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November 26, 2020

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet- Your Natural Remedy To Cough & Cold:

Homeopathy relies on body’s own strength of healing and hence uses tiny substances like minerals and plants instead of chemicals to treat health issues. Biochemical combination homeopathy is a popular form of homeopathic treatment that helps to balance the salts available in the body. There are 12 biochemical minerals in the body that aid in maintaining your health. The bio combination supplements help you keep these salts in right balance and hence safeguards you from diseases. SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet is of the most popular bio chemic supplements used across India for health issues like cough and cold. This supplement may be used by both children and adults. This herbal supplement is tasteless and can be chewed. Made with premium lactose, this supplement melts in the mouth in just 15 seconds and starts working as soon as you take it. Homeopathic supplements are highly diluted in nature and hence are known to be safe for consumption and is not known to have any side effects. It comes in a sealed bottle of 25gm.

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet


The key ingredient in the SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet are

Ferrum phosphoricum:

Popularly known as the oxygen carrying sea salt, Ferrum Phosphoricum is a gentle and natural way to get relief from fever, minor irritations and redness of eyes. It may also help to stimulate the natural healing process of the body. This biochemic compound may also assist in building healthy blood cells. It may make your blood vessels and arteries strong and tough as well.

Kalium muriaticum:

Also known as Potassium Chloride, this may help you to maintain skin health. Fibrinous exudations, catarrhs and mild swelling are some of the health issues that may be reduced by using this type of remedy.

Magnesia phosphorica:

Commonly termed as magnesium phosphate, this is a natural remedy for shooting pain in the nerves. Nervous conditions, heat or pressure; there are multiple health issues in which this remedy can be used. It may be also used to get relief from abdominal pain. Use it as a mineral supplement to restore energy and deal with recovery from nerve injury.

Natrum muriaticum:

Popularly called normal table salt, is homeopathic remedy is known to have profound effects on cracked lips, constipation and even fissures. It is also one of the most natural formulas for the throbbing headaches that recurs at the same time everyday. Suffering from sleeplessness? Regular intake of this homeopathic ingredient may improve your sleep and relief your brain from the busy thoughts at night.

Natrum sulphuricum:

This biochemic compound is generally given for mild indigestion. If you are suffering from bronchial irritation caused due to excess humidity then also Natrum sulphuricum may be beneficial. It is also known as Sulphate of Sodium Glauber’s Salt. 


A 25gm pack of SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet contains

  • Lactose- Inactive ingredient
  • Kalium muriaticum- 100mg
  • Natrum muriaticum- 100mg
  • Natrum sulphuricum- 100mg
  • Ferrum phosphoricum- 100mg
  • Magnesia phosphorica- 100mg


SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet is known for its anti-inflammatory property. This 100% natural decoction is hence useful in treating the enlarged and stuffy tonsils caused by cold.

Health Benefits:

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet is considered beneficial for multiple health issues. If you are looking for long term relief from acute cough and cold but want to avoid side effects then this type of homeopathic supplement is your best way out.

Use this homeopathic supplement to get relief from chronic cold issues like bronchitis. It may also offer relief from headache associated with the same. If you are facing respiratory issues caused due to cold, regular use of the capsules may be beneficial. Suffering from soreness and stiffness of the throat? This capsule may be useful.

The other symptoms of common seasonal cold like dry and tickling cough, rattling hollow cough, difficulty in breathing when lying down and chest pain may be also reduced and eliminated using this supplement. This homeopathic potent is useful in both fresh cough and 3 to 4 weeks old cough.

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet is also known to be beneficial in catarrh. This is a disease of the mucus membrane. The membrane is present in both nose and throat and when these get swelled due to cold, you may suffer from catarrh and increased production of mucus. People suffering from tonsillitis, middle ear, sinus and adenoid may also suffer from Catarrh. The SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet may be useful in acute febrile catarrhal conditions. If you are troubled by nasal catarrh with thick yellowish discharge and salty mucus, then use the capsules to get relief. Health issues like blocked nose and dry cough may also be treated using the SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet.

Direction to Use:

So, how to use the SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet? The capsule ideally should be given after consulting an Ayurvedic physician. The general dose of this homeopathic medicine is as follows.

Step 1: Take at most 4 capsules in a day; the adults should take the supplement three to four times a day

Step 2: Children (above 2 years of age) can take 1- 2 capsules in a day; once in the morning and once before going to sleep

Step 3: There should be at least half an hour gap between the intake of this decoction and consumption of any food and water

Step 4: While having this supplement there should not be any strong smell in the mouth, like that of camphor, onions, garlic, mint, hing and coffee

Step 5: The capsule can be either chewed or taken with water

The length of time for which you should take the supplement depends on your health condition. However the maximum usage time for this supplement is 8 weeks. Ideally the medication should start working within 7-10 days of consumption. After the symptoms are passed, you may consider taking a lighter dose of the supplement.


Keep the SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet by following the below steps.

  • Keep away from children
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Store at room temperature; don’t refrigerate or expose to extreme heat

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet FAQs:

1. What is the shelf life of SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet?

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet comes with a long shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. It should be stored at a cool and dry place to keep the supplement fresh for long.

2. What is biochemic combination?

Biochemic or biochemical combination are cell salts or tissue salts that are dispensed as combinations since the time of Schussller. The biochemic theory states that diseases occur when there is imbalance in the biochemical salts present in the body.

3. What is SBL Homeopathy?

SBL Homeopathy is a renowned homeopathic medicine manufacturer from India. You can get a wide range of homeopathic supplements for health issues like cough, cold, skin, eye and stomach disorders from the brand.

4. What is the best homeopathic medicine for cough and cold?

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet is one of the best supplements for cough and cold. It may help you get relief fro cold symptoms like dry cough, catarrh and sore throat.

5. What is Natrum muriaticum used for?

Natrum muriaticum is prepared from sea salt. This is a herbal remedy for headaches, runny nose and cold sores.

6. What is the best homeopathy medicine for recurrent coughs?

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 Tablet is one of the best homeopathic solutions to recurring dry cough and tickling cough.

7. What is the difference between Bio-Combination 6 and Bio-Combination 2?

SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 2 is generally used for breathing problems and yellow sputum. SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 may be used in cold related headache, chest pain, bronchitis, dry and tickling cough.

8. Can I take SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 tablet along with Ashwagandha Q?

Yes. You can take SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 tablet along with Ashwagandha Q to get relief from cough, cold and the stress associated with the same.

9. Why does SBL use lactose to prepare the tablets?

SBL uses high quality lactose to prepare capsules like SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 tablet. This is because lactose melts at body temperature in the mouth, starts working immediately and hence increases the efficacy of the supplement.

10. Is SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 tablet an OTC (Over The Counter) medicine?

Yes. SBL Homeopathy Bio-Combination 6 tablet is an over the counter medicine. You can take it as per the general dose for headache, cough and cold. However, for best results you should always contact an Ayurvedic physician and get the customised medication as per the age and gender.

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