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Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti, Made with Coral, Ayurvedic Treatment for Cough & Cold, 100% Vegetarian, 5-10gm Pack

Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti is a herbal medicine. The medicine is 

• Light to digest.

• A cooling agent.

• Combination of sweet, sour and astringent tastes.


Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti is treated with different herb fluids and then is cultured in fire. The Praval Pishti is made with

• Cow milk.

• Gulab arka (rose water).

• Shodhitha pravala (purified coral).

Health Benefits 

Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti can help to get relief from

• Fever.

• Cough.

• Laxity.

• Acidity.

• Migraines.

• Heart burn.

• Weight loss.

• Eye disorders.

• Osteomalacia. 

• Excess sweating.

• Excessive burning sensation.

Praval Phisti is also traditionally used to improve 

• Strength and immunity.

• Lustre and skin complexion.


The medicine contains

• Vitamin C ensures sound development and maintenance of healthy bones, cell membrane and teeth.

• The calcium content in Praval Pishti can fulfil calcium deficiency in the body and help children grow in height.


Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti comes with the following unique characteristics.

• 100% vegetarian.

• Made with best ingredients.

• Can be used with other medicines.

• Available in 5 grams and 10 grams.

• It is not known that the medicine has any adverse effects on health.


Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti should be consumed after consulting a doctor. As per Ayurveda guidelines, the following dose should be followed.

• 125-250mg in a day.

• Before or after meals.

• Once or twice in a day.

• Have it with honey, ghee or butter.


Patanjali Divya Praval Pishti can stay fresh and edible by following the below tips.

• Keep away from children.

• Store in an airtight container.

• Keep at a cool and dry place.

• Have this medicine in precise dose and for limited time.

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