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September 29, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Sandu Mahamanjisthadi Kadha

There is a constant thrive towards finding herbal and natural remedies for various ailments in today's modern world. This shift has happened primarily because of lots of studies proving the harmful effects of chemical-based medications. While western medication is better for short-term and immediate relief, it is potent considering the chemicals it is made up of and the harmful effect on the human body. From the time Ayurveda has used a number of different naturally occurring substances to heal various ailments effectively. Ayurvedic remedies have been gaining prominence in recent times since there are illnesses are treated, and there are no side effects. One of the best ayurvedic supplements for blood purification is the sandu mahamanjisthadi kadha. Blood purification is an important process that cleanses the blood to eliminate toxins from it. Purification happens in the body naturally through kidneys, liver and lymphatic system. So this is where the Mahamanjisthadi kadha helps to purify the blood.

sandu mahamanjisthadi kadha

Mahamanjisthadi Ingredients :

The ingredients in mahamanjisthadi kadha include manjishta, musta, kutaja, guduchi, kushta, nagara, bharngi, kshundra, vacha, nimbi, haridra, daruharidra, tripala, patola, katuka, murva, vidanga, asana, chitraka, shatavari, trayamana, Krishna, indrayava, vasa, bhringaraja, mahadaru, patha, khadira, chandana, trivrit, varuna, kiratatikta, bakuchi, kritamala, shakhotaka, mahanimba, karanja, ativisha, jala, indravaruni, ananta, sariva, parpata.


This majistha ingredient is the main in this medicine that helps to purify the blood. It has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to help reduce the toxins from the blood to help purify it. The herb is commonly used to help manage skin disorders, pimples, dark spots and other issues.



This is an antioxidant herbal that helps in managing the skin and other respiratory issues. Its property helps in the detoxification of the blood in the entire body.



This is one of the best powerful and well-known ayurvedic formulations. It contains three fruits as Amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki. Triphala has health advantages. It helps to detoxify the blood and the lymph diseases. It also helps to balance vitiation in all three doshas. It helps to maintain the complexion.



It is one of the ayurvedic herbs that are used to help toxins or ama from the body.



This is also known as the common spice, has many advantages, and it is very helpful in reducing the toxin levels in your body.

Health Benefits of Sandu Mahamanjisthadi Kadha:

Ayurvedic kadha is a herbal decoction widely used for many illnesses. Other Sanskrit names of kadha are kashayam. These days kadha is available in the form of granules. Unlike bottles with kadha in the liquid form, the granules are more travel-friendly. This helps in the purification process of the blood, and also importantlysandu mahamanjisthadi kadha benefits for skin and treats any skin conditions.

Helps To Prevent Infections and Fever:

Consuming the mahamanjisthadi kadha can be the perfect ayurvedic remedy for treating the common cold and infections. This sandu mahamanjisthadi strengthens your entire body defence mechanism by tackling the microorganisms that cause infections.

Treatment for Muscles, Bone and Nerves:

One of the ayurvedic kadha remedies that have proven highly effective for nerves, bones, muscles and other vital problems is the dashmool kadha. With more than 10 to 15 medical herbs used in decoction is recommended for joint problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and so on. Other kadha treat muscles, joints, and bones are rasnasaptak kadha. It is made using the seven types of herbs that act as an anti-inflammatory ayurvedic remedy with analgesic properties.

Improves Skin:

A sandu mahamanjisthadi kadha has the ability to improve your skin by balancing skin pigmentation. It also helps to purify the whole blood and act as a detoxifier. The kadha acts as an effective laxative for treating constipation too. This mahamanjisthandi is also useful for eye disorders.

Helps in PCOS Symptoms:

The hormonal imbalance brought on by the PCOS can cause irregular periods, excessive bleeding and painful periods. Due to blood purifying properties, mahamanjisthandi helps relieve all these complaints, promoting smooth blood flow during your periods. It also restores uterine health resulting in regular and healthy periods.

