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Buy Organic Body and Face Skincare Products Online at a Great Price:

Proper body and face care help your skin stay healthy. As you excrete skin all day long, so it is essential to keep your skin looking good and radiant. Good skincare products can help to treat all your skin problems and keep it looking at its best. Naija skincare products are 100% organic that provide a wide range of skincare products. The natural ingredient nourishes your skin deep within and suits any skin type.

Naija Cream:

Naija Butter cream is rich in anti-oxidants. The argon oil, vitamin E and cacao seed butter will improve the elasticity and skin tone. It also protects the skin from photo evening excellent and it acts as a moisturizing agent that helps for a natural glow.

Naija Body Lotion:

Naija organic body lotion is designed with the extract of lavender and neroli which helps restore the skin by keeping it radiant. It is enriched with organic olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and orange oil. This excellently formulated body lotion mixed with the divinely perfumed lavender and vibrating neroli revives the skin deeply.

Naija Body Wash:

Naija body wash contains pomegranate, chamomile, green tea, vitamin E etc. that removes impurities and deeply purify the skin and keep it soft and hydrated. Lightening boy wash with chamomile and Trangia rich in glycerin, vitamin E and orange oil will nourish and brighten the skin throughout the day. The excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties repairs various skin conditions keep them clear and young.

Naija Face Wash:

With the classic mixture of Neem and turmeric. This invigorating face wash is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It functions well for oily and acne-prone skin. Turmeric is soothing and wonderful in its ability to whiten the skin and Neem ensures that the skin is cleansed deep inside the pores and keeps it protected on a cellular level. This powerful mixture fights skin problems of all kinds and leaves the skin unified in tone and flexibility. It consists of organic honey, vitamin E, Turmeric oil and Neem oil.

Naija soap:

Various types of Naija soap are formulated for various skin requirements. Naija lemongrass soap with the beneficial advantage of glycerin and lemongrass extract oil. The essential oil makes your body flexible and smooth. Organic body soap with the richness of aloe Vera, mint oil and glycerin revitalize your skin.
Naija organic soap with lavender beauty will help to reduce pigmentation. The essential oil with glycerin moisturizes your skin. Naija Organic skin lightening soap will protect the skin from UV rays and makes the skin radiant.

Uses of Organic Skincare Products:

  • Certified organic skincare products consist of herbal and other natural ingredients and that are grown without synthetic fertilizers or any other chemicals, so your skin will absorb natural ingredients.
  • Organic skincare products do not cause allergic reactions like irritation as it has no chemicals.
  • Organically grown plants have a higher level of essential antioxidants than non-organic plants that give natural nourishment to your skin.
  • Natural ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, aloe vera etc, promote smoothness and moisture in your skin. Though the result might be later the organic products will not harm the skin.
  • Organic skin care products do not need animal testing as it 100% original and help to abolish animal testing in the industry.
  • Organic skincare products will be better for wildlife reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Shop Online:

Thanks for sopping online. Taking care of your skin is essential in this modernized world. Using organic products from Naija can keep your face and body refreshing and glowing. You can easily shop all Naija skincare products online from Distacart.

Naija products FAQ’s:

1. Is Naija products chemical-free?

Yes, Naija skincare products are 100% chemical-free and organic.

2.Which soap is best for oily skin?

Naija purifying lemongrass soap is right for oily skin. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents that help in acne-free skin.

3. Is Naija Products Certified?

Yes, Naija is certified organic by ECOCERT.

4.Will Naija body lotion moisturize my skin?

Yes, the presence of organic oils in Naija body lotion will moisturize the skin

5.Which soap can I use for pigmentation?

Naija Organic soap with lavender beauty will help to reduce pigmentation.

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