Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets

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Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets, 100% Herbal, Combination of Amalaki, Haritaki & Bhibitaki, Improves Digestion, 500mg, 60 Tablets

Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets are an all natural medicine. It is based on Ayurvedic principles. It is known to heal tridosha.

Form: Tablets

Weight: 500mg


Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets is a perfect combination of three immensely exotic herbs. It is made with

• Haritaki- Eliminates toxins from the body.

• Amalaki- Has cooling effects on the body.

• Bhibitaki- Supports the respiratory system of the body.

Health Benefits 

Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets are filled with the richness of herbs. The medicine ensures a healthy and natural lifestyle. 

• The medicine contains antioxidants. 

• The herb is good for the eyes and in cases of urinary disorders.

• Triphala is known to improve the digestive power of the body. 

• It also cleans and tones the gastro- intestinal tract. 

• People might also get relief from constipation on regular consumption of Triphala.


Sri Sri Tattva is a renowned herbal medicine manufacturer. Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets

• Are 100% herbal.

• Known to be chemical free.

• Comes with a shelf life of 24 months.

• Are made with the best quality herbs.

• Available in an airtight container which keeps the medicine fresh.


Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets should be consumed after consulting a physician. Generally these tablets should be taken following the below steps.

• Have 2-4 tablets in a day.

• To improve the taste, have it with honey.

• Have the medicine at least 2 times in a day.

• Consume the medicine with water or with warm milk.


Sri Sri Tattva Triphala Tablets will stay fresh and usable for long if the following tips are followed.

• Keep at a cool and dry place.

• Store the medicine in an airtight container.


Keep the medicine away from kids.

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