Let The Colors of Holi Spread The Message Of Peace and Happiness

Buy organic holi colors online and celebrate the festival with your friends and family at no cost of health. Organic colors are non-synthetic colors made from the dye of flowers or temple flowers. They are of light, smooth and soft texture with slight natural fragrance with no chemicals such as paraben, sulfates, ammonia any other or cruelty added.
Let The Colors of Holi Spread The Message Of Peace and Happiness

Embrace the Vibrancy of Holi Festival with Eco-friendly Colors!

Bring the indisputable harmony into life with this festival of love, and canvas of colors!


Basically, what is a Holi? Well, Holi is the most popular Indian festival since ancient times, this is known as the Festival of Colors and Festival of Love. The traditional triumph of divine over evil is celebrated as an auspicious day.

When is Holi Celebrated?

As per Hindu Calendar Holi India-wide, is celebrated on the arrival of the spring season, and this year 2024, the observed date is March 25th Monday.

How to Celebrate Holi - The Popular Indian Festival!

On the occasion of this prominent Hindu Festival, no matter what how you would like to celebrate make sure you don't miss out on these three significant points;

Friends & Family:

Holi Colors

Experience the festive spirit to the fullest with the blessings of your family, and lots of love from your friends. Let this day be more special and memorable. Gift them something they love, it must not have to be an expensive thing, if you present it with all your heart, there are lots of gifting options. Try searching for their favourite dress or favourite holi sweets. Explore Distacart website for Assorted gift sweets or Affordable and a wide range of Dresses for Holi. Trust us when we say this, you’re going to make a huge impact on them with this little gesture.

Taste the Tradition:

Holi is a festival of joy and laughter, but not without traditional Indian Sweets. Ensure your home is filled with the aroma of fresh and authentic Indian Sweets. Indulge in the deliciousness of Sweet plate full of Gujiya sweets, a bowl filled with creamy and luscious Rasmalai, and the glasses filled with the goodness of Thandai - the finest traditional Holi drink.


Buy sweets and snacks online beforehand to get them delivered on the Holi-Day. Some people in some parts of India, resemble themselves as lord Radha and Krishna and play with each other by smearing out the love.

Buy Organic Colors:

Organic Holi Colors

If you care about yourself and your loved ones, you must choose buying Organic Colors this Holi. Make the time revelling moments in the joy of throwing eco-friendly colors that cause no harm. Every small choice we make as an individual can be of great value to the current and future generations. Buy Organic Colors online at Distacart and enjoy the festive with no regrets later.

Drench your loved ones and yourself in the colors of harmony, have a happy Holi, may you accept the nature of colors that reflects different phases of life heartfully, and live in every moment with no regrets but more forgives!!

Wait, why is there a sigh of expression on your face? Are you living abroad and missing out on these desserts by any chance? We got you! Our one-stop platform is to the rescue. Order a wide range of Indian sweets online from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European countries at Distacart and bring the back home celebrations to the place where you are! 

Overall, Holi is a time for togetherness, and there are many ways to enjoy this festival like by dancing, bonfire, participating in community events and much more to make it a memorable experience. Along with the above three must-do things, choose what your heart desires for the most, but don't forget to bring the holi vibe by wearing a gorgeous and comfortable White Dress, let the Organic colors draw the canvas on your attire and be a resemblance of your happiness! Happy Holi!

Holi FAQs:

1. Is Holi celebrated in different parts of the world other than India?

Yes, Holi is grandly celebrated outside of India, countries or places such as Australia, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, etc, celebrate Holi just like our Indians.

2. Is bhang good to drink daily?

Too much bhang causes ill-health, on the other hand, to indulge completely people take bhang on Holi

3. Where do we get the best quality holi sweets?

Distacart offers the best quality holi sweets online, grab one of the best gujiya Holi sweets online and gift your loved ones this time

4. What are the sweets that are a must-have on Holi?

Gujiyaa, ras malai, pancake, Puran Poli, motichoor, Kesari Malai, peda, and bhang ladoos are must-have sweets on Holi

5. How to wash off organic Holi colors from hair?

Apply olive oil or coconut oil on hair before you step out to play and after that wash your hair with a mild shampoo

6. How to remove the color from my skin?

Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove the color from the skin

7. How to remove stains of organic holi colors from the clothes?

Organic Holi colors are non-synthetic and the dye can be easily removed from the clothes by washing with the best detergent soap or liquid


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