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G. Pulla Reddy Malai Burfi, Lip Smacking Taste, Milky white in texture with shreds of pistachios, Perfect Diwali Gift, Available in 500 gm, 1 kg and 2 kg Packets

The Malai Burfi from Pulla Reddy is an assorted Indian milk cake which is a popular Indian sweet delicacy. It simply melts in the mouth while the soft creamy texture and the essence of cardamom makes you indulge into another piece of Malai Burfi! The pistachio toppings add to the exquisite appearance to the sweet. It is ideal for gifting loved ones during festivities and also for offering to the deities during worship.

• 100 % vegetarian

• Cube shaped and milky white in color with creamy texture.

• Do not contain any artificial coloring substances or preservatives.

• The topping of pistachios add to the exquisite appearance of the sweet delicacy!

• Available in gift wraps and can be sent directly to the recipient’s address. 

• Available in 500gm, 1kg and 2kg packs respectively.

• Durable and fresh for at least 3 days.


The mouthwatering Indian milk cake is prepared with the below items:

• Heavy cream

• Ghee

• Pistachios

• Cardamom powder

• Sugar

Health Benefits 

The Malai Burfi from Pulla Reddy comes loaded with several health benefits as below:

• The cream used in the Malai Burfis are made from milk. It is thus a rich source of calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin A. This provides healthy bones and teeth, improve vision and eliminates stress, suggest experts.

• Cardamom aids in improving digestion and bile movement. These are a rich source of energy and help regulate the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. 

• Pistachios are known to be a rich source of fibre and anti-oxidants.

Malai Burfis are hence a perfect combination of taste and good health! 


Retain the freshness of the Malai Burfis with their soft creamy texture by following the below tips:

• Keep in airtight containers.

• Refrigerate to keep the creamy texture intact.


Shelf life: 3 days

Pieces Per(Kg) - 20 Approx.

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Customer Reviews

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I orderd malai burfi also very well known as indian milk cake for my diwali!! But what i have recived is not a malai burfi nor a indian milk cake!! It tastes like a Malai peda only difference is its in cube shape!!! Very disappointing!!! I need the exact product or my money back!!!

Hi Afrin, We are extremely sorry this happened with your order. Your purchases are 100% protected. We will refund your money or send you a new box of Malai Burfi for Free