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Paneer Masala

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Paneer is a type of cottage cheese made in India with the help of curdled milk, using a fruit or vegetable acid. Paneer is an unaged cheese that is soft in texture. Unlike other cheeses, paneer does not melt. 

Paneer is eaten widely as it is rich in proteins, fats, iron, calcium, etc. It also helps to lose weight and is rich in omega 3. Many dishes can be cooked with paneer like paneer butter masala, Kadai paneer, malai kofta, chili paneer, paneer Manchurian, etc. 

Making these dishes can be quite hard, and replicating the exact taste can be tricky. To solve this problem, variouspaneer masalas are sold online on Distacart by different brands to make your cooking journey easy. Let us look at some of them.

Shahi Paneer Masala:

Shahi paneer masala is used for cooking a dish made with soft paneer. This is a gravy-based curry made from cream and nuts. This Mughlai dish dates back to when it was made for kings in royal kitchens. Just mix it in your curry while cooking, and you will have the perfect shahi paneer. Brands like Catch offerpremium quality shahi paneer masala online

Paneer Chili Masala:

Chilli paneer is an Indo-Chinese dish made by mixing paneer in a spicy sauce to give it a burst of flavor. The sauce consists of soya sauce, chili sauce, and vinegar. Chings secret paneer chili masala will save you a lot of trouble and give you the delicious taste of chili paneer in a few minutes. 

Paneer Butter Masala:

Paneer butter masala is also called butter paneer. It is made with paneer, spices, onions, tomatoes, cashews, and butter. This dish is called butter paneer because it is cooked in butter, giving it a unique richness. Paneer butter masala will help you make this curry in comparatively less time, as it instantly adds restaurant flavor to your dish. Brands like Aachi provide you withhigh-quality paneer butter masala online. 

You can buy all of these paneer masalas online on Distacart.


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