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February 05, 2021 Medically Reviewed By: Dr Manu Chandra(BAMS)

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka - The Time Tested Immunity Booster:

Immunity is one of the most searched words on internet these days. With COVID 19 taking a toll on people’s health and lives, everybody is now more cautious and eager to improve the immunity. If you are also looking forward to have a great immune system, try out Ayurveda. Through thousands of years, old Indian medical science has several Ayurvedic supplements to help you in this regards. One of the best known immunity boosting herbs is holy basil or tulsi. In ancient times, this holy plant was planted almost in every household. 

Tulsi Arka is a vegetarian product and can be taken by people of all ages. The preparation is inspired by ancient Ayurvedic text of Bhavaprakash. Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is available in an airtight pack of 30ml. As this is a natural product, the potent may vary in color. It is GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000-2005 certified. As per the brand, the potent is also free from paraben and preservatives. Hence if you are looking for a good pack of immunity tonic this winter, Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka may be your best bet. Available in a tiny bottle, Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is your on the go immunity booster. Best part is, it is available online at an affordable price.

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka


One of the key ingredients of Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is distillate form of Tulasi. Let us checkout some of the best benefits of holy basil or tulasi.



As the name suggests, Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka has tulsi or holy basil as its key ingredient. Tulsi is native to India and Southeast Asia. It is considered as a sacred plant and is used to worship Lord Vishnu. Also termed as the Queen of Herbs, tulsi is known for its healing properties. It works as a soothing balm to the body, mind and spirit.

Rich in Vitamin C, tulsi may help users recover from health issues like cold and dyspnea. The brand is known to use 100% certified organic tulsi leaves to prepare this arka. Tulsi is considered as the elixir of life due to its multiple medicinal benefits. One of the other well known benefits of Holy Basil is on the eyes. Tulsi leaves contain an essential oil, which in turn contains caryophylline, eugenol, methylchavicol, eugenal, carvacrol and limatrol. The pungent Tulsi leaves are bitter in taste. It has both light and dry potency. The presence of eugenol works as a pain killer and may even offer respite from headache and fatigue. Regular application of tulsi paste may keep away skin infections. It is known as a great ointment for ringworm infection.


Besides tulsi, the other ingredients of Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka are

  • Potassium Sorbate
  • De-mineralized (DM) Water


Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is a blend of herbs and minerals. This organic product comes with the following medicinal properties and ensures overall health of the user.

Anti-viral- Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is anti-viral in nature. If you are suffering from flu symptoms, this organic potent may act as a natural fighter against such viral infections. Due to its anti-viral nature, Tulasi Arka may be also effective in chronic fever like malaria. The anti-microbial property of Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka combats bacterial strains.

Anti-bacterial- This Ayurvedic supplement is known to boost immunity. Due to this, Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka helps your body fight bacteria. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of the supplement may help treat the infections of respiratory airways.

Antioxidant- A storehouse of antioxidants, Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka helps flush out toxins and detox the body. Antioxidants prevent damage caused by free radicals and hence acts as an anti-ageing agent.

Adaptogen- This property of Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka helps the body easily adapt to stress, improve stamina and promote mental balance. Tulsi Arka also acts as an energy booster. For this reason, Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka may also act as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety supplement. Tulsi may even help to sharpen the memory and hence is often prescribed for students.

Anti-inflammatory- Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka may even help the user with problems like joint pain and swelling.

Immune-modulatory- Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka may help to strengthen the immune system. Tulsi extracts are known to stimulate the cellular and humoral immunity. This herbal immune-modulator inhibits viral entry and hence ensures overall health of the user.

Health Benefits:

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is considered useful in multiple health issues. Some of the key benefits of this Ayurvedic supplement are as follows-

Treat Cough - This is another reason to use Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka. The supplement keeps infections at bay and hence treats such cold related health issues from within. It acts as an expectorant and helps to mobilize the mucus. When you mix it with honey the effects are even stronger.

 Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka

Hiccups- This is one of the ailments that come and go at their own will. Hiccups can be quite stressful and even embarrassing in public. If you are looking for a quick relief from this uninvited respiratory issue, then try out tulsi arka. This 100% organic tonic may offer you an instant relief from hiccups.

