Patanjali Bandhani Hing

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Patanjali Bandhani Hing: 100% Natural and Herbal Ingredients, 100% Vegetarian

Patanjali Bandhani Hing helps you to enjoy amazing taste and protect your health. Banhani hing has been used for a long time, and has many health benefits. Patanjali Bandhani Hing helps relieve gas from the stomach.

Ingredients :

Made from rich collection of natural and herbal ingredients, this package is made from:

  • Edible cereal flour
  • Gum arabic
  • Asafoetida

 Ayurveda Properties :

Patanjali Bandhani Hing gives immediate relief from gas in stomach and helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Health Benefits:

Patanjali Bandhani Hing has several health and medicinal values. As:

  • Helps in lowering high blood pressure
  • prevents constipation
  • prevents nerve disorders
  • Useful for Asthma
  • Useful for Whooping cough


Patanjali Bandhani Hing has a unique flavor, taste and medicinal values. It works as a flavor enhancer.

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