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Blue Tokai Coffee

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters - Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Online At Distacart:

"Tokai" means peacock tail in the old Malabari language. The name represents the importance of the Malabar region in India, and there are rumours that the British found a peacock there for the first time. Here, the Englishman also set up a coffee plantation. The Malabar region is now famous for India's finest coffee plantations, including India's unique Monsoonal Malabar coffee. The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans is sure to mesmerize all, and Blue Tokai tries to appreciate that smell and propagate it to their customers.

Blue Tokai coffee varieties:

Distacart has almost all of the varieties of roasts provided by Blue Tokai. Some of the bestsellers are their French Toast, Vienna Roast, Silver Oak Blend, and Attikan Estate Roast.

The Coffee plantations

Although Blue Tokai features a dedicated green bean procurement team and has invested in establishing high-quality roasting parameters, they know that more steps have to be taken to create a decent cup of coffee. This can be why Blue Tokai works closely with their Q-certified coffee director to make industry-leading procedures like cup testing of every batch of freshly roasted coffee beans to ensure consistent quality.

Blue Tokai looks after over 30 coffee estates all over India. Each estate is tended to indigenously and taken care to produce the perfect blend of coffee that will make their customer’s morning refreshing.

Blue Tokai ensures to cover their customers in the area of the instant coffee universe as well. Since many people lack the time and patience to brew a perfect cup of coffee, they love a good instant coffee. The Blue Tokai instant coffee variants have them covered. The roast for instant coffee maintains the quality while still letting the customers make a quick fix.

Blue Tokai’s Roast Varieties:

  1. Attikan Estate Coffee Roast: This roast is sweet with fruity undertones and balanced acidity. Attikan Estate Coffee Roast is the darkest of Blue Tokai's standard medium roasts and is recommended for espresso lovers.
  2. French Roast: One of Blue Tokai's darkest roast of coffee, French Roast, is a blend best enjoyed with black for those who like their coffee bold, like a traditional espresso with bittersweet notes.
  3. Cold-brew blends bold: Blue Tokai's Bold Cold Brew Blend is roasted to medium-dark for a full glass of refreshing cold brew. With notes of dark chocolate, caramel and toasted nuts, this blend has very low acidity and a bittersweet finish.
  4. Organic Rosewood Blend: This coffee is roasted medium-dark to bring out the intense taste of dark chocolate with hints of toasted almonds and slightly sour stone fruit.
  5. Seethargundu Estate Roast: This coffee is lightly roasted to preserve the delicate flavours of black tea, raisins and hazelnut. Blue Tokai recommends brewing this coffee as a Pour-Over to take full advantage of the complex characteristics of dried fruit.
  6. Cold-brew blend light: This light roast produces a fruity and refreshing cold infusion with a fruity taste, followed by a light chocolate finish.

Blue Tokai’s Principles:

The Blue Tokai follows some basic principles to keep consistency in their quality:

Transparency: Blue Tokai believes in keeping its sources transparent. The key ingredient to their company, their Blue Tokai coffee estates, are all listed on their homepage letting their customers know the source of their coffee.

Constant Learning: Roasting coffee is an art, and Blue Tokai coffee knows how to express it. Their continuous research enables them to look for ways and methods to improve their roast.

Good Beans do not always mean good coffee: Blue Tokai coffee is a favourite because they don’t depend solely on the quality of beans. The Blue Tokai coffee roasts undergo various parameter checks and procedures to ensure you get your perfect cup of coffee every single time.

Delivering Fresh Coffee:

Most of the flavour and aroma compounds that make coffee delicious will begin to break down within weeks of a fragile roast. Almost all large-scale coffee makers available roast coffee in bulk roasting facilities for weeks, if not months, before passing through a series of brokers before reaching customers. By the time you open the bag, the beans are getting old. Blue Tokai prefers to do things differently. Coffee is roasted Monday through Friday and shipped the next day, so you can enjoy it fresh. At the same time, the coffee can be very fresh because the carbon dioxide produced during the roasting process must be released from the beans for the coffee to be properly extracted.

Ideally, it's a good idea to buy coffee every two weeks and store it in a closed container. If the container is transparent or translucent, use a cupboard or a dark place.

Blue Tokai Coffee FAQ’s:

1. What is the shelf life of Blue Tokai coffee?

Although the coffee remains edible for a longer time, it loses its aroma after two weeks of opening. Blue Tokai recommends restocking every 2 weeks.

2. How can I store my coffee to avoid it going bad?

It is highly advised to store the coffee in a cool dry space, away from oxygen and humidity.

3. How is Blue Tokai coffee so aromatic?

Blue Tokai has a large team of researchers that focus on tasks such as preserving the aroma of the coffee once it is open.

4. Which roast should I use for preparing an espresso?

Blue Tokai would recommend starting with a light roast and eventually going higher depending on your preference.

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