Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice (1 kg)

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Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice (1 kg), Best for Biryani & Fried Rice 

Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice is made from selective premium quality paddy. This rice is often referred to as the king of taste and aroma. An ideal option for celebrating any occasion, this rice is the best one for cooking biriyani, fried rice and polao. Each of its grains are long and slender. Across India Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice has a great demand.


Basmati crop, nurtured in the rich essence of mountain soil and amazing weather of Himalaya, is the main source of the Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice.

Health Benefits

Patanjali’s products are famous for unique quality and health benefits. After its establishment this brand has received many applauds for its product. Maintaining that standard this Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice has also some amazing health benefits. This benefits helps to improve our daily life.

• This rice contains a good amount of fiber. This fiber helps our digestive system. Thus this product is very beneficial for the problem of constipation.

• Apart from fiber, this rice has also some good ingredients. Protein, calcium and iron are some these elements. This elements are very much essential for a healthy life.

• Unlike other basmati rice, Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice has very minor amount of trans fat. So those who all are in diet can also consume this rice.


Ramdev Baba established Patanjali brand in the year 2006. This brand has variety of products for us. Unique in quality and features, these products has won the trust of many. Some of these unique features of Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice are 

• This rice comes in a package of 1 kg.

• Its packaging style is strong and beautiful.

• This basmati rice has a shelf life 24 months.

• Each of its grain elongates to at least double of its original size after cooking.

• Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice falls under the category of Basmati Rice.

• This rice is famous for its aroma, taste and quality.

Usage/ Dose 

Follow some steps to prepare Patanjali Dhanashree Basmati Rice.

• Soak the rice in water for 30 minutes before cooking.

• Add this in boiling water slowly with gentle stirring.

• Keep this for 7 to 8 minutes on medium temperature.

• Once cooked, remove the boiling water completely and serve.


To store the quality of this rice for a longer period, follow few basic steps.

• Avoid direct sunlight.

• Store this in a dry place.

• Keep this at a normal room temperature.

• Red chilies can be added to keep this rice safe from insects.

• After opening the package keep this inside an air tight container.

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