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Patanjali Badam Pak: 100% Natural Ingredients, Goodness of Almonds, Memory Booster, 1 Bottle, 500 grams

Patanjali Badam Pak is another herbal product from the group. Made with all natural ingredients, this badam pak is available in a liquid form and can be consumed by taking out the content with a spoon.


Patanjali Badam Pak is known for its refreshing taste. It is made with

• Ghee

• Sugar

• Clove

• Nutmeg

• Chironji

• Saffron

• Almonds

• Cinnamon

• Pistachios 

• Large Cardamoms

Ayurveda Properties 

This tonic of body and brain is based on Ayurvedic principles. All the ingredients have been used for thousands of years in India. In Ayurveda 

• Almonds are good for adrenal, nourishes the brain and neurons.

• Badam Pak is known to be good for Alzheimer’s disease.

• Almonds are the prime ingredient in this tonic which helps prevent or prolong the process of dementia.

Health Benefits 

Combined with the goodness of so many different kinds of nuts and spices, this Badam Pak can

• Support cognitive functions

• Improve the memory power

• Boost immunity of the body

• Rejuvenate and de-stress from both physical and mental fatigue.


Have Patanjali Badam Pak after consulting a doctor. The best way to have it are

• Mix 2-3 spoons of the Pak with luke warm water.

• Have it with a glass of warm milk before going to sleep to feel active and fresh the next morning.

• Drink it twice a day to get best results.

• Store at a cool and dry place; do not refrigerate.

• The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.


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