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February 02, 2022

Exceptional Shea Butter Benefits for Skin, Hair & Body:

Shea butter, heard enough about this word? An off-white color fat, a kind of fat that is made by extracting nuts from shea tree. Enriched and loaded with vital vitamins and good fat acids. Natively found in one of the African sides. Shea butter is mostly used as a cosmetic formulation, beauty care products, hair care products, baby care products as an ingredient due to its amazing spreading consistency and hydrating properties. This nutty product has bountiful benefits which makes it a super tree treasure from ages to contemporary needs. Topical shea butter is simply a boon to skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a nut before butter: Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of Shea tree and processed a long way in various forms like filtering and cracking methods to make Refined and unrefined shea butter respectively

Types of Shea Butter:

Refined Shea Butter:

Refined Shea butter is purified and is obtained by filtering, yet has added chemicals, mostly it is used in cosmetic Industry to serve us various beauty care products for long term use

Unrefined or Raw Shea Butter:

Unrefined or cold pressed or raw shea butter is directly obtained from the cracking method of extraction without any kind of chemicals involved in it.

It is directly used for various purposes and cause no harm as it is in its purest form.

Shea Butter Benefits

Shea Butter for Health Care:

Soothe the Skin: Shea butter has soothing properties and antifungal properties which helps in healing some of the skin concerns, apply small amount of raw Shea Butter to soothe the redness and to relax the skin cells 

Wounds healing : Vitamins and phytochemicals in shea butter helps skin provide the nourishment to heal by itself as soon as possible

Seasonal cold relief :Shea butter combats with cold, apply shea butter near the nostrils. Due to its natural antiinflammatory properties it helps relieves from the nasal blockage within no time

Body pain massage :Shea butter massage is a natural pain reliever, warm up the butter and apply over the affected area and gently massage for some time, you will see a kind of relief from the pain

Simple yet effective natural do it yourself self care pampering tips with Shea butter for Face, Lips, body and hair

DIY Shea butter face scrub:

Mix shea butter, sugar, almond oil or coconut oil and apply on the hair gently rub on the face to reveal clean and clear hydrated skin. Without any chemicals your skin brings a healthy glow out with this natural skin care tip

DIY natural Shea butter sunscreen lotion: 

Shea butter natural fatty acids cover the skin from harmful uv rays, deeply moisturizes the skin and so it can be used as a natural sunscreen lotion 

  • Mix unrefined shea butter with coconut oil and directly apply on hands, legs, foot, or any other dry skin area of your body as sunscreen lotion 

DIY Shea butter lip balm:

Shea butter can be used as a natural Lip protecting balm, revealing natural and healthy plumper, rejuvenating lips.

  • Mix raw shea butter, beeswax, lip tint(optional) boil all of them
  • Pour into a small container and let it cool down, and is ready to apply 

DIY Shea butter as Hair Conditioner:

Shea butter helps in neutralizing the scalp oils, and retains the moisture. It acts as a perfect hair Conditioner it resolves the dryness and dullness problems of scalp, leaves soft silky hair out even after one use, witness the results with this simple tip

  • Boil Shea butter until turns into a liquid form
  • Apply the lukewarm Shea butter liquid on the entire scalp
  • Wait for some time for at least 30 minutes, by covering the hair with shower cap or towel
  • Shampoo your hair


Shea butter suits almost all skin types, yet people with nuts allergy might contradictory to this, so do a patch test before you use shea butter on your body

What Makes Shea butter Exceptional

Great Absorbance level - Shea butter has excellent absorbing properties due to the natural oils present in it. It takes around 3 to 4 minutes to blend into the skin. It is non-greasy like any other nut butters

Anti-inflammatory properties - Shea butter has significant analgesic properties which makes it highly effective on inflammation, it inhibits the production of cytokines which are known to be inflammatory cells.

Hydrating / moisturizing properties - Shea butter acts as an emollient, a natural humectant and also due to several other natural fatty acids involved in it helps the protective barrier of skin and thereby locks the moisture

Antioxidant properties - Vitamins that strongly protects the oxidation are Vitamin A&E, shea butter has ample amount of those vitamins which helps in antioxidation process 

Antibacterial & antifungal properties -The true properties of the shea bark has the antimicrobial properties which helps in avoiding or diminishing the skin concerns or skin infections 

Soothing properties -Shea butter has excellent soothing properties, easily calms up the skin due to its great absorbance. Reduces red flaky irritants, and itchy skin and relieves the flare ups and will be very gentle on every skin type.

Cosmetic nature of Shea butter:

Shea butter is widely used by cosmetic Industries due to its various properties that balances skin's natural oils with high concentration of stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic and many other fatty acids.Skin obtains vitamins A, E & F and enough nurture through shea butter.

