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Magic Beans

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Ready-To-Eat Healthy Foods From Magic Beans:

Ready-to-eat and instant mix foods are the go-to food habits of bachelors and busy people that don’t get the time to enjoy cooking. Often ready-to-eat food options are quite limited and not quite healthy, which leads to an array of health problems for people consuming them regularly. This is a problem that is faced by many people all over the world. 

However, thanks to companies like MagicBeans, Agro Farms solve this issue by bringing a variety of ready-to-eat foods that are made naturally and have nutritional value helping you maintain a healthy and steady diet. So, let’s take a look at some of their best-selling products on Distacart.

Great Magic Beans food products that will help you improve your food habits

Khichdi Mix:

Magic Beans food products are manufactured and cultivated directly by the brand, and their products are very healthy and tasty. The Khichdi mix from Magic Beans is a beautifully made ready-to-eat food that has amazing taste and nutrition that you need to improve your healthy food habits. This rice and lentil-based food is a staple in different parts of India, and it has nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, all of which are great to have in your regular diet.

Dosa Mix:

Dosa is a very popular dish that originates from South India, and it is enjoyed by people around the world as well. The horse gram dosa mix from Magic Beans is a very well-prepared ready-to-eat mix that can be prepared quickly and easily by anyone. In terms of nutrition, this dish has nutrients such as iron and calcium. It has a lot of health benefits as well as it is great for people that suffer from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. The simple ingredients and easy-to-make process make this one of the best-selling Magic Beans food products online.

Poha Mix:

Poha is another very popular Indian ethnic dish that is very popular for its lightweight nutritious value that is healthy and tasty. If you want to go for a low-calorie meal, the Magic Beans Poha Mix is great for you because it has very low calories while being fulfilling for you as well. Magic Beans Poha Mix is made out of dry beaten millets which makes this dish very tasty and healthy.

Upma Mix:

Coming from south India generally, this ethnic delicacy is a breakfast and lunch favorite for many. Upma is easy and quick to make when you use the Magic Beans Upma mix. It is tasty and healthy and has low calories making it the perfect breakfast meal to get your day started. This vegetarian dish also packs protein with lentils giving you a balanced diet option whenever you have it.

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