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October 18, 2021

Everything You Should Know About Shilajit:

Shilajit is a herb-mineral, also called Rasaoushadhi, used in the healing process for ages. Shilajit has been utilized in Ayurvedic medication, and the components found in it appear to be useful for a variety of diseases. Shilajit is a natural, tar-like material found in the mountain range. It is also known as the defeater of mountains and the destructive force of weakness. Shilajit is well-known as a revitalizing, age-old natural product that boosts energy and vigor while also aiding with a range of health problems. According to a recent study, shilajit promotes connective tissue responses and helps maintain muscle strength. To learn more about the various details this is explained below.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a hot material that is mostly found in Himalayan stones. It emerges from the slow stop working of plants over years or centuries. Ayurvedic medicine frequently uses shilajit. It is a very safe medication that can help you improve your overall health and well-being.

Ingredients of Shilajit:

Shilajit is claimed to have 85+ ionic minerals. Fulvic Acids, Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones, Humins, Humic Acids, trace minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and P, phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, and terpenoids are the main active constituents in Shilajit. Microelements are also found, such as cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron, magnesium, etc. The majority of shilajit formulations include 60-80 per cent fulvic acid, and the higher the ferulic acid level, the more anti-aging benefits the chemical has.

Top Health Benefits of Shilajit:

Shilajit has been utilized by people all over the world for millennia to improve their health. The high concentration of minerals and humic acids in shilajit has been credited with its health advantages. The finest pure  shilajit health advantages are listed here.

Improves Testosterone Levels:

For years, the drug has been used to boost testosterone levels in men. Men who eat shilajit have more sperm and better sperm motility. Both of these characteristics influence how well a sperm swims towards an egg, which affects the likelihood of fertilization. As per studies, men between of 45 and 56 were given shilajit for 90 days in a row. After some time, their total testosterone levels were much higher.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

This syndrome is a long-term illness that causes severe fatigue. CFS can make it very difficult to go to work or school, and even ordinary daily tasks might be tough. Shilajit pills, according to research, may help to alleviate CFS symptoms and recover energy. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to CFS. When your cells don't make enough energy, this happens. In a study, people administered the lab rat's shilajit for more than 20 days and then forced them to swim 15 minutes straight to bring on CFS. Shilajit was found to help lessen the consequences of CFS, according to the findings. They think this was the best result of shilajit helping to prevent mitochondrial dysfunction. Based on nature boosts your body mitochondrial function with the shilajit supplements may help to enhance force levels.

Enhances Brain Functioning:

Shilajit has a number of chemicals that can help you improve your brain function. Shilajit, according to a study on Alzheimer's disease, slows the ageing process and enhances longevity. Shilajit's components aid to reduce the chance of cognitive issues like Alzheimer's. This is due to the fulvic acid in shilajit, which suppresses beta formation. This is a protein that causes Alzheimer's disease by producing neurofibrillary tangles in the brain.

Altitude Sickness:

Traditional practitioners suggest that shilajit can relieve people suffering from altitude sickness. Changes in pressure at high altitudes can have a significant impact on some persons. Altitude sickness can cause the whole thing from bodily aches and to lung congestion and a need for oxygen in the brain. Shilajit is a complex compound containing over 80 minerals, and fulvic acid and humic acid. Shilajit is known to help alleviate many symptoms of altitude sickness due to its wide range of therapeutic components. It may improve cognitive functions in the brain, stimulate the immune system, and reduce inflammation, all of which may assist in reducing altitude sickness.


Shilajit is also a helpful treatment for infertility in men. In one study, like 60 infertile men were given shilajit twice a day after meals for 90 days. More than 60% of trial participants saw an increase in total sperm count at the end of the 90 days, and Sperm motility increased in more than 12% of the participants. Sperm motility is a term that describes the capacity of sperm in a sample to move about freely, which is a key aspect of fertility.

For Treating Anaemia:

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of anaemia. If your blood contains insufficient hemoglobin, you may get anaemia. Fatigue, headaches, weakness, and irregular heartbeats are all possible side effects. Shilajit can benefit you since it is high in iron and humic acid, which aid in balancing your blood iron levels.

Improves Obesity:

Excess weight can fatigue muscles and put a strain on the bones. According to a study, an obese person who took an oral supplement of clean shilajit responded enhanced to exercise than those who did not. According to the researchers, the shilajit appeared to activate genes in the body that helped the skeletal muscles adapt to the new activity faster. Over time, this could result in decreased fatigue and more strength.

Cure Antiviral:

Shilajit contains a selection of minerals and chemicals that may support the combat against viruses. According to a study, in confined circumstances, shilajit could fend off and eradicate a variety of viruses, including certain herpes viruses. While it appears beneficial, researchers believe that more studies with live people are needed to back up these claims.

