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G.Pulla Reddy Badusha Sugar Free, 100% Vegetarian, Light Feathery Sugar Dipped Sweets, 500gm, 1kg & 2kg

The Badusha from G. Pulla Reddy is an absolutely glycemic free sweet delicacy. This sweet recipe is extremely popular in India. It is a traditional Indian sweet which is known for its fried and feathery outer texture accompanied by a mouthwatering sweet filling with flavours of cardamom and butter. 

• These can be sent directly to the recipient’s address. 

• Ideal for gifting loved ones during festive occasions or celebrations in the family. 

• Comes with a shelf life of 7 days.

• These sugar free Badusha are available in 500 gm, 1 kg and 2 kg respectively.


Badusha from G. Pulla Reddy are prepared from natural ingredients. The sugar free Badusha are safe for health conscious and diabetic individuals as these do not contain any artificial or synthetic sweetening substances. This lip smacking sweet delicacy comprises of:

• Curd

• Butter

• Cooking soda

• Cardamom powder

• Refined wheat flour

• Edible vegetable oil

Health Benefits

The presence of natural ingredients makes the Badusha safe for the calorie-conscious people. The several health benefits of sugar-free Badusha are as below:

• The presence of curd makes the sweet delicacy good for bone health. Curd is known to induce better immunity and improve digestion. 

• Butter in Badusha makes the item rich in essential fatty acid butyrate. It is known to improve digestive functioning. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. 

• The cardamom or elaichi is known to improve the blood circulation in the lungs and is good for healthy lung functioning.


The flavor and freshness of Badusha can be retained for a long time by following the below tips.

• Do not refrigerate the sweets; moisture can spoil the crunchy texture of the sweets.

• Store the sweets in a cool and dry place

• Keep the sweets at normal room temperature.

• Keep the sweets in airtight containers.

Sweets were never this tasty and healthy before! Consume the sugar-free Badusha during the festive season and improve your health from within.


Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per(1Kg)  - 25 Approx.

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