Healthy Respiratory Tract- Sore throat, bronchitis or bronchial asthma, whatever may be the issue, regular intake of Tulsi Arka may offer ultimate relief from the different types of breathing problems. When taken along with ginger and honey, tulsi arka is known to have miraculous effects on the respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis.

Fever- Tulsi drops when given at regular intervals of 2 to 3 hours may help to lower the body temperature in fever. Malaria and dengue are common health issues during the monsoons; tulsi arka can be a potent health supplement that may be useful in such cases.

Acidity- Deadly acid or acid reflux are some of the most common health issues encountered by people these days. Tulsi is one of the best organic herbs that can stimulate the stomach and produce more mucous. Regular use of tulsi arka may help reduce the effects of gastric acids. As per Ayurveda, it also works on abdominal distension. Tulsi arka may improve the metabolic breakdown of food and hence may be useful to people suffering from liver disorders. Users may even witness a decrease in flatulence and bloating due to regular usage of tulsi arka.

Kidney Stones- Tulsi arka along with honey may also expel the renal stones. Tulsi juice offers strength to the kidney. However, this decoction should be continued for at least 6 months for long term kidney health. Tulsi Arka may even help to reduce the uric acid levels within the body.

Tulsi aids in healthy blood circulation and weight management. It may also assist in weight management. So, anyone suffering from high cholesterol may also get positive health by regular use of tulsi arka. Tulsi arka is also considered good for the heart because it balances the cortisol levels. Last but not the least; tulsi may also alleviate the Vata and Kapha dosha.

Direction to Use:

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka should be taken after consulting an Ayurvedic physician. The age, gender, fitness and immune system of the user are also the deciding factors in this case. Generally, the below steps are followed to have the supplement.

Step 1- Take 10-15 drops of the tulasi arka per day

Step 2- Take the supplement twice a day; you can consume the supplement maximum four times a day

Step 3- The drops should be taken after meals; once after breakfast and once after dinner

Step 4- This pure water extracts of tulsi should be mixed in a glass of water before consumption. You may even take the tonic along with warm milk

Last but not the least; you should not miss the dose even for a day in between for best results


Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka stays fresh and usable for long if the below tips are followed.

  • Store at a dry place
  • Close the cap tightly after every use
  • Keep under ambient temperature; do not expose to direct sunlight

You should also

  • Keep away the Arka from children to avoid excess consumption
  • As the tulsi drops are concentrated extracts of tulsi leaves, so you should not take it without mixing water in it

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka FAQs:

1. What is the shelf life of Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka?

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka comes with a long shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. It should be kept at a cool and dry place.

2. What is Tulsi Arka?

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is an Ayurvedic preparation. This herbal potent may be useful in treating in cough, cold and asthma. So if you are prone to weather changes then this herbal cough syrup may act as a shield for your body.

3. How do you take Tulsi Arka?

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka should be taken twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. It should be taken after food.

4. Is Tulsi good for immune system?

Tulsi or Holy Basil is known to contain loads of antioxidants and micronutrients. Due to this reason, regular use of tulsi arka safeguards the body from germs and free radicals.

5. Can we drink Tulsi water at night?

Yes. You may consume Tulsi water on regular basis to improve the bowel movements. Tulsi arka may fight against stomach disorders like acid reflux and indigestion.

6. How long to take Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka?

Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is usually prescribed for 1-2 months for effective results. However, the right dose will depend on the age and physical fitness of the user. So, it is best to consult an Ayurvedic physician to discuss the span of medication.

7. Is tulsi an anti-viral?

Yes. Tulsi is one of the best anti-viral herbs. You may use the water extracts of tulsi as Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka to keep viral infections like cough and cold at bay.

8. Is Tulsi Arka good for the skin?

Yes. Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka is considered good for the skin and may even help in improving the texture of all the skin types.

9. Who can consume the Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka?

Anyone above the age of 10 years can have the Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka. However an Ayurvedic physician should be consulted before having the tonic.

10. Can I use Sri Sri Tattva Tulasi Arka for steam inhale?

Yes. You can mix tulsi arka with hot water and use it for steam inhale. This is one of the strongest tulsi arka and also has a great fragrance.

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