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July 16, 2020

What are Millets? Types of Millets with Health Benefits?

Packed with nutrients, fiber and protein, millets are touted to be one of the best foods, and rightfully so. The nutritional benefits of millets are often compared to quinoa, an American grain.

Whole grain foods like millets are good for your digestive tract and have the potential to satiate your hunger pangs for longer. The millet grains have such an interesting flavour and texture, and since there are numerous health benefits of millets, more and more people have started experimenting with this super food.


What are millets – what’s with the hype?

Millets are small coarse grains. They are being grown from last 5000 years in the Indian subcontinent. They are grown as well as traditionally cooked and eaten from so many years. The Millet plant is high in nutritional value and is rich in various vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers. In contrast to other cereals Millet grains require very little water and less fertile ground. They are also known as a ‘poor man's food grain’ because its highly affordable. However, the importance of this humble Millet grain has now been realized by the new age generation who is much more aware of their health and the side effects of the usual cereals.

Different types of Millets:

Millet grains are categorized into two types –

1. Unpolished Millets or Naked grains:

The grains which are used along with their husk that is hard as well as indigestible are known as unpolished millets or naked grains. These unpolished millets are not processed after harvesting and are directly usable after being cleaned. These types of millets are largely cultivated and are highly popular as they are easy to use. Some of them are Ragi, Jowar and Bajra. hey.

Unpolished Millets

2. Polished or Husked grains:

These Millet grains also consist of a seed coat which is indigestible. It is removed after harvesting and made easy to consume. The processing of these minutes was earlier done by humans but now it's meshanically process like other cereals. Some of these cereals are foxtail milletsLittle milletsbrowntop milletsBarnyard Millets and Kodo millets.

Polished Millets


Millets Types and Name in Different Languages:


Millets In English

Pearl Millet

Finger Millet

Foxtail Millet

Kodo Millet

Little Millet

Barnyard Millet


Millets In Hindi

 Pearl Millet- Bajra

Finger Millet-Nachani, Mundua, Mandika, Marwah

Foxtail Millet-Kangni,Kakum,Rala

Kodo Millet -Koden,Kodra

Little Millet- Kutki,Shavan

Barnyard Millet- Jhangora,Sanwa

Sorghum - Jowar

Millets In Tamil

Pearl Millet- Kambu

Finger Millet- Kezhvaragu, Kelvaragu, Keppai, Ragi

Foxtail Millet- Thinai

Kodo Millet - Varagu

Little Millet- Saamai

Barnyard Millet- Kuthiravali (Kuthiraivolly)

Sorghum – Cholam

Millets In Telugu

Pearl Millet- Sajjalu

Finger Millet- Ragula, Ragi Chodi

Foxtail Millet- Korra

Kodo Millet - Arikelu, Arika

Little Millet- Sama, Samalu

Barnyard Millet- Udalu, Kodisama

Sorghum - Jonna

Millets In Kannada

Pearl Millet- Sajje

Finger Millet- Ragi

Foxtail Millet- Navane

Kodo Millet - Harka

Little Millet- Saame, Save

Barnyard Millet- Oodalu

Sorghum -Jola

Millets In Malayalam

Pearl Millet- Kambam

Finger Millet- Panji Pullu

Foxtail Millet- Thina

Kodo Millet - Koovaragu

Little Millet- Chama

Barnyard Millet- Kavadapullu

Sorghum -Cholam

Millets In Marathi

 Pearl Millet- Bajri

Finger Millet- Nagli, Nachni

Foxtail Millet- Kang, Rala

Kodo Millet - Kodra

Little Millet- Sava, Halvi, Vari

Sorghum - Jowari, Jondhala

Millets In Punjabi

Pearl Millet- Bajra

Finger Millet- Mandhuka, Mandhal

Foxtail Millet- Kangni

Kodo Millet - Kodra

Little Millet- Swank

Barnyard Millet - Swank

Sorghum – Jowar

 Millets In Gujarati

 Pearl Millet- Bajri

Finger Millet- Nagli, Bavto

Foxtail Millet- Kang

Kodo Millet - Kodra

Little Millet- Gajro, Kuri

Barnyard Millet - Swank

Sorghum – Jowari , Juar

Millets In Bengali

Pearl Millet- Bajra

Finger Millet- Marwa

Foxtail Millet- Kaon

Kodo Millet - Kodo

Little Millet- Sama

Barnyard Millet - Shyama

Sorghum – Jowar

Millets In Oriya

Pearl Millet- Bajra

Finger Millet- Mandia

Foxtail Millet- Kanghu, Kangam, Kora

Kodo Millet - Kodua

Little Millet- Suan

Barnyard Millet - Khira

Sorghum – Juara


Benefits of Millets

Big things come in a small package. The packages are made up of none other than millet grains. Millets have been around for centuries and have been a part of the Indian diet for equally as long. Which is why it’s so surprising that the common populace is only just realising their nutritional value and benefits. Let us have a look at some of the important benefits of the wonder grain – the Millet grain:

