Kondapalli Bullock Cart With Frame(Medium size)

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Kondapalli Top Bullock Cart, Handmade Wooden Toy, Tella Ponikiell, Harvest Story Telling, Hyderabad Special, Soft Wood Toy, World Famous, Birthday Gift,  7*5*3 inch, 1.27gm




This beautiful bullock cart carrying harvest is a famous toy from Hyderabad. The toy represents a snap of the colours of Indian farming and is an integral part of traditional festivities like golus, Sankranthi and Navratri.

• Made with original soft wood which is available at the Kondapalli hills of Andhra Pradesh.

• Real jute has been used to make the sacks which are added to the cart.

• There are 2 bullocks, one driver, a woman sitting in the cart and a jute sack attached to the cart.

• The whole set is placed on brown coloured wooden platform which represents the muddy roads of rural India.

• White, green, brown , red and blue are the primary colours used to make this cart.




Kondapalli is a brand name in the arena of traditional toys of Andhra Pradesh. 5 families residing at the Kondapalli hills are engaged in making this iconic toy of Andhra Pradesh. This wooden piece can be your child’s favourite or can bring a smile on the face of any kid on his/ her birthday because

• It is a multicoloured toy, very vibrant in looks. All the colours used are non toxic and natural.

• It is handmade and hence intricately carved to present the various parts of the cart.

• The edges are smoothly finished and thus do not hurt kids while playing.

• No artificial materials or dyes are used to make this bullock cart.


Maintenance & Care


Keep this Indian art live at your office or home for long years by

• Keeping it away from water.

• Cleaning it regularly with a dry, clean cloth.


Product Information:


sizes: 7 x 5 X 3 IN or 18 X 13 X 8 CM

Actual weight - 0.05Kg, Volumetric weight - 24X19X14/5000 =1.27kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.


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My kid loved this wooden toy

I wanted to divert my child from TV and video games so I bought this traditional toy from India. This beautiful toy along with the others of the set is one of the favourite sets to my kid.