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Sudha Murty

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Some people are born to inspire others with their deeds and novel ideas. Sudha Murty is a name that does not need an introduction but definitely deserves one. From writing travelogues to children's story books, Sudha Murty is a known personality in the field of literature and writing. She is a bestselling writer and has sold over 1.5 million books. She has beautifully scribbled an intriguing mix of travelogues, technical books, children's books, short stories, novels, etc. Her works are exclusively famous amongst children and young adults. 

She has managed to capture the minds of hearts of her readers by crafting captivating stories that are inspiring to everyone who reads them. Most of her writings are based on real-life experiences, her childhood, and her hospitality. Her works have a flavour of the common life. Her writings are simple yet profound, which tug on to the heartstrings of her loyal readers.

Owning to her popularity and loyal reader base, Sudha Murty books are easily available online ensuring more and more people have easy access to the wide variety of books that she has written. You can buy books written by her from several online websites and order them to be delivered to your doorstep.

Sudha Murty Books

Sudha Murty books are spread across several genres and as a result, her books can be found in the following subcategories:

Sudha Murty's Collection for Children: Sudha Murty has written several books for children that narrate fictional stories that easily capture children's minds. Her books also teach the good and bad about human traits. They impart valuable knowledge about life, making the books a good reading source and a source to gather good knowledge.

Sudha Murty's Collection for young adults: Sudha Murty has written several books for young adults as well. These books have a skilful narration of characters, settings, situations, etc. Some of her books also cover stories about women and their position in society, struggles in marriage, etc.

Sudha Murty's Collection Books: There are a few books where Sudha Murty has compiled multiple stories from various walks of life, telling them from different perspectives. These stories touch innumerable hearts because of their variety and unique way of narration, relevance, etc.

Sudha Murty's Collection of Religious or Spiritual Books: In some books, Sudha Murty narrates stories about the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. She has also written books narrating stories about Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. These books are a great source of acquiring knowledge about the religious or spiritual aspects of life and hence are very popular.

Sudha Murty Books FAQ’s:

1. Which Sudha Murthy book should I read?

Wise And Otherwise is a nonfiction book that contains fifty stories of Sudha Murty's real-life meetings with regular people and amazing brains during her travels, all of which left an indelible impression on her.

2. Sudha Murthy, is she a good writer?

Sudha Murty is a prolific author who has written several books. Her books have been translated into all India's main languages and are widely distributed.

3. Sudha Murty writes what kind of books?

Sudha Murty is a prolific writer who has published novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and nonfiction works, and children's books in both English and Kannada.

4. Do Sudha Murty's books come both as paperbacks and Kindle editions?

Yes, most books by Sudha Murty are available in the form of paperbacks as well as Kindle editions.

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