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Chat Masala

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Enjoy street food with chat masala at Distacart

Starving for tasty street food depends on the mood. Do you have frequent starving for street foods and you can’t find a better place near you. Don’t worry, you can have daily street food treat at your home with the varieties of chat masala at Distacart. The most delicious varieties of chat masala can be directly brought to your home with the best deal at Distacart.

With the readymade and hygiene chat masala packs, you can prepare your best street food recipe within a few minutes. You can invite your friends, family and neighbours and treat everyone with yummy street food flavour at your home and enjoy your weekends without more expense. Here you can have several tips to prepare street food with chat masalas of Distacart.

Chat recipes

Dahi Papdi Chat:

This is the easiest and delicious chat that can give you a real street food experience. You have to set up with crunchy papdi as a base. You can stuff Dahi and mashed potato mixture to it. With the filling, you can add the perfect punch to your chat masala with veggies, fruits, herbs as per your favourite preference. The perfect mixture of chat masala will make your chat more tasty and colourful. You can prepare this mouthwatering chat within 10 to 15 minutes. You can table this dish with a simple coriander chutney and tamarind date chutney.

Aloo chana chat:

At first, have to take the required amount of potatoes and chickpea. You have to stem these ingredients and smash them together with chat masala. You can add more spoons of chat masala with tomato chutney. This will give you a tempting tangy flavour to your dish. Squeeze a little lemon to your dish and make it perfect for your treat table. It is one of the quick and simple chat recipes which no one can resist.

Corn chat:

Corn chat is a healthy fibre content tasty chat that can make your day more special. Spicy and tangy chat masala and sweet corn are the major ingredients of this chat recipe. With a cup of boiled sweet corn, you can add a little pinch of pepper, lemon, salt for seasoning and mix them well with chat masala. You can consider adding chopped coriander and parsley leaves that will make your dish healthier and tastier. This is a good fibre and calorific chat that will smoothly keep your appetite.

Papdi chat:

If you wish to treat yourself as your friends with hundreds of flavours with special street food, fell, you must surely try this Papdi chat. You can customize your filling with tasty flavours of veggies, fruits, herbs, etc., with the combination of chat masala. Consider fine chopping all your selected ingredients, mix them well with the chat masala, and place them on the crispy papdi. Present them with some healthy nuts and leaves to impress your invitees.

Chana Chat:

Chana chat is the best option to combine health and taste within your chat treat. You can fill your plate with more protein, fibre, and taste with this recipe. Boiled bean is the core ingredient of this chat recipe. You can add up delicious chat masala and all your favourite veggies with the bean. This combo of ben with veggies will have the perfect flavour with your chat masala. You can table this chat with tangy green mango chutney as a special treat with your friends.

Add flavour to your street food with chat masala at Distacart:

You can have an endless treat with ultimate chat intake with chat masala at Distacart. You can avail fresh and hygiene chat masala to your dining. Remember, chat masala from Distacart is the main ingredient that can bring the street food taste with all the above recipes.

Chat Masala FAQ’s:

1. Where can I find fresh chat masala?

The best place to buy the best chat masala is through online shopping sites where you can easily bring home fresh chat masala at the best deal.

2. What are the ingredients of chat masala?

The ingredient differs based on the variety of chat masala you buy. But there are severe common ingredients like black salt, dry mango powder, ginger, asafoetida, cumin, coriander, etc.

3.Is chat masala different from garam masala?

Garm masala is generally used to add flavour with curry, which has to be cooked with the food for proper blending. At the same time, chat masala is a topping flavour that can be added to the tangy taste of your food.

4. Does chat masala have any nutritional content?

Good chat masala can feed your dish with rich iron and calcium sources, building your immune system.

5. Will chat masala increase my weight?

Chat masala has various herbs that support your digestion. Adding chat masala with fibre content like corn will handle your weight loss journey.

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