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March 11, 2022

Pamper Yourself with The Tribe Concepts Uniquely Formulated Ayurvedic Products:

Even though modern millennials tend to fall for high-end beauty products, there is an equal demand for ayurvedic products too. Some people may often get attracted to products that are chemical-based and worsen their skin or hair conditions. However, the right formula-based ayurvedic product can support everyone no matter what their skin or hair types are. Ayurveda has an age of about 3000 years, since then India has used the authenticity of Ayurveda in healing skin, hair, and health conditions.

The Tribe Concepts

One of the most renowned ayurvedic brands The Tribe Concepts offers a wide range of skin, hair, bath, and body products. Every single product of tribe concepts is made with hand-picked ingredients, and the formulations help in balancing Vata, pitta, and dosha properties. Walkthrough this blog to know more about the tribe concepts, innovation, and modernity in their ayurvedic product formulations that heals skin and hair concerns eventually with no side effects.

The Tribe Concepts-  Skin & Hair Care Products:

The Tribe Concepts - Hair & Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products:

Our skin is never a cleaned surface, it’s the protective barrier hence it goes through various harmful dust particles every single time, which has gradually been a factor of skin problems. Products made from the tribe concepts get a vision of approach while manufacturing every product which tends to kill the bacteria yet make effective results on the skin. This kind of balancing holistic healing formulation of their products makes them unique and lets everyone prefer their skincare products. They offer various products for different concerns such as acne, dull skin, dark spots/pigmentation, dark circles, and aging.

Infused with homegrown ingredients such as Saffron, Haritaki, Haridra, Lodhra, Wild organic cinnamon, Mint, Neem, Red sandalwood, Marigold, Rose, Licorice, Chironji, Wild turmeric, and manjistha. the Tribe Concepts skincare products create a magical change and work wonders, slay in a natural skin regime every day with these most commonly picked products from the Tribe Concepts.

    Face Glow Kit:

    A magical experience to skin with this whole pack of face glow kits, where this kit has glow getters such as exotic face glow masks, and 24k Kumkumadi Thailam. These two steps of skincare are a new set of procedures that heals all skin concerns and reveals glowing skin complexion. 

    The Tribe Concepts- Face Glow Kit

    Save your time with this mini skincare game that imparts shine and smoothness to your skin.

    • Glow mask: Face glow mask by the tribe concepts is a fusion to skincare, natural luxurious herbs such as red sandalwood, Marigold, and rose are blended perfectly and formulated at the right composition to manufacture this exotic mask. Go-getter glows with this best natural face mask for every occasion to stand out from the crowd with a beauty that attracts confidence and joy. We do know we are Beautiful the way we are, having and showing some care towards the skin is never a bad idea though.
    • 24K Kumkumadi Thailam: 24K Kumkumadi Thailam is the best skin brightening ayurvedic product that evens the skin complexion, spotless skin texture, toned appearance, and removes hyperpigmentation. Infused with potent tribal herbs, where each ingredient has its own Miraculous benefits on the skin. This is the best Face glow kit from the tribe concepts to get refreshed, rejuvenated, flawless golden skin complexion.

    Hair Care Products:

    And yes, No one is excluded, every one of us does suffer from hair woes. Well, yet there is a solution, what if those chemical products worse the hair care game, shift to pure ayurvedic products that can rejuvenate and pamper your hair like no other. With all the goodness of nature, hair definitely brings a change you always wanted. Some of the Haircare problems are hair fall, baldness, scalp infections, hair lice, thin or weak hair, dry hair, dull hair, frizzy hair, dandruff, brittle hair, split-ends, and rough hair. The Tribe Concepts hair care products are made of extremely nurturing potent natural ingredients such as Fenugreek, Indian gooseberries, Organic soapberries, Black pepper, Mint, Hibiscus, Organic ginger root, and Shikakai. The Tribe Concepts offers various products such as hair oils, shampoo, conditioner, hair Masks, anti-dandruff kits, and herbal cleansers. Grab a fusion of different hair care product that comes in a kit and make a healthy pampering session for your hair to fade away all your hair problems

    Hair Grows Kit:

    Clear your hair problems, and reveal healthy hair by indulging yourself in a hair care regime with curated ayurvedic hair care products that come in a whole pack hair grow kit from the tribe concepts.

    The Tribe Concepts- Hair Grow Kit

    The kit contains 3 products, 90 Day Miracle hair oil, organic hair Cleanser, root Strengthening, and Conditioning Hair Mask

    • 90 Day Miracle Hair oil:As the name suggests, it really performs miracles on hair, it treats hair loss, improves hair volume, texture, nourishes and hydrates the scalp, and layers protein protection on hair to make your hair look soft and shiny. The Tribe Concepts Miracle hair oil brings visible changes on hair, transforms the hair to look like a saloon-style hair spa. 
    • Organic Hair Cleanser:This is the best hair Cleanser ever since it has the amalgamation of purest herbs that targets and treats all hair woes. It is the second step in a hair care regime, after massaging hair with hair oil, apply Cleanser for that extra nourishment to the hair and wash away the dirt and grime that is stored over the scalp and the hair. Organic Hair Cleanser not only cleanses the hair but also strengthens the hair roots, improves hair health, and make it look smooth, silky, and shiny hair
    • Root Strengthening and Conditioning Hair Mask: Root Strengthening and Conditioning Hair Mask from the tribe concepts is the last step in the hair care routine. This natural mask acts as a conditioner, deep Cleanser, and helps induce hair growth. Reduces scalp problems such as irritation, flaking, dandruff, and infections. After this entire hair session, get a drooly dramatic hair that makes you feel like a nurturing hair spa.

