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Dr. Vaidya's

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Dr. Vaidya's: A Defining Step in The History of Ayurveda

When you talk about new-age herbal products or Ayurveda, the first thing that pops up is Dr. Vaidya’s products. Enriched with several hundred years of experience and perfected by the Vaidya family, Dr. Vaidya's has brought forth some unique herbal products that can change your life. The Vaidya's had started exporting their herbal products to Europe in the late '90s, and at that time, it had over 3000 active patients in Germany and the UK. 

Dr. Natoobhai Vaidya, a reputed graduate doctor, had established a full-fledged FDA-approved ayurvedic product manufacturing unit in Silvassa by the '90s. At that time, he had over 250 patients coming in a day, and all his consultations were free-of-cost to all patients. His grandson assumed and took up the legacy of his ancestors and established the Dr. Vaidya Ayurveda products in 2016.

Dr. Vaidya's new age ayurvedic products are made with natural ingredients with formulations and knowledge passed down through generations. The Vaidyas have perfected their unique blend of natural ingredients to produce health products that can help you improve your lifestyle. Some health and wellness products that can help improve your lifestyle and quality of living are given below. 

Vaidya's Ayurvedic Health & Wellness Products

  • Weight Reduction Pack

Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Weight Reduction Pack includes two products that maintain healthy cholesterol levels and manage weight-related issues. The two products, namely Herbalism tablets, and Kabaj capsules are used to maintain a healthy weight and better digestion, respectively. You can buy Dr. Vaidya's products online easily through Distacart to help you lose excess weight and maintain a healthy weight and digestive system, naturally.

  • Appetite Booster

The work culture at present has given rise to a very hectic lifestyle for working people. Due to such a lifestyle, people often have to work overtime and often lose much-needed sleep time. Lack of sleep and an unhealthy sleeping and eating schedule lead to gastrointestinal issues and lack of appetite. Among all the Dr. Vaidyas products online, the appetite booster pack is one of the best. Made with a unique combination of natural ingredients, it can help you with boosting your appetite naturally.

  • Immunity Booster

Chyawan Tabs is the perfect choice for the winters or when there is a sudden change in weather. It is made with a combination of 43 essential and potent herbs to help you beat the weather change and keep health problems at bay. You can conveniently get Dr. Vaidyas Immunity Booster online through Distacart at reasonable shipping charges.  

Dr. Vaidya's FAQ’s:

1. Do Dr. Vaidya's ayurvedic products work to help lose weight?

Yes, it helps to lose weight if you use them as guided in the instructions on the product pack over a considerable amount of time.

2. Are Dr. Vaidya's products safe?

The products available are FDA approved and are GMP-qualified, so they are safe to use and consume.

3. Are the products made with herbal ingredients?

Yes, the products are made with 100% natural and herbal ingredients.

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