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Amchur Powder/ Dry Mango Powder

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Amchur powder gives a fruity taste to the food and is often used in Indian snacks. It is made from mangoes, and hence it is also called dry mango powder. It gives a citrusy taste to the food. India and Pakistan are leading producers of amchur powder.

The application of amchur powder in Indian cooking is vast. Not only is it used for Indian snacks, but it is also a leading tastemaker in several curries. It is also an essential ingredient in chutneys, pickles, and marinades. Moreover, it tastes the best with green vegetables like capsicum, okra, and stewed lentils.

Amchur powder has a good name for its health benefits. It is packed with antioxidants which help in detoxifying the body from within. Since it has a citrusy flavor, it is rich in Vitamin C and suitable for the skin. It is an excellent ingredient for weight loss since it is low in carbohydrates. It is also helpful in protecting a body from diseases like cancer.
You can shop for amchur powder in grocery stores as it is a prevalent ingredient used in Indian food. However, you can also find it online on Distacart and get it delivered to your home.

Amchur Powder / Dry Mango Powder

Amchur powder is made from a selection of dry green mangoes, and they are available in the market by many brands, carefully packed to retain their freshness and aroma. The leading brands that produce fresh amchur powder are Nanak, Siddhagiri, and Millet Amma. However, since these brands' amchur powder is organic, the shelf life is generally less. 

Amchur Powder FAQ’s:

1. Are amchur powder or Dry Mango Powder and chat masala the same?

No, Amchur powder is made from just dry unripe mangoes. At the same time, chat masala is an exciting blend of different spices such as coriander, cumin, mango powder, pepper, citrus, rock salt and mint leaves.

2. Can I include amchur powder in my keto diet plan?

Yes, one can include amchur powder in their keto diet as it is a low-calorie and diet-friendly spice that can be used as a great taste enhancer.

3. Does amchur powder cause constipation?

No, Amchur powder does not cause constipation. On the contrary, it helps in easy and smooth digestion and fights acidity. Furthermore, since it detoxifies the body from within, it cleanses the internal body by ensuring a good bowel movement.

4. What does amchur powder taste like?

Amchur powder is sour on the palate with a slightly sweet undertone as it has a citrusy flavour from the raw unripe mangoes.

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