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April 12, 2022

Enjoy The Delicacy of Tasty & Tangy Ulavacharu Paste Online:

We all have heard, and tasted. Ulavacharu Biryani, isn't it? Is that your favorite flavor too? Are you the one who goes to check for ulavacharu Biryani on the menu? Oh-so delicious ulavacharu is everyone's favorite and is not only craved by South Indians but also migrants from other states and countries. Ulavacharu has gained its popularity widely and has become a must-have dish in the menu for five-star cuisines. Once you see the aroma and yumminess of ulavacharu, there is never going back. Ulavacharu is a classic dish some may call it soupy Ingredient, some name it rasam, and is a gravy for some. It is made from ulavalu, which is known as horse gram. It is Enriched with proteins and dietary fibres, also with low fat. For ages ulavacharu has often been a mandatory recipe during occasions, special meets, festivals, family Gatherings and on special days. Besides steaming ulavacharu with biryani, there are many other ways which we can serve ulavacharu in the menu list. Ulavacharu is a combination of lentils, spices, tamarind and some other herbs as add on.


Restaurant goers can have a wide variety of Ulavacharu recipes, but what about the home cooks? Also the process of making ulavacharu is definitely going to cost you precious time, where we don't have time to spend hours and hours just for a 20 minute meal!! Oh yes this is so basic, who agrees with this flex? Come we have a solution, just like the Ready-made or instant batter mix, we have got you back, a rich flavored and thick consistent Ulavacharu paste online. Get ready to serve your family and yourself with the best ulavacharu recipe within no time. Doesn't this feel so cool, buy ulavacharu online by sitting at your comfort, let it come your way and knock on your door, no matter where you are!!

How to Use Ulavacharu Paste:

Follow these easy peasy steps with ulavacharu paste and enjoy the ulavacharu recipe in less time and with very little effort yet with rich taste.

Step 1: Take a bowl and add 4 to 5 tablespoons of ulavacharu paste and add sufficient water maximum 2 cups of water. 

Step 2: Boil the mix for couple of minutes in a kadai with some hot oil

Step 3: Let the mixture boil for few minutes till it turns into a juicy consistency or desired liquid form

Step 4:Now use this mixture with steamed rice or just add cream and enjoy the recipe

Benefits of Horse Gram or Ulavacharu:

Reduce Obesity: Ulavacharu or Horse gram helps reduce obseity, since ulavacharu has low fat, it's manages the cholesterol level in the body. Also helps reduce the acidity around the abdomen.

Good for digestion:Horse gram allows the ease of digestion, it digests the food taken along with it, ulavacharu has the right amount of fibres 

Rich in Micro and Macro nutrients:Ulavacharu is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Compounds like iron, calcium and zinc helps fill the gap of under nutrition problems

Manages Blood Pressure:Horse gram is good source of food for heart, also reduces the glucose levels in the body and thus manages the blood pressure and pumping levels.

Diet recipe:It is a healthy recipe with dietary fibre in it, horse gram helps you give enough strength and energy due to the presence of amino acids in it, meanwhile managing your weight.

You can enjoy the super delicacy of Ulavacharu by preparing at home see how it is done step by step; But first, Ingredients to be noted. Ulavacharu Ingredients are Horse gram, tamarind(seedless), cooking oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, coriander powder, coriander leaves, curry leaves, chilli powder, dry chilli, onion and salt

Step 1: Take sufficient amount of horse gram or 1kg of horse gram in a bowl pour water upto half of the bowl and wash the grams and make sure they are cleaned enough, also drain the water without letting the grams go down with water

Step 2:Now pour fresh water in the bowl or any pot and cover it with a cotton cloth( definitely not with a lid) and let it soak overnight 

Step 3:Next day, transfer both the brown colored water and lentils into a pot and pressure cook it for 2 whistles and wait for 45 to 50 minutes to let the lentils become soft and properly cooked or else you can use an instant pot for 13 to 15 minutes of cooking.

Step 4:Now strain the lentil water into another bowl, by separating the seeds from the water. Or just use a cloth or net utensil to drain the water from the lentils

Step 5: Prepare tamarind water, by boiling seedless tamarind(40 to 50 grams) in water, later strain the water from the boiled tamarind pulp and keep it aside

Step 6: Take other pan for tampering, pour some oil, cumin seeds, dry mirchi, mustard seeds( add other spices on your preference), a slice of onion, garlic paste, curry leaves or coriander leaves cook for few minutes as shallow fry

Step 7: Add pinch of turmeric powder, mirchi powder, or red chilli powder, and mix well for few minutes

Step 8 : Add this whole tempering to the cooked lentil water and again boil it for 20 to 25 minutes and stir well to reduce it to half

Step 9: Now add the tamarind recipe and pinch of salt  (make sure you give the right amount of salt) to the above reduced mixture.

Step 10:Cook the mixture on low flame for about one hour until it becomes thick creamy yet a juicy consistency. Now check the salt taste if not add a bit and let it cool.

You can punch the tangy flavor with coriander leaves and other garnishing herbs, add this mixture to steamed rice, or serve as a side dish, or salad dressing or whatever you like.

Ulavacharu FAQs:

1. Can we store Ulavacharu mix for a week?

Yes, you can refrigerate the mix and can use it for 2 weeks or three

2. How can I get an Ulavacharu online from the USA?

Distacart offers the best quality ulavacharu recipe from authentic local Indian sellers of ulavacharu. You can buy ulavacharu recipe online from the USA and other parts of the world

3. How does Ulavacharu taste?

Ulavacharu has a tangy flavor and earthy aroma with creamy and juicy texture, it feels great when combined with steamed rice or while having it with ghee or butter as toppings

4. Is Ulavacharu good for health?

Yes, it does ease the digestion, helps reduce acidity and is rich in iron, protein and calcium.

5. What is Ulavacharu Biryani?

Traditional biryani made with either vegetables or meat, get mixed with Ulavacharu paste, together served is a Ulavacharu Biryani, this aromatic biryani is too good to taste

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