Mesmara Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil

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MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil, Pure & Natural Oil, 100% Herbal, 15ml

MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil is an Ayurvedic formulation. This is a traditional therapeutic potent.

Form: Liquid 

Skin type: All

Type: Herbal beauty product

Suitable for: Kids and adults 

Gender: Both men and women 

Package content: 15ml oil in a plastic bottle


MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients. This oil is made by cold pressing unhusked pumpkin seeds.

Health Benefits 

MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil comes with multiple health benefits. It is known to contain omega 6 fatty acids, proteins, iron and zinc. Pumpkin seed oil is known to contain antioxidants. The oil is used for the following purposes.

• Nourish skin

• Improve skin tone

• Reduce acnes and scars

• Stimulate growth of hair

• Zinc present in the oil reduces skin inflammation 

• Vitamin E present in the oil improves skin texture

• Specially useful for men who are facing balding issues

• Repair skin cells which have been damaged due to oxidation

• Reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and blemishes caused by aging


MESMARA is a well known brand in the market of wellness and beauty products. This business ensures that cost effective organic products are available to consumers at pocket friendly prices. MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil

• Is 100% herbal

• Comes with long shelf life of 3 years from the  date of manufacturing

• Does not contain any additives, fillers, added carriers and bases

• Is available in an amber colored glass bottle. This blocks sunlight and keeps the content fresh for long

• Can be gift wrapped and send directly to the recipient address. This can be an ideal gift for a health conscious friend or loved one

Direction to use 

MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil is generally used following the below tips.

• Should be used on daily basis to get best results.

• Should be applied tropically on the skin to solve skin related issues.

• The oil can be mixed with shampoo and conditioner to rejuvenate the scalp and hair.

• Massage the oil through the scalp. Let the oil rest on scalp for at least 20 minutes. Then shampoo.


MESMARA Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil stays fresh and usable for long if the following tips are followed.

• Keep away from sunlight

• Store at a cool and dry place 

• Keep in an airtight container 


• Keep away from children 

• Avoid contact with the eyes


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Width - 6.4


Height - 5.6


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