It Helps to Reduce Weight:

If you are wondering about losing weight naturally, then mahamanjisthadi is your go-to remedy. This is full of fibre and nutrients that help to reduce your hunger and will stop you from overheating. This is essential in your weight loss regimen. Sandu majistha kadha uses are many during your weight-loss period and which helps to improve all your metabolism and helps maintain a steady weight.

Manjistha for Hair Care:

Use this medicine and give yourself the best massage with it. This helps to rejuvenate your skin and regenerate your hair follicles. Then oil will help to add some shine to your hair and helps to strengthen your roots. The antioxidant properties of this herb help to prevent excessive hair loss and also promote hair growth.

Manjistha Kadha for Skin Whitening:

Women have used this based skin lightening treatment for centuries. The antioxidants contained in this ayurvedic herb will help to provide light, even skin tone and inhibits pimple and acne growth well. Sandu manjistha kadha side effects are full based on your skin type and your body, so before using them, best consult with your doctor for more details. There is no any side effect from this medicine.

It Helps Urinary Tract Issues:

Problems of the urinary tract like stones, inflammations and infections can be very painful and uncomfortable. Consuming mahamanjisthadi kadha helps to manage these issues. You can also use sandu manjistha kadha for fungal infection and helps to reduce pain and swelling. It acts as an anti-spasmodic by eliminating spasms as well.

Reduces Risks of Cancer:

Several types of research and studies highlight the use of mahamanjisthadi kadha as a beneficial component in managing the malignant cancers and tumours, especially ovarian cancers. The abundance of cyclic hexapeptides in majistha actively will help combat the cancer cells in the breast, colon and liver and even manage histiocytic lymphoma and other types of cancer.

Ayurevedic Properties of Majistadi:

  • dosha karma- kaphapittahara
  • roga karma- kapalikha kushta, vatarakta, rakta dosha, mandala kushta, and kanduhara.
  • agni karma- deepane.
  • Other karmas- kushtahara, rasa rakta prasadana.

How to Use Mahamanjisthadi Kadha?

Mahamanjisthadi kadha is a decoction of herb or kashayam. It should be taken by diluting with the boiled water. You have to boil 60 ml of water and then allow it to cool for some time. Add 15ml of kadha to it and mix it well thoroughly. This water can be consumed to help experience the advantages of this supplement. The instructions of the physician need to be followed for the dosage of this supplement.

Dosage of Sandu Mahamanjisthadi Kadha:

  • The precise therapeutic usage of mahamanjisthadi may changes from person to person depends upon the age and the condition of the patient. You must consult with an ayurvedic doctor, and they will thoroughly examine your indications and prescribe the effective dosage for a certain period.
  • Themahamajisthadi kadha dosage is 12-24 ml you need to take before food at about 6-7 am and 6-7 pm or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor.
  • It is usually advised to take an equal amount of water to the kashayam you are consuming.
  • It is advisable to mix a pinch of long pepper powder and also Guggulu to this kashayam while drinking it.

Sandu Mahamanjisthadi Kadha FAQs:

1. Does mahamanjisthadi kadha has any side effects?

This medicine is made from a number of ayurvedic best herbs. mahamanjisthadi kadha will not have any side effects, but it can cause slight gastric if you have acidity issues. The best way to not have any problems is by consulting an ayurvedic doctor for the right dosage.

2. How can I purify blood naturally?

The most effective way to help in the natural purification process of blood issuing the Sandu mahamanjisthadi kadha regularly, but there are other homes or natural remedies that can be used either individually or had with kwath.

3.What is the best syrup for the purification of blood?

While there are many types of syrup for blood purification, Kerala ayurvedic has done the best research and come up with the great supplement sandu mahamanjisthadi kadha. Packed with effective herbs and all herbs help purify the blood.

4. Do I need any extra precaution while I am consuming mahamanjisthadi kadha?

Self-medication is not advised. Always seek the ayurvedic practitioner's advice to get a suitable recommendation on health issues before adding this supplement to your routine. The ayurvedic doctor will check your present medical prescription as allopathic medicines can also react with the ayurvedic herb. This way, you can recommend the right dosage and period for consuming sandu mahamanjisthadi kadha.

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