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Buy Prestige Pressure Cooker Online:

When it comes to kitchen appliances and cooking wear, the only name that is completely trusted is the Prestige brand. This multinational company provides high-quality products to its customers and is a globally accepted brand. 

It offers products like frying pans, pressure cookers, deep non-stick appachetty, pressure cooker gasket, etc. People prefer Prestige because it is always up to date with the latest innovations to help customers make their cooking experience easier. They have a wide variety of products available that people can choose from according to their needs. 

Prestige Products Online:

Prestige products can be easily found online due to the customer trust it has built all these years and its extensive usage. Be it any product that you find in your nearby shops; you can find all those prestige products online with ease. It has its official website, and many other websites sell prestige products as well as they are in high demand. 


Prestige provides a range of pressure cookers collections according to the customer's different needs. They have updated every aspect with time and have rectified all the problems that the customers were facing to make their products the best. Some of them are:

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: Prestige provides a stainless steel cooker which has several advantages. When compared to the traditional cookers, stainless steel cookers conduct heat in a much better way, and they are easy to clean, rustproof, which imparts it a long life, etc. 

Spillage Control Pressure Cooker: As the name suggests, a spillage control pressure cooker avoids the spilling of any liquids from the pressure cooker. It has a unique deep lid that avoids the overflowing of watery liquids while cooking. 

Clip-on Pressure Cookers: A clip-on pressure cooker can be used for many purposes such as – steam, sauté, deep fry, boil, etc. A single utensil can be used for many purposes, and its lid has a clip-on mechanism with safety features in it. 

Anodized Pressure Cooker:Anodized pressure cookers are one of the innovations in the market and are highly durable. The thickness of the anodized cookers are more when compared to the other cookers; it can transfer heat easily and is long-lasting. 

Pan Pressure Cooker: A pan pressure cooker is different from a conventional pressure cooker as it has a flat frying pan shape and is mostly used for browning meat. The flat surface layer of these pans helps heat the utensil quickly comparatively. 

Aluminum Pressure Cookers:Aluminum cookers are also good thermal conductors and will heat up quickly due to the fast heat transfer. 

Cooker Accessories: 

A pressure cooker is incomplete without its accessories such as the whistle, gasket, etc. Without these things, a cooker won't be able to do its job. Therefore, it's always necessary that with an up-to-date pressure cooker, you have up-to-date accessories with you.Prestige cooker accessories are available online in the following subcategory:

Cooker Gasket: A pressure cooker gasket is a rubber ring that surrounds the lid of cookers. This helps keep the cooker's lid airtight to keep the steam inside, which helps build pressure in the cooker. 

Pans and Handis:

There are a variety of pans and handi that are merchandised by Prestige, keeping in mind their individual uses. With the introduction of non-stick technology, thick bases, and usage of good conductors, Prestige has made cooking more convenient. 

Handi With Lid: A handi is used for cooking purposes and can be used for making many dishes. It is mainly used for slow cooking; with the top lid, the steam inside the handi does not escape, which helps preserve nutrients in the dish being made. 

Granite Tawa: A Tawa is round and flat in shape, which can be used for cooking flatbreads, pancakes, etc. It can be used on both gas and induction and has a non-stick coating on it. 

Non-Stick Appachetty: Appachetty is a cooking utensil that is almost similar to Kadai. It is mostly used to make dishes like fried rice, noodles, etc., and can also be used for serving.

Non-Stick Fry Pan: A non-stick fry pan can be used for many purposes and is used daily in every household. The non-stick surface of these pans helps clean it easily and prevents food from sticking to the pan. The surface is made with non-reactive substances; hence it is safe as well.