Keeps You Younger:

Shilajit accomplishes this by slowing down the ageing process and preserving your vitality. This is due to the presence of fulvic acid, one of shilajit's main components, and possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a result, it lowers cell damage and the formation of free radicals in your body, both of which contribute to the ageing process.

Decrease Anxiety and Stress Levels:

Shilajit boosts dopamine production in the brain, and this may help to alleviate worry and stress. Shilajit has a relaxing impact on the body as well, and this is due to the high potassium and magnesium content. Your muscles, particularly those in your heart, will relax as a result of these ingredients. This calming impact can aid in the reduction of stress levels.

Types of Shilajit:

Based on ingredients and its various health benefits there are various types of Shalijith's in which few are listed bellow

1.Patanjali Shuddh Shilajeet:

    Patanjali is a well-known brand in the market of wellness and beauty products. Patanjali Shuddh Shilajeet is a rejuvenator based on Ayurvedic principles.

    • vegetarian.
    • pure Shilajeet.
    • Available in an airtight container.

    Shuddh Shilajeet


    2.Dabur Shilajit Capsule:

      Dabur Shilajit Capsule are Made from the rich collection of natural and herbal ingredients

      Dabur Shilajit Capsule

      3.Baidyanath Shilajeet:

        Baidyanath Shilajeet is an ayurvedic tablet Made from the rich collection of natural and herbal ingredient it is useful for the general weaknesses of all kinds. It improves your body’s immunity.

        Baidyanath Shilajeet - 50 Tablets - Distacart



        4.Naimat Shilajit Resin Form:

          Ayurveda's Pure Shilajit Resin(Semi-Liquid) is the purest form of Shilajit, with the benefits that are endless and promote a healthy body and mind. It Regulates and supercharges the immune system, balances cell life.

          Naimat Shilajit Resin Form 15 gm  (Pack Of 5)

          5.Herbal Hills Shilajithills Forte Vitality Support Capsules:

          Shilajithills Forte Vitality Support Capsules may improve  the immune system  and various helath benefits which includes

            Natural, pure, and safe to consume herbal dietary supplement
            Herbal Hills Shilajit Capsules for Men may enhance the energy level and stamina
            • Ayurvedic combination of herbal extracts and powders to support men's health

            Herbal Hills Shilajithills Forte Vitality Support Capsules

            6.Ayurveda Therapies Shilajitvadi Bati:

              Shilajitvadi Bati is an ayurvedic supplement in tablet or powder form, used in the treatment of cronic respiratory disorders. This supplement is most commonly used in north Indian ayurvedic practice.


              How to use it?

              Shilajit is most usually supplied in powdered or liquid form, with instructions on how to prepare it on the package. The liquid version can be ingested 1-3 times per day after being dissolved in water or milk. Check with your doctor or physician beforehand to see if they have any specific advice for you. The powder version is commonly combined with a glass of milk and eaten daily as directed by the manufacturer. The maximum safe dose per day for most healthy people is 300-500mg, and it may be considerably lower for certain people. It may not be effective for you if you have medical conditions or an allergy to this ingredient.

              Dosage of Shilajit:

              There is insufficient data to establish a standard or recommended shilajit dose. Some supplement sellers recommend taking up to 150 mg once or twice a day. Although test subjects are normally under medical supervision, different dosages of shilajit have been utilized in various studies. The appropriate dose for you may be determined by your age, present health, and desired benefit.

              Other Uses of Shilajit:

              In addition to these little studies, there are anecdotal accounts stating that shilajit has various health benefits for men& women. Shilajit is thought to help strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Some proponents also say that shilajit can operate as an adaptive, a class of drugs thought to improve stress resistance, libido, and energy levels.

              Formulation of shilajit:

              On average, Shilajit includes 60-80 per cent organic matter, 20-40 per cent mineral matter, and 5% trace elements. Several stories and scientific data contain about like 80 bioactive components, including fatty acids, benzoic acid, hippuric acid, resin and waxy compounds, albuminoids, gums, and vegetable matter.

              Bottom line:

              Finally, shilajit has many health benefits and more, and it is an effective and safe supplement when used correctly. It is available as powder or supplement form that can be consumed with milk or water. So these are the above-explained details about all you need to know about is shilajit.


              Shilajit FAQs:

              1. What happens when you take shilajit?

              As a result, regular use of shilajit will contribute to a slower ageing process, longevity and overall better health.

              2. Can you take shilajit before bed?

              Before sleep taking shilajit is suggested by your health care provider.

              3. How does it feel after taking shilajit?

              It provides a clear-headed feeling when taken first thing in the morning.

              4. Is shilajit is good for health?

              Yes, shilajit is good for your entire health because rich in fulvic acid and is anti-inflammatory, and it also protects from free radicals and cellular issues.

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