Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver (1 kg)

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Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver (1 kg), Used for cooking Biriyani & Fried Rice, Shelf Life 24 Months

Well known for quality and taste, Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver is another rice item from the renowned brand Patanjali. Made from premium quality paddy this basmati is an ideal option for cooking biriyani, fried rice and other rice items. To ensure its exquisite quality and retention of nutritive values modern machines have been used for its preparation. So bring this tasty basmati rice and treat your taste buds today.


Basmati corps collected from the green valleys of Uttrakhand and the other rice bowl state of India are the main source of Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver. Amazing weather and maintains soil helps to enhance the quality of this basmati rice.

Health Benefits

Naturally grown organic fruits and vegetables are used for the preparation of Patanjali products. Each of the products are made hygienically. Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver also maintains the standard. Some of its notable health benefits are -

• It’s a rich source of Vitamins, proteins and minerals.

• This rice consumes a very little amount of Fat and Gluten.

• If you are looking for high energy food in regular diet plan then Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver is the best option. Thus it becomes a good source of instant energy.

These qualities make Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver a naturally apt food item for regular consumption.


Patanjali offers a wide range of health care products. These products have received many appreciation for their unique qualities and features. Some mentionable features of Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver are-

• This rice comes in a package of 1 kg.

• This rice has a shelf life of 24 months.

• This product is completely vegetarian.

• Each grain of this rice is long and slender. 

• This rice has no comparison in aroma and taste.

• Patanjali Basmati Rice Silver falls under the category of Basmati Rice.

• It’s hygienic and safe packaging style helps the rice to stay safe for a long time.

Usage/ Dose

To enjoy the best taste of this long grain basmati rice prepared this rice according to the below mentioned points.

• Before cooking leave this rice in water for 30 minutes.

• Try to cook this in medium flame.

• Remove the boiling water completely and leave it for few minutes before serving.

• Diabetic patient should consult their physician before consuming this rice.


After opening the packet follow some easy steps to maintain the quality of this rice.

• Store this in an air tight container.

• Add some red chilly. This will keep the rice safe from insects.

• Try to avoid direct sunlight and keep it at a normal room temperature.

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