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Himalaya Herbals - Diarex Tablets, Offers Relief From Chronic Diarrhoea, Amoebiasis & Irritable Bowel Syndromes, 30 tablets

Himalaya Herbals - Diarex Tablets is a dependable medicine for microbial or diarrhoea related issues.  


Diarex tablets contain loads of natural ingredients. The tablets contain extracts of 

• Musta

• Kutaja

• Guduchi

• Bilva powder

• Dadima power

• Shankha Bhasma

Health Benefits:

Diarex tablets from Himalaya Herbals are enriched naturally. The health benefits of these tablets are as follows.

• Repairs the gastro- intestinal damages.

• Maintains the gastro- intestinal health.

• Neutralises toxins present in the body.

• The anti- spasmodic action alleviates abdominal colic; this is related to bowel infection.

• The anti microbial and anti diarrhoea components prevent acute and chronic infections, like diarrhoea.

• The anti- inflammatory and demulcent properties help to heal intestinal mucosa.


Himalaya Herbals is manufacturing herbal beauty and wellness products since 1930. Himalaya Herbals - Diarex Tablets are

• Contain 30 tablets in 1 container.

• Known to have no adverse side effects.


Himalaya Herbals - Diarex Tablets is suggested to be consumed as per the below schedule.

• 1- 2 tablets in a day for adults.

• ½ or 1 tablet in a day for children.

• For both, the tablets should be taken twice a day.


Ensure that the Himalaya Herbals - Diarex Tablets stay fresh and effective for long by following the below tips.

• Should be consumed under strict medical supervision.

• Do not consume more than suggested as that might lead to constipation.

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