Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath (100 GM)

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Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath, For Liver Disorders & Water Retention, 100% Vegetarian, 100gm

Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath is a herbal potent for the liver. It is made following hundreds of years old Ayurveda. The decoction is both tasty and effective in resolving health issues. Sarvakalp Kwath is

• Taste- A combination of astringent, sweet and bitter taste.

• Quality- Light and dry.


Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath is rich in natural ingredients. These include

• Makoy

• Punarnava

• Bhumi Amla

Health Benefits 

Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath is an all- natural gastric tonic. The medicine can help protect the body from the following disorders.

• Indigestion.

• Activates liver.

• Lack of appetite.

• Reduce urine content.

• Assists to recover from jaundice.

• Resolve stomach and pelvis pain.

• Resolves liver swelling and expansion.

• Helps to protect the liver from hepatitis B or C.


Sarvakalp Kwath is a proprietary herbal medicine from Patanjali Divya Pharmacy. The medicine is

• Is 100% vegetarian.

• Available in powder form.

• Is made with finest ingredients.

• Available in an air sealed pack.


Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath should be consumed as per doctor’s advice. As per  Patanjali Divya, the medicine should be taken according to the following instructions.

• Mix 5-10 grams of kwath in 400ml of water.

• Boil the mix till it reduces to 100ml.

• Filter the content.

• Drink it in empty stomach/ 1 hour before dinner/ 1 hour before going to sleep.


To keep the Patanjali Divya Sarvakalp Kwath fresh and edible for long, follow the below tips.

• Keep in a cool and dry place.

• Store in an airtight container after unsealing the packet.

• If the kwath taste is acerbic, mix honey or any sweetener with the solution. Diabetic patients should avoid mixing any sweetener.

• Mix the honey when the decoction gets cold.

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