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February 24, 2022

Top 7 Benefits of Moringa Oil That Meets All Your Skin & Hair Needs!

Moringa oleifera is a native Indian plant that grows in tropical and also in subtropical regions which are mostly known as drumstick trees.


Moringa is a unique plant that can survive drought and frost conditions. Moringa, its pods, leaves, and seeds all are enriched with high nutritional values and so popularly used in food and cosmetic commercials. Also due to its no damaged property even prolonged preservation, makes moringa even more demanding.

Moringa Powder:

Moringa plant is sun-dried and ground for making moringa powder which has its own benefits for health. It can be used for multipurpose, its medicinal and nutrient properties make it a superfood for a healthy lifestyle

Benefits of Moringa Powder:

Babies food:

Moringa powder is good for babies, it helps in providing a good amount of proteins, helps in preventing inflammation,  improves the immune system, boosts energy

Desserts & Smoothies:

Moringa powder can be used as dietary fiber, can be added to salads, soups, smoothies, juices, or any other beverages

Helps in Weight Loss:

Add Moringa powder in your daily diet or in your tea, or an intake with any other beverage it may help reduce wait and is a good friend for weight watchers

DIY Face Mask:

Moringa powder promotes a healthy glow and helps in reducing facial inflammation, and so moringa powder is mixed with rose water or honey and applied as a face mask

Moringa Oil:

Moringa oil is extracted from moringa seeds. This oil has enormous advantages and bountiful uses. Enriched nutritional oil helps in fetching health & healing hair, skin, and body. A high level of penetrating quality of moringa oil helps in detoxifying the skin from deep layers. This Miraculous oil has ample nutrients, vitamins,  antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-aging, and beautifying properties making it the most popular natural treasure.

Health Benefits of Moringa Oil:

Moringa Health Benefits

Moringa oil can be used to cure more than three hundred diseases Due to its various medicinal/clinical properties, some of them are mentioned below

Treat malnutrition:

Essential amino acids in moringa oil help in challenging malnutrition condition and brings visible changes in the body by providing the nutrients that flourish the skin, and overall health of the body

Protects from Bacterial-Prone disease:

Due to various antimicrobials in moringa oil helps combat the bacteria and its prone diseases entering in to the body, extremely beneficial for seasonal illness too

Cardiac health:

Moringa oil can improve cardiac health, bringing ease in blood flow to the veins and arteries. Helps reduce the thickening of arteries and thereby inhibits the pressure on the blood

Eye care:

Moringa Oil is good for eye health, it's antioxidant properties, anti inflammatory properties it reduces the pressure of retinal vessels and its dysfunctions, in turn improves the eye's vision 

Top 7 Benefits of Moringa Oil:

Moringa Oil Benefits

Moringa oil is used to treat various skin and hair problems, however there are certain deeply dig benefits mentioned below

Prevents hair & skin worsening/damage:

Moringa oil helps in healing hair damage by fighting against free radicals and scalp infections. Also, its protein-based properties help in detoxifying skin, its hydrating properties helps in rejuvenating the cells and preventing the dermis damage

Reduces Pollution damage: 

Moringa oil acts as a protective skin barrier and so doesn't allow the skin to attract outsiders, pollutants, and harmful UV rays. It also balances the pH of the skin, also from any kind of damage from the environment. Deep layers of epidermis will be at safe due to the defensive Emollients, antioxidants, antimicrobials of moringa oil

Brings Glowing skin:

Moringa oil helps improve skin complexion. Daily facial massage with moringa oil helps in deep cleansing of epidermis layers, reduces acne, combats skin infections, brings nourishment and naturally glowing skin. This is why moringa oil has been used in various skin glowing products in cosmetic industries

Hydrates & Rejuvenates skin 

Dryness of skin may be due to various reasons, but moringa can be an ultimate solution, the oleic acid present and phytochemicals present in moringa helps in restoring the body's natural oils, and locking up the moisture of the skin in turn reduces the dryness and dullness 

Reduces Pigmentation & spots:

Deep cleansing properties, high absorption levels of moringa helps in cleansing and clearing of the spots from the layers of skin, removes the dirt from the clogged pores and brings flawless texture, glow, spot-free, and depigmentation of skin's surface. It starts showing its effects when massaged daily with a few drops of coconut oil in a few spoons of moringa oil

Soothes & relaxes the skin:

Moringa oil promotes refreshing showers if used in your warm water bucket, also helps in relieving skin's strain giving a relaxing and soothing feel with its anti-inflammatory properties. Once in a while, it can be used as a massaging oil by mixing a few drops of almond oil or olive and moringa oil to help boost the skin's energy 

Anti-aging skin:

Potent and precious plant/vegan hormones, cytokinins present in moringa oil helps in reducing the signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye skin sagging, and puffing. Moringa helps in cellular growth thereby acts as an excellent anti-aging agent and so moringa oils are mostly used in age-defying products.

Hope we explained to you in brief, Moringa’s contributions to the cosmetic Industry lead to the invention of various beauty products that are a best bet to solve many skin concerns. If you are convinced enough of the benefits of moringa oil, then what's stopping you from buying these amazing moringa skin care products? Go get them now!

Moringa Body Butter:

Moringa body butter is a nourishing skin treat infused with the right formulation of moringa seed oil. It helps rejuvenating the skin from its deep layers and also helps in changing the skin texture into soft and supple. Moisturizes the skin layers round the clock, the best bet for dry and dull skin. 

Moringa Shower Gel:

Soap-free showers are the best friends for our body, however, if these refreshing daily showers have moringa seed oil as a key ingredient, it's a skin treat. Moringa shower gel deeply cleanses the body dirt and grime, gives a fresh feel all day long, brings a soft and smooth texture to your body.

Moringa Toner:

Moringa toner helps in tightening the pores, skin cells, and hence acts as a protective barrier from outsiders, pollutants, and dust particles. Also gives a healthy and fresh glow every time you spray moringa toner on your face it hydrates the skin instantly, revives, and restores the pH balance.

Moringa Facial Moisturizer :

Moringa facial moisturizer is a magical potion to the skin, it treats the extreme dryness and dullness of the skin. Enhances the skin's energy, reduces inflammation. Quench your skin thirst with nutrient-dense Moringa moisturizer and also acquire smooth and supple skin.

Moringa Cold-Pressed Oil: 

Moringa cold-pressed oil is a fresh and raw extraction of oil from moringa seeds. The ample number of antioxidants present in the oil, helps in healing various skin, hair, body, face concerns. Best bet to prevent aging of the skin. It helps minimize pore size, wrinkles, fine lines and fights free radical damage.

Moringa Oil FAQs:

1. What goes first with sunscreen or moringa oil?

It is best to apply moringa oil before you use sunscreen and also as the last step in your daily skincare routine

2. Can I apply moringa oil to my lips?

Yes, you can apply cold pressed moringa oil to your lips for ample hydration

3. Can I use moringa oil for my hair?

Yes, vitamins present in moringa oil helps in promoting hair growth and also helps in eliminating hair problems

4. Does moringa oil reduce stretch marks?

Yes, it can reduce stretch marks, and post pregnant can use moringa oil to help restore skin elasticity

5. Can we use moringa oil for babies?

Yes, moringa oil is safe and gentle on a baby's skin, it can hydrate and soothes the baby skin

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