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G.Pulla Reddy Semiya Pheni, 100% Vegetarian, Eid Special, High Quality Vermicelli, 500gm/1kg/2kg

Semiya pheni is a bundle or mass of white threads which is mainly relished on karwa chauth, a fasting done by Indian women.

These long thread semolina originated from Middle East and Central Asia and is popular at Rajasthan and Puri by the name of Sutarpheni.




Semiya pheni is filling and hence ideal for any Indian festivity. Semiya pheni is a lip smacking cuisine as it is made from

• Milk

• Ghee

• Pheni

• Sugar

• Raisins

• Cashew nuts

• Almond powder


Health Benefits:


Semiya pheni, also known as vermicelli is just not a treat to your taste buds but also good for health in the following ways.

• Semiya pheni is filling but not concentrated in fats. For this reason, there is no fear of weight gain when you consume Semiya pheni.

• High in carbohydrates, Semiya pheni lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease.

• Almonds and cashew nuts are rich in different vitamins and hence good for skin, hair and nails.




G. Pulla Reddy is a traditional sweet maker from Hyderabad who specialise in both snacks and dessert items.

The primary features of G.Pulla Reddy Semiya Pheni are

• Melts in mouth as made from high quality ingredients.

• Provided in attractive gift boxes and hence ideal for gifting on festivities like Diwali, Eid and Navaratri.

• Available in circular and sealed packs so that these can be easily used and remains fresh for a long time.

• Available in both medium and large packets.




• Serve semiya pheni with milk and sugar.

• Add gulab jamun to the platter to make it perfect.

• Instead of dipping in milk, Semiya pheni can be roasted and served with chopped nuts as a healthy preparation.

• No need to refrigerate, keep under room temperature.

So alter cakes and pastries with Semiya pheni to offer a healthy food style to your family.


Shelf Life : 15 Days

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