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Discover the authentic flavors of India with Distacart, your one-stop online destination to buy a diverse range of Indian snacks. From crispy murukulu to spicy bhujia, indulge in the richness of Indian snacks from the comfort of your home.
Indian Snacks Online

Hello Snack-Connoisseurs abroad!!! Here are Indian Snacks and Namkeens Online for you!

Not every hungry stomach is craving for chicken and meat, sometimes all it needs is a comforting homemade snack and namkeen with a hot cup of tea/coffee. As the blended spices of aromatic Indian snacks gives a relishing pleasure to the mouth. The varied culinary landscape of India is complemented with namkeen and snacks, which provide a vast range of flavors, textures, and spices. These snacks, which range in flavor from savory to spicy to crunchy to chewy, not only tempt the senses but also showcase the diversity of Indian culture. We'll delve into the intriguing world of namkeen and Indian snacks in this blog, examining their variety, history, and importance.

Different Types of South Indian Snacks Online:

In addition to adding nutritious value to eating habits, snacks can be satisfying in their own right. Indian food has a large selection of snacks and is popular both domestically and internationally. Savory gives customers' lives more crunch and flavor. Online marketplaces such as showcase regional cuisine to both domestic and foreign consumers. There are many various kinds of Andhra snacks available, including hot biscuits, masala kaju, murmura, and chakodi. To your happy cravings, there are a lot of varieties of Indian snacks and namkeen available online at Distacart with fresh quality, tasty and at decent prices. So, dear hot-snack connoisseur, would you like to explore what has in store for you on our website? Find them below;

Indian Snacks


Savory nibbles known as "namkeen" are frequently consumed as munchies or with tea. These snacks are available in many different forms, including mathri, chakli, and sev. A harmonious blend of flavors is produced by the mixture of components such as nuts, spices, and chickpea flour.


Murmura, sometimes called Bhel Puri Paddy or Puffed Rice, is rice that has been heated to a larger size. It is a flexible component of many snacks, including Jhalmuri, Chivda, and Bhel Puri.


A tasty mixture of different crunchy ingredients, such as cashews, boondi, peanuts, fried lentils, and sometimes sev, is called a mixture. To enhance the flavor of the concoction, a blend of spices is added.


Rice flour dough is used to make the tiny, shell-shaped snacks known as Gavvalu. Usually, they are deep-fried or steam-fried.


Crispy rice crackers prepared with rice flour, urad dal flour, and spices are called chekkalu, or thattai. After the dough is rolled out, it is deep-fried in rounds.


Popular crunchy snack sev is manufactured from besan, or chickpea flour. Before being deep-fried, the dough is extruded into thin strands and spiced with red chile, turmeric, and ajwain.


Crispy and flavorful, regodiyalu are snacks cooked with a mixture of spices and rice flour. After shaping the dough into little rings, they are deep-fried till golden. 


The crispy, spiral-shaped snacks known as Janthikalu, or Murukku, are produced using a blend of rice flour, gram flour, and spices. Using a unique press, the dough is formed and deep-fried until golden brown.


The spiral-shaped snack known as "chakkli," often written "chakli," is native to South India. Rice flour, urad dal flour, cumin seeds, and occasionally sesame seeds are combined to make the dough. After shaping the dough using a chakkli press, it is deep-fried until it becomes crisp.

Aloo Lacha:

A common Indian snack made from grated or thinly sliced potatoes is called aloo lacha, also known as aloo bhujia. After the potatoes are seasoned with red chili powder, turmeric, and carom seeds (ajwain), they are deep-fried till crispy and golden brown.


A typical South Indian food called murukulu, or murukku, is shaped like a spiral or coil. It is prepared from rice flour, water, cumin, sesame, and urad dal flour (black gram). After being put through a unique press, the dough is deep-fried till it becomes crispy.

Kaju Pakoda:

Cashews are fried till golden brown and covered in a spiced gram flour (besan) batter to make Kaju Pakoda, also called Cashew Pakoda or Cashew Fritters.

These nibbles are served during festivals, special events, and festivities in addition to being a favorite tea time snack. Each adds to the varied and mouth watering landscape of Indian snacks with its own distinct taste and texture.

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Indian Snacks Online

Indian cuisine and snacks, such as namkeen, capture the spirit of the country and its culinary creativity. These snacks are still evolving, from simple street cuisine to elaborate festival fare that delights millions of people's palates and offers a delectable trip through India's many landscapes.

Indian Snacks Online FAQs:

1. Where can I buy authentic Indian snacks and namkeens online?

You can buy authentic Indian snacks and namkeens online on the most popular e-commerce website called Distacart, go to and explore their traditional snacks from the best sellers like Pullareddy, Vellanki foods, Patanjali and much more.

2. Are there online stores that ship Indian snacks internationally?

Yes, Distacart is a one-stop destination for any products from India. Order Indian snacks online from the USA, UK, Australia, Newzland and various other countries and expect them at your doorsteps with our express delivery services.

3. What are some popular Indian snacks available online?

Some of the popular Indian snacks available online at Distacart are janthikalu, chekkalu, karam gavvalu, chegodilu, kaju pakoda, murukulu, kara boondi, and various other types of mixtures.

4. How do I ensure the freshness of online-purchased snacks?

Distacart counts for quality and authenticity in every product they offer. Proper packaging, quality checking, maintaining proper expiry dates, only preference to the local best sellers. Hence one can expect fresh and hygienic online-packaged snacks.

5. Can I get traditional Indian snacks online during specific occasions?

Yes, Distacart is an online platform that offers special packages of traditional Indian snacks and namkeens online during festive seasons. Make sure you explore the different varieties of foods on the website and place ahead of your expected date and see the deliciousness reaching your doorstep timely.


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