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May 02, 2022

Fish out Hair Styling Inspo with Different Types of Hair Gajras!

No matter how trendy or traditional you get ready, you cannot complete the look without a proper hairdo. There are thousands and thousands of hairstyles yet the look enhancers are the hair accessories themselves. Hair accessories might be of many types: fancy clips, bands, brooches, gajras, etc. The hair accessories are adorned according to the occasion or to the dress type. When it comes to traditional Hair styling gajras are the main accessory that changes the game. From a basic chic look to a purely traditional look, gajras can be the ultimate choice. Look what all we have to know about hair gajras in this blog.

But before giving you some hair inspo with gajras, let us clear the clouds of some of you, who might be thinking about what gajras are.

What is Hair Gajra:

Hair Gajra is a floral garland that is tied to women's hair to enhance the hairstyle. There are two types of gajras one is Natural gajras, made from natural flowers, and the other one is Artificial hair gajra or fake Veni. All the women out there who don't wish to use natural flowers for any reason can buy artificial hair gajras to elevate their look by just impersonating the natural flowers. There are different types of hair gajra online, they are Jasmine hair gajra, Orchid hair gajra, Multicolor flower gajra, Juda gajra Mogra gajra, Rose gajra(white rose, orange rose, yellow rose and red rose), Bridal hair gajra, Fabric gajra, and Bridal hair gajras with brooches. We can wear hair gajras on festivals, weddings, and special days, as bridesmaids, for temples and other traditional occasions.

Hair gajra welcomes the aura of the Indian traditional touch. No more worrying of fading out of the flowers, Artificial hair gajras come years if maintained and used properly.

Some chic hair styling ideas with a variety of Artificial gajras online:

Minimal and Basic:

A minimal and basic look is a perfect do for elders of the party, simply a not so messy hair bun with a Jasmine gajra turned around the bun is enough to power up the look

Fully decked up bun:

With some extra meter of Juda gajra, cover up the entire bun and witness the beauty of the hair styling.

Fully Decked Up Bun

Braid styling:

For that oh so natural look, style your braid with two linear Mogra gajra, and let it hang all along till the braid tail to justify the beauty of long hair.

Braid Styling

Rosily Elegant:

Cover up the whole bun with Rose gajras, keep it red for the bride, the rest can go in different colors, and pink, orange or yellow rose gajras would be a great idea for bridesmaids 

Rose Gajras

Hair clip:

Pull all the hair into one and tie it with Multicolor flower hair gajra. This keeps up the trend with two slight medium bangs in the front.

Multicolor flower hair gajra

Loose braid: 

Roll the loose braid with Fabric gajrasand see the magical pieces covering the braid leaving an aesthetic look 

Fabric gajras

Low bun dressings:

Make a low bun and cover it with Pollens gajra and gear up a queen in you. This is the best idea when you have short hair

Pollen Gajra

Drool-worthy Hairband:

Orchids Gajra can be a hairband to your open hair, just a pin at one end back of the ear and another pin at the other side of gajra and your band is ready and it’s all worth it

Orchids Gajra

Bridal Trend:

No matter what a bridal hair must jazz up from the rest, to stand out and turn the heads while you walking the aisle, get your hairstyle accessorized with bridal gajras with brooches as an add on

Hair Gajra FAQs:

1. Which gajra is suitable for short hair?

Low messy bun all decked up with multicolor flower gajra cover the length of the hair yet looks voluminous

2. Which gajra is suitable for South Indian weddings?

Jasmine gajra, Rose gajra and mogra gajra will do with South Indian weddings

3. Which gajra is suitable for Haldi functions?

Yellow rose gajra is the best fit for Haldi functions, if you aren't a fan of yellow try red or pink rose gajra

4. How to keep gajra for open hair?

Pull out a bang from the front part of one side of the hair and secure it with a pin and jasmine or rose gajra

5. Which dresses are suitable for gajras?

Gajras can go with saree, lehenga, Kurti suits, half saree, and other traditional wears

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