Brass Pedestal Simhasanam Idol Throne

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Brass Pedestal Simhasanam Idol Throne:

Simhasanam, Royal Seat for Gods/ Goddesses, Space to Hold 4-5 Small/ Medium Sized Idols, Ideal Gift Item on Indian Festivities, 5*4*4.5 inches


Every Hindu household generally worships their deities in a pooja ghar, known as Simhasanam. It is generally tapered at the top resembling Hindu pooja shrine thus symbolising the elegance of Hindu religion. Establish the Simhasanam at your home and add to the aesthetic aura.

• It is a small Simhasanam, carved from high graded metal.

• The dimensions are 5*4*4.5 inches. 

• It is extremely lightweight, weighs 0.50 kg and easy to transfer from one place to another, as per your convenience.


The Simhasanam can hold one or two small sized deities at the homes for regular worship, like Bal Gopal, idol of Lord Krishna or Ganesha.

• The Simhasanam has its genuine shine and glaze which adds an explicit look.

• It is neatly polished and has well defined corners, so that it does not hurt the individual.

• It has an “Om” symbol at the centre of the supporting background carved to perfection.

• It is ideal for residential homes as well as commercial spaces like shops and offices.

• It is ideal for those residential homes with space crunch.

• It can be gifted to loved ones during auspicious occasions like Navratri, Diwali etc.

• It can be sent directly to the recipient’s address.

• Gift wrap options are also available.

• Delivery time is short.

Maintenance & Care

Retain the shine and keep the simhasam intact for a long time by following the below guidelines.

• Clean with soft cotton cloth to keep away dust particles.

• Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the metal Simhasanam.

• You may also use mild soap and lukewarm water, but do not use detergents as it makes the surface rough and fades the glaze away.

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