Natural chemical properties:

Stearic acid has skin lightening properties, also protects from UV rays, it acts as a protective barrier on skin and helps reduce various skin conditions. Shea butter has other prominent constituents such as Polyphenols, oleic acid,cinnamic acids palmitic acid and much more

Shea Butter Skin Care Products:

The soothing, hydrating properties of shea butter nourishes skin and that is the reason it is widely used in skin care products.

Shea Butter Benefits For Skin

Hand creams and foot cream:The hands and the foot that does a lot of work, give them enough hydration with shea butter without letting them go lifeless. Shea butter heals cracked heels.

Lip balms; for a dry chapped lips, shea butter does the job with its natural moisturizing properties 

Body butter and face lotions: shea butter is one of the most essential ingredients in lotions, be it body or face both needs enough nourishment and to get them glowing

Moisturizers : Ultimate purpose served with shea butter in your moisturiser, for a soft supple skin out 

Scrubs and face mask: Shea butter has amazing exfoliant properties which absorbs the skin and clears off the dirt and pore grime. 

Massage creams : Shea butter is widely used in massages creams to let us indulge in soothing massage sessions and to relieve skin stress 

Cleansers :Instant glowing skin is possible with a cleanser which has been made with shea butter as primary ingredient

Lipsticks/lip gloss :Makeup with enough nourishment is essential. Because you might have a habit to put on every day. So Cosmetics made of natural ingredient like shea butter is good to go blindly

Eyelash cream :Natural oils present in shea butter helps increase the volume and thickness of eyelashes

Soaps and Shower cream: Every day replenishing shower needs shea infused soaps and shower creams to keep whole body moisturized all day long with a simple effortless shower

Face cream And night serums: Vitamins A & E present in shea butter does skin repair treatment and heals various skin concerns simultaneously transforms skin into soft flawless texture 

Body oils & Stretch marks: Shea butter has excellent absorbing properties which helps nourish every skin cell with the kind of body oils made from shea butter. Also it does the needful to evade stretch marks, scars, dark spots and sunburn

Shea Butter Hair Care Products:

Shea butter has natural essential fatty acids and is an emollient. Effortlessly heals hair problems and is why most of the people prefer shea butter products in which shea is the primary ingredient.

Shea Butter Benefits For Hair

Shampoo :Shea butter shampoo helps provide ample hydration to the scalp, it rejuvenates dry, itchy scalp and detangles the hair

Conditioner : Shea butter helps in deep conditioning of hair which softens the hair and reduces the dryness and frizziness 

Hair Pack :Once in a while shea butter not only face, our hair needs a moisturizing hair pack for its overall health condition. It helps cleanse the scalp from deep pores

Hair oil :Shea butter helps in hair growth too, strengthens the hair roots and promotes growth of new hair cells. When applied Shea butter for curly hair it helps to soften naturally.

Shea Butter Baby Care Products:

Baby needs extra special care that is so nourishing to their body, lips and hair.

Baby oils: Shea butter baby oils Energize the tiny cells of the baby's skin and prevents them from drying

Baby lotions :Shea butter for baby lotions for that extra care, as it antimicrobial properties of shea butter helps in protecting baby from getting attracted to germs and infections 

Baby Lip balms:Shea butter for baby lips is truly nurturing. Baby's lips often tend to dry, shea butter based lip balm are a best bet for those sensitive lips

Baby hair oils : Shea butter for baby hair oils are an excellent source of nourishment. For a healthy hair growth of baby, shea butter helps in promoting nutrients to the scalp and stimulates the follicles of the baby's sensitive scalp.

So far, we have seen shea butter beneficial effects on skin, hair and body. Shea butter is also used for cooking. It is vegan friendly and has many health benefits too.

Shea Butter For Cooking: One can mix shea butter on a sandwich, pancakes, salads and fries. It is a healthy and tasty cooking ingredient.

Shea Butter FAQs:

1. Is shea butter good for oily skin types?

Yes, shea butter is good for all skin types, it nourishes and rejuvenates the skin cells

2. Is shea butter safe?

Shea butter is safe for everyone and can be used for skin, hair and also in cooking. People having nut allergy might cause allergy

3. Does shea butter reduce wrinkles?

Shea butter boosts skin collagen thereby helps in reducing signs of aging, wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes

4. How to apply shea butter for hair and skin?

You can scoop up a sufficient amount of shea butter from the container and directly apply to the skin and hair.

5. Is shea butter good for babies?

Yes, the rich cream and consistency if shea butter protects baby's skin and provides nurture and nourishment

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