Pooja Ghanta / Pooja Bell

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Pooja Ghanta / Pooja  Bell, Made with Brass, Used for Pooja or Regular Rituals, 110 grams/ 140 grams, 3.5 or 4 inch


A bell is one of the most haves during any Hindu or Buddhist pooja. Also known as ghanti, the clapper attaches within the bell or cone shaped part creates a high pitch sound when it is rung.

• Made with pure brass.

• The top of the bell is adorned with a brass figure.

• Available in both big and medium size.


The sound of bell is considered as a good omen; as per Indian mythology, it has the power to chase away asuras or evil and welcome or beckon good or Gods.

• The brass shines like gold as made with high grade brass.

• Can be used for pooja, prayer, on auspicious occasions and festivities.

• The eye catching design and gold shine makes it a perfect home décor.

• Light weight and thus easy to hold in hand and ring for a long time.

• Handcrafted and comes with an antique finish.

Maintenance & Care 

Retain the shine of this pooja brass bell by

• Instead of detergent use lemon juice or vinegar to clean the bell.

• Rinse the bell regularly with warm water to keep it shining for a long time.


Product Information:

Sizes: 110 grms

length - 10 cms

Sizes: 140 grms

length- 12 cms


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