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What does food mean to Indians, especially south Indians? It is obviously Rice, it is an essential meal for people's cuisines and in several other dishes, rice will be a key ingredient. There are thousands and thousands of types of rice available in India and around the world. However we mainly opt or stick to a particular type of rice and most probably you may be aware of Basmati, Sona Masuri, Brown rice, White rice, and Puffed rice, etc. 

Types of Rice and Their Importance:

  • Basmati Rice- Most widely used type of Basmati rice, it is aromatic, soluble and is available in white and brown colors, used as pulav in every cuisine, helps in reducing blood cholesterol, rich in fiber, white basmati is the best bet for diabetic people, helps in improving brain health.
  • Arborio Rice - It is Strong, creamy textured rice, a yummy Italian grain, contains more starch content, enriched grains with proteins, reduces hunger, and boosts metabolism.
  • White Rice -It is Versatile rice used worldwide, This sticky textured grain boosts energy, is gluten free, easy to cook, this light food helps in easy digestion.
  • Brown Rice - This Whole grain is enriched with Nutrients, contains ample amounts of magnesium, and has several dietary fiber benefits. This Flavored chewable, Brown rice helps in reducing the chances of heart stroke. We can add a touch of green leafy vegetables with brown rice as a part of your daily meal.
  • Sona masoori Rice - Most widely used rice, best for steamed rice, a solitary low-calorie substitute diet of south Indians, This light-medium and slight aromatic grain helps in balancing the weight management, available everywhere and it costs a bit higher than other varieties of rice but it is worth trying it.
  • Puffed Rice - Puffed Rice is a kind of rice is rich in fiber content, a better bet for snack cravings, It helps in relieving constipation, improves immunity, good for bone strength, adds energy as it has vital vitamins and minerals. It is used for many yummy recipes. This sponge yet the crunchy texture is good to go as a snack item.
  • Black Rice -This black pigmented rice has several benefits and is rich in antioxidants, fibers, proteins, and nutrients of all other varieties of rice. This nutty flavored rice can be both sticky and chewy. This dark purple rice is also good for the eyes.
  • Bamboo rice- Famous for its origin and uniqueness, as it is made out of bamboo shoots. This short grain has a floral aroma, delicious taste and contributes a lot to health. It promotes immunity power, is good for women, relieves joint pains.
  • Jasmine rice - As the name suggests, it has a floral aroma and aids in many Asian cuisine dishes. This sticky textured and nutty flavored long grain is a Thailand food available in different colors too. A pack of it helps pregnant women, improves digestion.
  • Red rice -This kind of rice is red in color and has a super sweet aroma flavor. Red rice is enriched with antioxidants and has high amounts of anthocyanin. Helps in reducing cancer cells, improves vision, and is good for diabetes patients.
  • Sticky Rice - This kind of rice is also known as glutinous rice and is short-grained sticky textured. It has good benefits on the heart and is helpful in promoting anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Mogra rice - Mogra rice is the best bet to try out different Indian traditional recipes. It is richly flavored with a unique aroma and is a long grain nonglutinous food usually available everywhere. Cuisines opt for this rice for biryani and as a chief ingredient of special dishes.

Most people consume rice as part of their diet as rice has numerous benefits, different types of rice have different tastes, flavors, sizes, textures, and benefits. Above are the few among the 6000 rice varieties, try out these best rice varieties online at Distacart

Which type of rice is suitable for Biryani?

Basmathi, Mogra, Sona Masoori are the best bet for delicious cuisine styles of biryani at home.

How to cook rice?

Use 2 glasses of water for one glass full of rice and steam until the rice grain is smooth and soft. Do not overcook and drain off the remaining water into another bowl. It does take 15 to 25 minutes depending on the rice you use. Remember brown rice takes a long period of time compared to other types of rice.

What does rice consist of?

Rice is rich in fiber, contains good amounts of calories, for better cardio health, proper and easy digestion reduces cancer cells, brown rice is good for diabetes, etc. It has numerous benefits that are why a wide range of people include rice as their primary source of diet.

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