Kanha Stainless Steel Copper Jug With Lid

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Kanha Stainless Steel Copper Jug With Lid, Handcrafted, 2 litres, Inner Copper Plating, Stain Resistant, 9.5*6*5inch


Kanha stainless steel copper jug is a luxury water container. There is a narrow inlet through which liquid can be poured easily into a glass or cup. The polished surface makes this copper- steel jug an ideal gift item. 

• Colour: Silver.

• Type: Water jug.

• Capacity: 2 litres.

• Chip resistant: No.

• Shape: Cylindrical.

• Microwave safe: No.

• Dimension: 9.5*6*5 cm.

• Mouth: Wide with a narrow outlet at one side.

• Item Weight: 1.45kg approximately.

• Material: Stainless steel & pure copper.

• Content: 1 pitcher with lid. Attached handle.

• Uses: Multipurpose. It can be used to keep water or fruit juice.


Kanha stainless steel copper jug is an integral part of daily life. This water jug is beautifully designed. It can enhance the grace of both home and restaurants. Store water in this copper vessel because it 

• Highly durable.

• Ensures less spillover.

• Ideal source of copper.

• Stays rust free for long time.

• Can be easily cleaned and maintained.

• Can be gift wrapped and sent to the recipient address with a personalised message.

Why use copper containers?

• Inner copper metal keeps the water cool for longer hours.

• Drinking in copper vessels may help to cure stomach diseases.

• Copper is an essential micronutrient for the body. It is suggested that 1mg copper is consumed per day. Store water in this vessel overnight and then consume. 2 litres of water can provide 40% of copper.

Maintenance & Care 

Keep this stainless steel- copper pitcher shining and new for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Dry it immediately using a clean cotton cloth.

• Clean at regular intervals to remove dark spots.

• Use salt and lemon to clean the inner plating of copper.