all know how Collagen helps for good skin, strong hair, and a healthy body. Experience numerous benefits in various forms. It brings a beautiful glow,  and enhancing the Keratin improves hair growth. With the ayurvedic herbs behind, this Collagen Builder supplement balances the right quantity of production of regenerative cells, thus revealing anti-aging skin texture. Acai berry, Bamboo shoots, Vitamin C, Biotin, sea Buckthorn, acerola Cherry, and rose Petals all together help in repairing damaged skin, producing Collagen, promoting Omega 7, and rejuvenating the skin texture with Loaded antioxidants. For healthy Youthful skin, add this herbal amalgamation to your daily diet.

Directions of Use:Mix two spoons of powder in an adequate amount or 200 ml of water and drink it.

OZiva Plant-Based Natural Immunity Booster: 

OZiva Plant-Based Natural Immunity Booster

Lack of immunity is the prominent reason for various health concerns, in which the body couldn't resist ailments coming into it. Conditions like this can be inhibited by increasing immunity power with pure herbal powder Oziva Plant-Based Natural Immunity Booster. Its amazing formula helps bring the ability of the body to combat outsiders. This whole food is a blend of herbs that are rich in immunity, antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and mineral extracts. Acerola Cherry, Guduchi, Elderberry, tulsi, and other natural extracts. A plant-derived powder with no soy, no chemicals, no gluten, no sugar, or no other chemicals is an ideal powder to include in your daily diet to lead a happy life. This powder not only improves immunity but also rejuvenates the entire body

Directions of Use:Take 2 spoons of powder in 150 to 200 ml of water and drink daily in the morning 

Oziva Nutritional Meal For Women:

Oziva Nutritional Meal For Women

Women who keep a count on calories, must have this specially formulated protein powder to get a balanced diet every day. Oziva nutritional meal is a low-calorie substitute and is a perfect alternative to a protein shake. Ingredients such as Brahmi, Shatavari, Ginseng, green tea, Cambogia, Carrot, etc collectively Improve digestion, immunity, and metabolism. The body gets enough multivitamins, minerals, micro, and macronutrients. Weight watchers can have oziva nutritional meal servings daily for overall fitness.

Directions of Use:Mix one tablespoon of powder in milk or water shake it and drink it 

Oziva Nutritional Meal for Men:

Oziva Nutritional Meal for Men

Men, indeed, struggle a lot in many ways to build lean muscles and to be fit enough with their physical activities. Oziva nutritional meal for men is an ideal health and energy drink specially made for men, to increase their stamina while helping them build strong muscles. This is a must-have drink for men who are fitness enthusiasts. The goodness of Pomegranate, flaxseeds, Ginseng, Barley grass, Cambogia along with biotin, vital minerals, and vitamins all together enhance men's strength and nourishment.

Directions of Use: Add one spoon of powder to milk or water, stir, shake and have it

OZiva Hair Vitamins (With Dht Blocker & Omega 3):

OZiva Hair Vitamins (With Dht Blocker & Omega 3)

OZiva Hair Vitamins is a winner that is exclusively meant for hair overall growth, it targets hair concerns and addresses the root cause. Provides ample Nutritional value to the hair and promotes hair growth, Omega-3, DTH Blockers, and vitamins are combined with an advanced formulation. This natural supplement helps in reducing hair fall, Improves Scalp health, nourishes and rejuvenates hair from the inside, by using the goodness of natural herbs such as pumpkin seed, pine bark, Beta-Sitosterol, and vitamins

Directions of Use:Use two capsules a day after lunch and dinner regularly for best results consume for about 30 days 

Oziva Skin Vitamins:

Oziva Skin Vitamins

Every one of us craves clean and healthy skin, here is something that obtains in form of capsules as a portion of natural food for the skin. Vitamin-rich oziva skin product helps you get radiant glowing skin. It helps lock the skin’s moisture and balances the pH of the skin. This plant provides whole nourishment for the skin, also the ingredients used in this product have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Rosemary, grapeseed, and Glutathione help boost skin health and thereby reveal excellent outcomes upon regular consumption for about 3-6 months

Directions of Use: Consume two capsules on an empty stomach


OZiva Health Drink FAQs:

1. Is Oziva good for health?

Oziva drinks and supplements are completely plant-based enriched with proteins and vitamins, hence they are good and safe

2. Do Oziva drinks have side effects?

Oziva health drink or protein powders are completely safe and are free from soy, gluten, sugar, chemicals, and added preservatives

3. Are Oziva health health drinks good for weight loss?

Oziva Health drink and supplement help in maintaining the right balance in weight, and are of balanced nutritional value, hence it is good to replace of high-calorie substitutes with oziva health drinks for weight loss

4. Does Oziva hair vitamin regrow hair?

The anti-inflammatory properties of Oziva Hair Vitamins help to open up the hair follicles and promote hair growth by preventing dry and flaky scalp. Reduces hair fall and damage. Hydrates and nourishes the scalp.

5. Can I get periods if I take Oziva drink?

Oziva drinks support menstrual health and provide vitamins and minerals to the body which fills the gap of hormonal imbalance and creates a way for periods upon regular consumption.

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