      Bath & Body:

      Not only face and hair, to feel confident of your whole body, but special treatment for the whole body is highly recommended. Naturally, restore healthy skin in a comfortably convenient way by including it in daily routine for bath & body. The Tribe Concepts specially formulated products with herbs such as sun-dried rose petals, holy basil leaves, organic sandalwood, Tunga musta, bavanchalu, kachuralu, coconut, and other ingredients that help reduce different body concerns such as dark pigmentation, Underarm darkness, uneven skin tone, arm pimple, rough body patches, dirt patches, dry skin, oily skin, and other body woes

      Amara Bath Ritual Box:

      Amara Bath Ritual Box

      Whole-body rejuvenation with bath and body products, tip to a toe pampering session. Amara Bath Ritual Box contains luxurious ayurvedic products where each product is made from precious ingredients that heal specific skin problems. Target the body concerned with these revitalizing herbal products curated box from the tribe concepts. Kit contains 90day Miracle oil, extra virgin Coconut oil, 24k Kumkumadi Thailam, Face Brightening Daily Cleanser, Ubtan Body Cleanser, Organic Hair Cleanser. If you could go back and remind yourself, we have already discussed a few of the products from this kit earlier in the above paragraphs, let us give you brief information about other products.

      • Ubtan Body Cleanser:Ubtan Body Cleanser is a pure natural ayurvedic product that provides skin with a bright and radiant glow. It heals skin pigmentation, acne, arm pimples, and Underarm darkness. Minimize pore size and thereby attract fewer bacteria into the skin. Cleanses and hydrates the skin naturally, this is the best body cleanser from the tribe concepts to fetch beautiful vivacious skin.
      • Extra Virgin Coconut oil:Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the purest form of coconut nut with coconut as the only ingredient. This blend of pure coconut is a multi-purpose oil. It hydrates and Rejuvenates skin, hair, body, and lips. A half an hour massage with this oil is a saviour, improves the blood flow, and brings a natural radiant glow. This oil can be used as baby oil, moisturizer, salad dressing, oil pulling, lip and balm

      Other most Popular Products from The Tribe Concepts:

      Bamboo Toothbrush:

      The Tribe Concepts- Bamboo Toothbrush

      A bamboo toothbrush is a natural way to give a kind of herb touch to the teeth to provide a healthy cleansing. Bamboo toothbrush is preferred by lakhs and lakhs of people as they do know that bamboo has antibacterial properties which are a saviour of multiple dental problems. A bamboo toothbrush is a better replacement for plastic toothbrushes and it can be replaced after 3 - 4 months. Dentists highly recommend bamboo toothbrushes for a healthy odourless mouthwash as they clean the strains, massages the gum, retains the natural tooth enamel, and most importantly it's eco-friendly cause no harm to the environment

      Daily Cleanser:

      The Tribe Concepts- Daily Cleanser

      A natural Cleanser on a daily basis, Fades away suntan, pollution, bacteria, acne, dark circles, large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and dull skin. Instant skin brightening with even skin texture. The Tribe concept is a unique formulation of particularly picked natural tribal herbs which will be as gentle as possible on your skin. Every day bash of clean, clear, young, and glowing skin is yours. Boost your skincare game with the best daily cleanser as a new addition to the regime. 

      Collagen Boosting Mask:

      The Tribe Concepts- Collagen Boosting Mask

      Collagen is responsible for bright skin, if the Collagen increases in a good amount the skin gains a naturally glowing tone. This Collagen boosting Mask is made to improve Collagen production with attentively picked potential herbal ingredients. This unique ayurvedic formulation promotes Collagen and gives a vivacious skin complexion that you always wished for. This blend involves powerful herbs such as Shilajit and Saffron as primary ingredients, which help in enhancing skin complexion. The best Collagen boosting Mask for anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and sagging. It naturally tightens the skin and brings a radiant glow to your face.

      To enjoy the desired outcomes, include the ayurvedic products that are made with 100% natural and organic herbal ingredients which are free from silicones, paraben, mineral oils, chemical preservatives, and sulfates. Care for your skin, just the way you like it.

      The Tribe Concepts FAQs:

      1. How to use 24K Kumkumadi oil?

      Apply a few drops of Kumkumadi oil on a clean face and neck, gently massage for 10 minutes and leave it overnight. People with oily skin wash if off after an hour or two

      2. Is the tribe concepts organic Hair Cleanser good for dry hair?

      Fenugreek seeds and other ingredients present in organic hair cleanser hydrates the scalp yet gets rid of the dirt and debris, hence it is good for dry hair.

      3. Do really the 90 days miracle hair oil promote hair growth?

      Yes, you can see visible changes on your hair, it helps treat dandruff, brittle hair, dull and dry hair. Nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth

      4. Is Kumkumadi thailam good for oily skin?

      Yes, Kumkumadi Thailam is suitable for all skin types, however oily skin type people can wash your face after applying the oil for one hour

      5. How long does it take to get results from the tribe concepts face glow kit?

      It may take 2 to 3 weeks of time with consistent usage of the products in the kit. Visible changes occur probably in a month

      6. Are the tribe concepts products completely natural?

      Yes, the tribe concepts products are 100 percent pure and natural. They are chemical free, and is a certified ayurvedic brand, trusted by many all over the world.

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