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North Indian Chutney 

For all those food enthusiasts who enjoy enhancing their dishes with extra sour or spicy flavors, a north Indian Chutney is an ideal accompaniment.

What Exactly Is A Chutney?

An Indian meal cannot be considered complete without chutney. They provide a refreshing twist to the dish. The best thing is that while making chutneys at home, you get to experiment with different ingredients, fruits, and herbs to create excellent chutneys with stimulating flavor.

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The Best North Indian Chutneys

North Indian Chutneys are flavorful. The following are some of the best north Indian Chutneys:

1. Coriander and mint chutney

Mint and coriander leaves are used to make this chutney, which is both spicy and sour. This north Indian chutney is full of incredible flavors and tastes fantastic. This, one of the best north Indian chutneys, is a popular accompaniment with fried snacks or sandwiches.

2. Tamarind and dry ginger chutney

Dry ginger, also known as 'Saunth' in northern India, is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. Jaggery is used to prepare this spicy and sweet tamarind and dry ginger chutney. As a complement to deep-fried foods or chaats, this one of the best north Indian chutneys is a huge hit.

3. Methi chutney

Traditionally, methi chutney is made with methi seeds, sesame seeds, and authentic Indian spices from the north Indian region. There is a tangy yet peppery flavor to this chutney because of dried mango powder. One of the best north Indian chutneys like this one can be served with fried food or hot rice during the monsoon.

4. Lemon chutney

Lemon chutney, a spicy and delicious north Indian Chutney or dip, is a must-have condiment. This lip-smacking chutney is made using a variety of ingredients. It is an excellent method of preserving vitamin C-rich lemons for an extended period. In addition to fried snacks, you can serve this one of the best north Indian chutneys with rotis or naan bread or any other way that you choose.

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North Indian Chutneys FAQ’s:

1. Is a chutney different from a pickle?

The main distinction between pickle and chutney is that pickles often contain whole or big chunks of fruits and vegetables, whereas chutney has little pieces of fruits and vegetables.

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