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March 14, 2022

Do You Know Why You Need A HOLI-day!

Bring the indisputable harmony into life with this festival of love, and canvas of colors!


Basically, what is a Holi? Well, Holi is the most popular Indian festival since ancient times, this is known as the Festival of Colors and Festival of Love. The traditional triumph of divine over evil is celebrated as an auspicious day.

Story of Holi:

Hiranyakashipu, an arrogant King wanted everyone to praise him and worship him instead of Vishnu Bhagavan, when Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahalad disagreed on this, he enraged and decided to kill his son Prahalad with the help of Holika, Vishnu had rescued Prahalad in such process killed Holika, this is the reason behind celebrating the victory of the divine over evil, by the people since then as Holi or Dol Purnima

When is Holi:

As per Hindu Calendar Holi India-wide, is celebrated on the arrival of the spring season, and this year 2022, the observed date is March 18th Friday.

How is the Holi Festival Celebrated?

Before the actual day, the rituals will be performed before the bonfire by gathering wood to light the fire in nearby houses or parks to enjoy the goodness of fire and to grime out the evil nature in them into the fire, by welcoming the warmth and light into their lives. And on Holi, people smear colors on each other and some may drench color water on their loved ones. They play with color-filled balloons, guns, or other modern instruments and tools that pop out the colors at a time.

Holi Colors

As a part of this delightful canvas of colors, people dance and sing their hearts out and ask for an assassination of the evil in them. Everyone indulges themselves in delicious sweets such as Kajjikayalu(Gujiya) holi sweets, Malpas, marijuana drink, bhang, and celebrate the festivity to the fullest.


Buy sweets and snacks online beforehand to get them delivered on the Holi-Day. Some people in some parts of India, resemble themselves as lord Radha and Krishna and play with each other by smearing out the love.

Later in the evening, people wash their bodies covered with colours, dress up and begin their season with their prayers and offerings to the god, family, relatives and friends together feel blessed and grateful for the whole day, forgive each other and commence a new beginning.

Organic Holi Colors:

In India, in ancient times people naturally celebrated the festival of colors with the very basic things of nature. With Turmeric that turns yellow, sandalwood that seems orange, kumkum comes as red, Indigo indicates blue, beetroot that beats magenta, charcoal that supplies black and so on. Now the millennial modern society welcomes much harmony of canvas and so prefers synthetic colors even though they know that they aren't safe. Synthetic colors cause skin problems, they might damage the eyes, if the eyes aren't washed properly after the color enters into them. They can't be washed away easily due to the chemical dyes used in those colors. If you are not satisfied enough with the natural colors, try organic colors which cause no harm. Buy organic holi colors online and celebrate the festival with your friends and family at no cost of health. Wondering what an organic color would look like? Organic colors are non-synthetic colors made from the dye of flowers or temple flowers. They are of light, smooth and soft texture with slight natural fragrance with no chemicals such as paraben, sulfates, ammonia any other or cruelty added. Plant-based colors offer happiness, health, and hygiene because a traditional festival must be performed to attain positivity. Holi games are fun and let the day have nature-friendly colors. 

Organic Holi Colors

Drench your loved ones and yourself in the colors of harmony, have a happy Holi, may you accept the nature of colors that reflects different phases of life heartfully, and live in every moment with no regrets but more forgives!!

Holi FAQs:

1. Is Holi celebrated in different parts of the world other than India?

Yes, Holi is grandly celebrated outside of India, countries or places such as Australia, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, etc, celebrate Holi just like our Indians.

2. Is bhang good to drink daily?

Too much bhang causes ill-health, on the other hand, to indulge completely people take bhang on Holi

3. Where do we get the best quality holi sweets?

Distacart offers the best quality holi sweets online, grab one of the best gujiya Holi sweets online and gift your loved ones this time

4. What are the sweets that are a must-have on Holi?

Gujiyaa, ras malai, pancake, Puran Poli, motichoor, Kesari Malai, peda, and bhang ladoos are must-have sweets on Holi

5. How to wash off organic Holi colors from hair?

Apply olive oil or coconut oil on hair before you step out to play and after that wash your hair with a mild shampoo

6. How to remove the color from my skin?

Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to remove the color from the skin

7. How to remove stains of organic holi colors from the clothes?

Organic Holi colors are non-synthetic and the dye can be easily removed from the clothes by washing with the best detergent soap or liquid

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