Pulla Reddy Doodh Papdi

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G.Pulla Reddy Doodh Papdi, 100% Vegetarian, Mouth-Melting Combination of Khoya and  Pista, Festive Sweet, 500gm/1kg/2kg

G.Pulla Reddy Doodh Papidi is very popular just not in Hyderabad but around the world for its mouthwatering taste. It is an ideal gift on Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Navratri, Holi or Gudi Padwa.


G. Pulla Reddy is a brand in the Indian market of sweets. This preparation of doodh papdi gives an ultimate edge of taste as made with 

• Ghee

• Sugar

• Khoya

• Pistachio 

• Cardamom powder

Health Benefits: 

Doodh papdi is just not a treat on festivities but also filled with numerous health benefits like

• Khoya is filled with calcium which strengthens bones, teeth, and hair. Rich source of riboflavin and Vitamin B, khoya also generates energy and boosts the immunity of the body.

• Pistachio is loaded with fibre, protein, copper, and manganese. Pistachio can enable weight loss and help in keeping blood pressure under control.

• Cardamom enables better cholesterol control. It can also improve blood circulation and the freshness of cardamom can bring a de-stressing effect.


This mouthwatering dessert recipe from G.Pulla Reddy is a signature sweet from the brand. These sweets are so special because 

• Has a long shelf life of a week.

• Available in a gift pack with a personalized message.

• Made with fine quality ingredients and preserves the authentic taste of doodh papdi.


Retain the freshness and sumptuous taste of G.Pulla Reddy Doodh Papidi by 

• Storing the sweets in an airtight container.

• Refrigerating the sweets.


Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per(1Kg) - 20 Approx.

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