  • They are rich in vitamin B, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  • They are gluten-free
  • They help in lowering the type 2 diabetes and reduces the risk of heart disease
  • They are a great source of starch and are thus helpful in making any food a high-energy food.
  • It is also an excellent source of protein and fiber.
  • They are mostly organic in nature as no pesticides and fertilizers are used on them.

Millets Nutrition Facts per 100gms

Pearl Millet

Protein(g) -  10.6

Fat(g) - 4.8

Fiber(g) - 1.3

Minerals(g) -  2.3

Iron(mg) - 16.9

Calcium(mg) - 38

Calories (kcal) - 378

Finger Millet

Protein(g) -  7.3

Fat(g) - 1.5

Fiber(g) - 3.6

Minerals(g) -  2.7

Iron(mg) - 3.9

Calcium(mg) - 344

Calories (kcal) – 336

Foxtail Millet

Protein(g) -  12.3

Fat(g) - 4

Fiber(g) - 8

Minerals(g) -  3.3

Iron(mg) - 2.8

Calcium(mg) - 31

Calories (kcal) – 473

Kodo Millet

Protein(g) -  8.3

Fat(g) - 3.6

Fiber(g) - 9

Minerals(g) -  2.6

Iron(mg) - 0.5

Calcium(mg) - 27

Calories (kcal) – 309

Little Millet

Protein(g) -  7.7

Fat(g) - 5.2

Fiber(g) - 7.6

Minerals(g) -  1.5

Iron(mg) - 9.3

Calcium(mg) -17

Calories (kcal) – 207

Barnyard Millet

Protein(g) -  11.2

Fat(g) - 3.9

Fiber(g) - 10.1

Minerals(g) -  4.4

Iron(mg) - 15.2

Calcium(mg) -11

Calories (kcal) – 342


Protein(g) -  10.4

Fat(g) - 3.1

Fiber(g) - 2

Minerals(g) -  1.6

Iron(mg) - 5.4

Calcium(mg) -25

Calories (kcal) – 329

Proso Millet

Protein(g) -  12.5

Fat(g) - 2.9

Fiber(g) - 2.2

Minerals(g) -  1.9

Iron(mg) - 0.8

Calcium(mg) - 14

Calories (kcal) - 356


Protein(g) -  6.8

Fat(g) - 2.7

Fiber(g) - 0.2

Minerals(g) -  0.6

Iron(mg) - 0.7

Calcium(mg) - 10

Calories (kcal) -  362


Protein(g) -  11.8

Fat(g) - 2

Fiber(g) - 1.2

Minerals(g) -1.5

Iron(mg) - 5.3

Calcium(mg) - 41

Calories (kcal) - 348

Millets Side Effects

 Though nutritious as well as delicious, one should consume millets in moderation. Its excessive consumption can lead to adverse effects on one's health. Millets-only diets are dangerous for anyone resulting in the following health issues –


  • It can interfere with the digestion system by delaying the digestion process because of the high fiber content
  • The thyroid gland cannot function well with overconsumption of the millets. 
  • People who are suffering from intestinal disorders can increase their difficulty due to overcoming consumption of Millet grain

 Though millets are a good source of amino acids, very high content of amino acids can cause trouble with the functioning of the digestion.

Where to buy Millets from?

One can buy Millets from organic shops, supermarkets, local shops as well as various online shopping sites. In case if someone wants to know where to buy millets in USA or where to buy millets wholesale in USA,then they are readily available in the USA in any sophisticated hypermarkets or on various online shopping sites.

 Millets are available in lots of varieties. Every millet has its own health benefits. Generally, all types of millet grains promote good health and wellness. They usually contain antioxidants, proteins, micronutrients, and a horde of other advantageous vitamins for our body.

 Don’t wait, embrace a diet of millets and bring positive health changes.


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