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Lipton Green Tea

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Lipton Green Tea - A Magical Potion

People nowadays have become very health conscious. In terms of tea, they want to drink something which gives them good taste, aroma and has health benefits too. Among the various types of teas available in the market Lipton green teas has gained a lot of popularity for both its nutritive value and variety that it offers. Here we are talking about the green tea specifics that the brand offers - 

Lipton Pure and Light Green Tea Bags:

Lipton green tea is not just a tea; it is a therapy in itself as it has a whole lot of health benefits. To experience this, all you need to do is mix aLipton green tea bag to a piping hot cup of water. You can add honey to it for taste. That’s all! Your healthy, nutritive green tea is ready for consumption.

Wondering how to get this tea? Just place an order on Distacart forLipton Pure and Light Green Tea Bags and what you get are a total of 100 pieces at your convenient place that too at subsidized rates. Check out Distacart site for it now. Currently the service is available in USA and Canada. This is how you can get Lipton Green Tea online easily without hunting for it all around you. 

Lipton Loose Green Tea Powder:

If you want to go back to preparing tea using the traditional method of using tea powder or tea leaves instead of sachets, then you can try out looseLipton Green Tea powder which retains the same essence and taste but gives you the benefit of adding the desired quantity of tea leaves to your tea. 

The pack is available on Distacart with 250 gm of loose tea powder and that too at a discounted rate. Just search for it on the site and place an order now before the stock ends. 

Lipton Honey and Lemon Green Tea Bags:

In case you want to savor the richness and aroma of Lipton Green Tea but with a different flavour then try out Lipton Honey and Lemon Green Tea Bags. No, it does not change the nutritive value of the product in any manner rather adds to it the goodness of lemon too which is a great anti-oxidant and increases the effect of green tea. Another good thing about it that with it you will not have to purchase honey separately to get an added taste as the product is an amalgamation of lemon and honey and comes with a taste of both. 

In simple words, three ingredients well-known for their fat burning properties come together to you in one small packet of 100 sachets. You can order it online on Distacart which is currently offering great discounts on almost all the products. 

Benefits of Lipton Green Tea:

There are several benefits of Lipton green tea whatever type you may purchase. Whether its in a sachet form or loose powder, the effectiveness and outcome remains the same. Here are certain benefits of this great product – 

  • Lipton Green Tea helps in reducing weight. It has zero calories and helps in burning the excess fat of your body. Hence one can safely say that Lipton Green Tea for Weight Loss is a must. 
  • Lipton Green Tea does not require addition of milk. Hence those who are allergic to dairy products or don’t like using them can easily choose it over other tea products. 
  • It is said that Lipton Green Tea is an excellent hydrating agent, making it equally refreshing like a glass of plain water. 
  • This tea comes in several flavors and several forms like Lipton Green Tea Bags and Lipton Loose Green Tea.
  • Lipton tea helps in maintaining a healthy heart because of the presence of flavonoids. 

Lipton organic green tea retains the the goodness of natural ingredients while giving you the super tasty tea. It helps in combating obesity, eliminates stress and anxiety. To put it in one word, Lipton organic green tea is nature’s goodness packed in one single cup. 

You can take this single cup of goodness to your home by placing an order for Lipton organic green tea on Distacart to assure a quick delivery that too at a reasonable price.


1. What are the benefits of drinking Lipton green tea?

Besides having good aroma and taste, Lipton green tea has host of health benefits. It aids in weight loss, lowers your chances of having type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. It increases your rate of metabolism and rate of burning fats stored in body.

2. Where can I buy Lipton Green Tea in USA online?

In countries like USA and Canada, you might not be able to purchase tea bags and tea powders in stores around you. You will have to purchase them online on Distacart. They can be delivered at almost all places across USA and Canada through Distacart. The site is reliable, reasonable and trustworthy.

3. Is Lipton Green tea safe to drink?

Yes, a cup of Lipton Green Tea consists of about 150 mg of flavonoids as compared to 37 mg in 1 cup of fresh orange juice. Further this tea has less caffeine content than coffee. This helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

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