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Buy Aegte Products Online:

Aegte is an Indian company founded by a woman entrepreneur and supports enterprises created and run by women. Aegte Organic products are fully natural, eco-friendly and do not contain chemicals, and are sulfate and paraben-free. Aegte has natural organic products, natural products for skincare, haircare essentials, and body care. There are special treatments with Aegte products for nature-grown skin and hair care essentials.    

Beauty Products:

The range of Aegte makeup products includes the Aegte organic beetroot lip balm and cheek tint balm and Aegte lip balm which lightens and moisturizes chapped lips. This product is also available in pink and orange extract flavors. Another very good product is the Organics skin corrector DD cream with 10% Niacinamide and broad-spectrum. Another Aegte product in the makeup range includes the Kumkuma polishing oil. 

ExfoliatingFace Wash & Cleanser:  Aegteface wash or cleanser is a miracle formulation with rice barn, aloe vera, oats, and other natural ingredients. The power of exfoliating cleansers heal skin problems such as dull skin, scars, dark spots, and pollution

Night Cream:Aegte night cream is extensively formulated with glutathione, vitamin c, vitamin B, B3, beetroot, and other natural herbs and ingredients. Repairs skin texture and improves the skin brightness reduces pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines

Sunscreen: Aegte sunscreen product is dermatologically tested, it not onlyprotects against sun damage but also has cooling properties, reduces under-eye darkness, and signs of aging. On hot summers get a cooling effect with the UV/blue lightprotection sunscreen

Face Serum: Boosts collagen and reduces melanin production with vitamin-rich face serum from Aegte products online. Reduce spots, pigmentation, and sagging of skin. Get smooth brightening, hydrated skin, and feel the nourishment every day

Anti-Acne Treatment: Aegte anti-acne treatment heals the acne-prone skin and prevents therecurrence of acne, it hydrates, soothes, and nurtures the skin. Vitamins present in this cream enriches the skin texture and induces cooling properties into the deep layers of the skin

Face Moisturizer:Aegte face moisturizer is lightweight and non-greasy. Aloe vera, extracts, almond oil, rice bran oil, coconut extracts, aqua, rice butter, and mineral oil. It hydrates the skin for long hours and reveals a healthy-looking younger skin

Face Mist Toner: Add lightweight mist toner to your pampering kit, which is extremely effective and hydrating. Nourishes the skin, restores and balances the pH value. Fresh feel any time just with a few sprays on the head, and neck for a healthy tone and  texture

Face Mask:Aegte Face Mask removes the dirt, debris, and grime from the face. An extremely nourishing face mask that hydrates the skin deep down the layers, removes tan and pigmentation. Pamper sessions with organic products that are clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

Lip Balm: Lips need extremely lightweight treatment, bring tint or non tinted lip balms from Aegte, to improve Lip texture and tone. Naturally brightens the lip scars, dryness, dullness, and pigmentation. Say no to chapped lips each day everyday 

Body Oil: Keep your skin moisturized, means not only reflected to face, neck and hands, but it also applies to the body as well, gives the whole body a great feeling of rejuvenation with Aegte body oils truly made from natural ingredients and cause no little harm or side effects on your skin

Buy Aegte Haircare Products Online:

Aegte haircare products induce carefully hand-picked ingredients to resolve the root cause of your hair problems. Make every day a good hair day with the help of hair care products that are natural, organic, and chemical-free. Enhance hair health and relieve from Hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, scalp infections, thinning of hair, and other concerns

Hair Mask: Give your hair, once in a while, a hair spa at home, with a hair mask from aegte, intensely Cleanses, hydrates, and enriches the hair with ample nourishment with the goodness of natural ingredients and toxin-free substance formulations

Anti-Hair Fall Kit: Hair Fall is the biggest problem everywhere, give the right treatment with an anti-hair fall kit from agete hair care products online at Distacart. The kit promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles thereby reducing hair fall. It provides enough nutrients to the scalp to regenerate hair cells

Hair Shampoo: Agete Organic Hair Shampoo is an amalgamation of powerful potent herbs such as argan, amla, henna, Bhringraj,  Fenugreek and proteins like keratin and Biotin to provide your hair the strength to grow,  the Moist it needs to be healthy, and keep it clean by removing the dirt and debris on the scalp and hair.

Hair oil: Hydrating and extremely nourishing properties of Onion, flaxseed, rosemary banana, and other natural ingredients based hair oil which is suitable for both men and women hair types

Hair Conditioner: Without stripping off the natural oils of the scalp, aegte shampoo works, without drying out the scalp, and providing frizz-free, brittle-free hair is how an agete hair conditioner works. Rejuvenation, refreshment, and nourishment to the hair with clinically proven chemical-free hair conditioner online

The body care range of Aegte natural products includes the Aegte loose inches anti-cellulite and skin toning oil for the stomach, hips, and thigh. Other body care products are the Aegte ultra-hydrating body butter with honey, potato, and beetroot and the Aegte exfoliating beetroot gel scrub with raw honey, apricot, and cucumber.

Aegte FAQs:

1. Aegte is a good brand, right?

In the Indian market, Aegte's skin and hair care products have been successful due to their effectiveness. Product effectiveness and quality of ingredients are crucial factors that support brand loyalty. As a personal care brand, I believe that effectiveness is important.

2. Are Aegte shampoos good for your hair?

Aegte shampoo enhances the overall appearance and texture of hair! In addition, it stimulates hair growth. Your hair will look healthy, shiny, and bouncy after using Aegte hair shampoo. In addition to improving blood circulation and minimizing hair breakage, this natural shampoo will promote your hair's natural growth.

3. What year did Aegte start?

Natural and herbal hair & skincare products from Aegte Lifescience are available on the market. In 2018, the brand launched its first product, Premium Onion Hair Oil.

4. Aegte shampoo/oil contains Onion juice. Does it really grow hair?

Onion juice can enhance the strength, thickness, and growth of hair on the scalp and can prevent hair loss. In addition to increasing blood supply to hair follicles, onion juice can also improve hair growth.

5. Is there a way to use age Aegte Rewind night cream?

Massage gently with your fingers all over your face and neck, using upward strokes and circular motions.

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