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Anything But Sugar

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Ethnic Indian food and Ayurvedic health care are preferred by not only Indians, but also Americans, Canadians, and British.Indian mithaiwith jaggery is fast gaining popularity abroad as a healthy sugar substitute. The reason why foods without sugar from India are popular both within India and outside is due to the authentic sugarless composition. Many consumers are cautious of products that state there is no sugar added, no added sugar, no refined sugar, or 0 grams of added sugar. Food with such labels invariably contains sugar. Moreover, there are 60 sugar variants available in the market, includingIndian sweets and even patisserie bakes. The common types of sugar include glucose, fructose, dextrose, granulated brown sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup, molasses, vegetable glycerine, yacon syrup, sucralose, and agave. 

Anything but sugar is a company based in Delhi that caters to the sweet tooth of its customers without increasing their blood sugar levels. Ved Pohoja got his friends KB Sharma and Pramod Singla together for extensive research into making sweets and desserts without sugar. The company that came out of this research was called Home food for Tradition. The company grew by making and marketing healthy food, and they launched several other companies, including 3 Mile Bakery, Bread and Spreads, Grub manager, and Laddoo Singh. Master Chef Jagdeep in Anything but Sugar makes all the commonconfectionaries and traditional Indian sweets without any sugar. As the name of the company suggests, the products are all made with jaggery, honey, and dates, which add the taste of sweetness but without any harmful white sugar and its chemicals. 

The company's 60 products are made from pure ghee and are health-conscious. Ved Pohoja recalls how he got started in this company, Anything But Sugar, because promoting healthy sweets free of sugar has become a mission for him rather than just a business. Back to Basics is the slogan of Anything but Sugar.  Anything but Sugar manufactures and exports traditionalIndian sweets and confectionaries like Jodhpuri Laddoo also called theDhagga Mishri, as well as Kaju Katli (boondi and cashew nuts). Jager Dodha and Roasted Coconut with Corn are all made with jaggery. Dates are also used to make dates spreads and tamarind dishes. In addition to figs (Anjeer), Anything but Sugar makes several food treats, including Anjeer spreads with figs.

Anything but Sugar has diversified its product range by using natural Indian sweeteners in European dishes such as baklavas, health bars,patisserie cakes, and mini cakes. On the flip side, they have developed Indian variants of popular international dishes. For example, Anything but Sugar uses the Christmas New Year festive season withpatisserie cakes and pastries made without sugars and Indian variants of traditional international festive confectionery such as a plum laddoo where a part of the plum cake mix is used.

Anything but Sugar aims to discover healthy alternatives with great taste. There is chocolate cake without flour and a chocolate mousse made from avocado and dates. It appears to be rich ice cream, but it is coconut milk with juicy peaches. There is no sugar in this ice cream sundae. Another gluten-free option is a bar with an oat base and figs as a sweetener. Anything but Sugar began researching clementines and coconut milk and has come up with a pudding made with coconut milk and unsweetened coconut flakes.   

This venture showcases healthy Indian food to the world and shows Indians ways to get back to traditional healthy foods and make them attractive to new generations. In a way, this is rediscovering long-forgotten recipes and general healthy eating.

Anything But Sugar FAQs:

1.Can I find cakes from Anything but Sugar?

Anything but Sugar uses natural Indian sweeteners in its European food products, including baklava, health bars, patisserie cakes, and mini cakes. Additionally, they have developed Indian versions of popular international dishes.

2. Instead of oil, What does Anything but Sugar use?

As a health-conscious company, it uses only pure ghee for its 60 products and does not use oils at all. In the beginning, Anything but Sugar was a business, but now it has become more of a mission to promote healthy sweets without sugar for everyone.

3. From where does Anything but Sugar come?

Anything but sugar is a Delhi-based company that caters to the sweet tooth of its customers without increasing their blood glucose levels. To make desserts without sugar, Ved Pohoja enlisted the assistance of his friends K.B. Sharma and Pramod Singla. In the end, the company that came up with it was called Home Food for Tradition.

4. How does sugar affect your health?

People who consume too much sugar may gain weight since they consume too many calories. Overweight people are more likely to suffer from health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

5. What are the health benefits of eating less sugar?

Even though sugar might taste good to you, processed sugar isn't good for you. Refined, added sugars may cause headaches, low energy, and inflammation. By reducing sugar in your diet, you are likely to reduce inflammation, increase energy, and improve your focus.

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