Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa

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G.Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa, Andhra Special, Diwali Gift, 100% Vegetarian, 500gm/1kg/2kg

G.Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa is an Indian dessert recipe with a rich texture and mouth melting flavour. This sumptuous sweet dish is a perfect recipe on special occasions like Holi, Janmashtami, Navratri and Diwali.


G.Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa is a famous dessert recipe from the Bandar district of Andhra Pradesh. These rectangular shaped sweet pieces are chewy and nutty as made from

• Ghee

• Jaggery

• Cashew nuts

• All purpose flour 

• Permitted food color

Health Benefits: 

Bandar halwa is just not lip smacking and luxuriant with a dark red color but also filled with the goodness of 

• Jaggery detoxifies the body and also boosts energy.

• Cashew nuts are filled with vitamins and proteins. These nuts are good for the heart.

• All purpose flour is rich in zinc, fibre and iron. It boosts energy and can even help in weight loss.


G.Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa is made with high quality ingredients and comes with the authentic taste of Bandar halwa.

• It comes with a rich chewy texture.

• Comes in a gift box and can be directly sent to the recipient.

• Can be stored for as long as 7 days.


G.Pulla Reddy Bandar Halwa can retain its freshness and true taste for a long time when

• Stored in an airtight container.

• Refrigerated and kept away from sunlight.


Shelf Life : 7 Days

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Yummy !!!

Appreciate the effort of packing, Its more delicious..
Its so fresh and tasty.