Pulla Reddy Sev

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G.Pulla Reddy Sev, Hot & Crispy, Traditional Indian Snacks, 100% Vegetarian, 500gm/1kg/2kg

G.Pulla Reddy now brings home fun and enjoyment with this packet of 100% original Indian sev. A favourite teatime snacks, G.Pulla Reddy Sev is served both on festivities and sent as gifts on Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or get together parties.


G.Pulla Reddy Sev is mildly spicy and hence can be savoured by people of all ages. The sev leaves behind a flavour of spices and fried gram flour.

• Gram flour (besan)

• Edible vegetable oil 

Serve sev bhujia with a hot cup of tea, spread it over Upma, poha or chaat as a seasoning..


G.Pulla Reddy Sev is a delightful snacks as

• It is made from high-quality ingredients.

• It is the thinnest version of sev which easily melts in the mouth.

• It comes in a beautiful golden hue.

• Preserves the traditional homemade taste.

• It is completely made with natural ingredients and has no added food colour.

• Has a long shelf life of a month.


Retain the crunchy and crispy crust of sev bhujia for a long time by

• Storing the sev in an airtight container.

• Keep the sev in a cool and dry place; do not refrigerate.

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